Reigns Her Majesty: How to Unlock All Deaths / Memento Mori (Walkthrough Guide)

Reigns: Her Majesty
By: Devolver Digital


I’m sill missing some of the Reigns: Her Majesty deaths, but here’s where I’ll list all the ones I’ve found. If anyone wants to help fill in the gaps, feel free to do so in the comments section.

See the rest of my walkthrough here.

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I can’t find any official names for them, I’ll just make my own.

There’s a death you can only get at the beginning of the game. I’m going to post it at the bottom of the page so everyone can decide for themselves if they want to be spoiled or discover it for themselves.

Release the Hounds:

This one’s pretty easy to get. Just drain the treasury!


Death by Riches:

This is the opposite. Your greediness has done you in. You have too much wealth!


Off With Her Head!

Make the townsfolk unhappy and you’ll meet your fate at the guillotine. Anyone else wish we could bring these back into fashion?


Death by Roses:

Make the people too happy and they’ll trample you to death in their adoration!


Miss Understood:

You get this by running your army down to nothing.



The army is too strong and the king locks you in a tower to keep you safe.


Burned at the Stake:

You get this by displeasing the Church, which is really easy to do.



I believe you get this one by maximizing the Church’s pleasure and then failing to give the Cardinal the chicken bone. You’ll then fail the Sainthood test.


The Mad Queen:

You get this by using random items too a few times in a row, even after being warned not to.


Magic Beans:

This is a special death triggered by a specific event. You need to allow the doctor to study some plants and they’ll end up strangling you.



This is a special death triggered by a specific event. Agree to share a drink with The Isle Queen and she’ll end up poisoning you!



Lose a duel and the owl will turn you to stone.



You die in labor, giving birth to your heir. I think this is triggered by getting pregnant before you meet the doctor, but I think I’ve gotten it in other ways as well.



This is a happy ending you get if you reign for 41 years (to get the Elder objective). At year 41, the king will ask you if you were happy. It seems you die and get this death whether you answer yes or no. Apparently, you need to use the pistol on the king if you want to survive longer than 41 years.


Hung Up to Dry:

When the pirate asks if you want to play pranks on someone, say “Well…” and then choose the General. You’ll be hung for treason.




Total Eclipse of the Heart:

Die under an eclipse and you’ll get this ending.


Book Burner:

Use the Celestial Spellbook on the Cardinal and then tear the book up. This is how to answer: “What?” “Oh…” “I’ll try.” Basically, all left.





These next few happen when you die as a widow:


Lose all your money as a widow.



The army gets too strong and seized control while you’re a widow.



Get too rich as a widow.


I Am Groot:

You get this when you make the Cardinal Prime Minister and give him power. I think.


The Frog Princess:

You need to use the spellbook on the witch a few times, until she asks you if you want to learn animal magic so badly. Answer “Yes!” and on the next card, even though both answers are “What…” you may need to choose the left one. That’s the only way I got this ending where she turns you into a frog.




Epic Fail:

If you fail the coronation ceremony twice (at the beginning of the game), you get a new death and are exiled with only snakes as friends.


New deaths were added with the latest update!


You get this when you die while having an affair. The king catches you!

Helping the Poor:

After you change the frog back into a princess, one of the things she’ll tell you is that she’s been digging latrines for the homeless and says you should do the same. Agree and you’ll fall face-first into one and die in a pile of sh*t?

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  1. PatG


    You get it by playing a prank on the General.

  2. PatG

    You get I am Groot when you give Church Prime Minister power

  3. Shaun Barr (Cyan)

    For the ‘Epic Fail’ Death, you get exiled from your kingdom and only have snakes for friends.

  4. Shaun Barr (Cyan)

    Turns out there is a card for old age as a widow.

      1. Shaun Barr (Cyan)

        For when you die of old age, there are of course, two variations:

        Variation 1: The king is still alive. (Picture: Statues of Royalty)
        Variation 2: The king has been killed and you’re lucky enough to die of old age. The picture shows just the statue of the Queen, no king. I saw a screenshot on Steam, but it was Russian so I couldn’t make out what it translated to.

  5. MissingNo

    Missing death : Die during the red plague : survive till the none ask you to stay bed, reply no. I think i earn the special death according to this response.

  6. MissingNo

    For the groot death, you have to be a widow, then when the cardinal ask you how much time you will reign reply “it’s difficult” not forever.

    1. MissingNo

      after give him all the power and the disciple kill you.

  7. HBIC

    I found another one, but I forget what it’s called: during the red plague, refuse to lie down when asked. I’m not sure if this is relevant, but on my next card, the king asked me if I’d sing my song for him. I agreed and that gave me the red plague death.

  8. dubz

    there’s a new one that someone posted on twitter (sorry can’t remember his name but he gets ALL the credit)…apparently the final secret death is getting sucked into the mirror and haunting future queens for eternity…but he did not go into detail on how to get it

    1. Orchid Scion

      You get it by losing the duel against your reflection

  9. Just Tryna Help

    So the second mirror death is when youΓÇÖre dueling yourself/the mirror. First you lose the duel, then you drag random items to the owl until everything is at 0. This is the one another comment mentioned, where you get trapped in the mirror.

  10. Hej hej monica


  11. Hej hej monica

    At “Not so dead” ending you dont need to use piston to live longer. You can go till 50. Maybe after that you can use piston

  12. Bluejay

    You can also get staked as a vampire! Use the perfume on the vampire, answer “I don’t mind” when he confesses his love. Let him bite you when that option comes up – you’re now a vampire and can bite / kill people, until you get staked.

  13. ChapeauClaque

    I just got ΓÇ₧The FulfilledΓÇ£, which is a Royal Deed and a Memento Mori. You have to ΓÇ₧die happyΓÇ£: be a widow and live long enough (I made it to 50, I donΓÇÖt know if thatΓÇÿs the exact age thatΓÇÿll always trigger this), then the doctor appears and tells you that itΓÇÿs alright to close your eyes. I assume you could avoid dying at this point by pointing the gun at her or sth., but I didnΓÇÖt try because I wanted to see what the ΓÇ₧natural deathΓÇ£ without the king would look like.

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