One of Apple Arcade’s First and Best Games, ‘Tangle Tower,’ Now Available on iOS and Android

Tangle Tower
By: SFB Games

When Apple Arcade first launched, it was memorable experiences like SFB Games’ Tangle Tower that had me very excited about the subscription service. I never properly reviewed it, but I did write a walkthrough and also covered it in my Apple Arcade roundups. Unfortunately, Apple started removing some games from Apple Arcade, and Tangle Tower was one of the victims. Thankfully, it was still available on Steam, but there was no more mobile version of it and it was unclear if there ever would be.

Well, today that changed, as it’s now been released on both iOS and Android as a standalone app for $4.99. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend grabbing it. It has you solving a bizarre murder mystery where the main suspect… is inside a painting. Thanks to its clever writing, superb voice acting and wonderful soundtrack, I had a hard time putting the game down despite having all the Apple Arcade launch titles to go through. If you’re a fan of adventure games and murder mysteries, you absolutely need this gem in your life. I might even try to find some time to replay it myself. So if you haven’t played Tangle Tower yet, go grab the game here and discover who killed Freya Fellow.

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  1. Rita

    Thank you v. much for the heads up on this! I’d gotten a fraction of the way into Tangle Tower when it was removed from Apple Arcade and have been crossing my fingers for it to come back to iOS ever since.

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