Reigns Her Majesty: Item Uses and Upgrades (Walkthrough Guide)

Reigns: Her Majesty
By: Devolver Digital & Nerial


I already wrote a comprehensive walkthrough guide for Nerial’s Reigns: Her Majesty, but I thought I’d make a separate guide for the items in case you don’t want to be walked through the whole game. So here I will collect all the information I’ve learned about the five different items you collect and upgrade throughout your time as Queen. There are, of course, spoilers here, so read at your own risk.

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All upgrades work the same way as the original items but with extra powers.

If you find any uses I don’t mention here, please let me know.

Note: If the little arrow that opens the inventory is blinking, that means an item can be used on that card!


How to get it:

You’re handed it automatically early on in the game so you can use it during the coronation ritual.

Story uses:

During the ritual, you must wear green and take one step forward, two steps back, clap softly, then spray the perfume. Drag the perfume from your inventory to the card to spray it.

Once you’ve recruited the witch, she’ll pop up at some point and bury a time capsule. Some time after the year 1587, she’ll dig it up and give you “Your Results,” which is a USB stick that replaces the Perfume but works the same way.

Bonus uses:

If you’re about to die because you displeased the church, try spraying it on the Caardinal to sway him.

If you’re about to die because you disappointed your people, try spraying the perfume on the peasant who brings you the bad news.

Use it on your handmaid to pronounce your undying love for different characters. This is also a good way to get the Indefatigable objective.

Spray it on the handmaid and tell her you’re in love with the hunter to get the ability to visit the maze sooner.


How to get it:

Recruit the explorer. Have him explore the North. He’ll return with a barbarian, or the Northerner. Welcome her in to recruit her and she’ll offer the Duel Pistol to you on a random encounter.

Story uses:

Recruit the Merchant and have her fix the mechanical owl so you can use the dueling room. Also, get the mirror from the Merchant. Once you’ve met the white doe, the Lady of the Wood, duel yourself in the mirror. Fire when you hear the All-Mother’s words: “Follow the sun, dear child.”

Change your sign to Sagittarius so you can buy a riverboat. It’s a random encounter that only happens on that sign. Once on the riverboat, you can meet the pirate. Duel the pirate. Fire on “O, all these labors and no glory to the name.” After winning the duel, you can recruit her so she returns randomly.

To upgrade the ornamental pistol to a Lethal Pistol, first make sure you recruited the pirate. Then, you need to give birth to a baby boy. There’s a 50/50 chance of it being a boy, so just keep getting pregnant, you babymaker. You then need the pirate to show up randomly and ask you who would rule if the king should die. Answer “Me!” and eventually she’ll offer to trade you your toy pistol for a Lethal Pistol. Drag the Pistol to her at that point to upgrade.

Now that you have the Lethal Pistol, use it on the king to kill him. Then, as a widow, try to survive long enough to meet the witch. Keep her talking and she’ll tell you to give her the gun. Do so and she’ll upgrade it to the Gun Emoji. (Update: This might work even outside of an eclipse. Try giving the Lethal Pistol to the witch any time you see her.)

After the Isle Queen tries to poison you, you can duel her to clear the Vengeful objective of dueling the assassin. You don’t need to win the duel to clear the objective.

The Pistol might also be the only way to reign more than 41 years — you have to duel or kill the king when he asks you if you’ve been happy.

Bonus uses:

Try dueling with different characters to see what happens!

Once it’s upgraded to a Lethal Pistol, can use it to kill the king and become a widow. There are deaths you can only get as a widow, so keep killing him off to try and get them. Fun!

Use the Pistol in any form to on the king in order to last longer than 41 years. There are also some other deaths you can avoid this way, but it doesn’t seem to be a sure thing. I’ve had it fail on me at times.


How to get it:

First, recruit the hunter. Send him on a hunt. When he tells you he saw the Lady of the Wood, ask about your trophy and he’ll give you the Chicken Bone.

Story uses:

Make choices to appease the Church so you maximize their pleasure. The Cardinal will then appear to give you your Sainthood Test. Use the Chicken Bone on him and you’ll pass the Sainthood Exam and get the bone upgraded to the Saint’s Bone.

To upgrade the Saint’s Bone to the Sacred Tablet (iPhone), you first need to summon an eclipse in the verdant garden maze. Then, survive long enough in the eclipse to meet the witch. When you see her, give her the Saint’s Bone and she’ll upgrade it to the Sacred Tablet.

Bonus uses:

Use it to play fetch with the dog to get a clue.


How to get it:

First, agree to let someone build a tower. I believe there are multiple cards that offer this option. Then, explore the tower in order to recruit the Doctor. She’ll then randomly appear and offer you the Strange Clock.

Story uses:

To upgrade the Strange Clock to the Destiny Clock, first recruit the Merchant. She’ll notice you have the broken clock and offer to fix it. Use it on her and she’ll upgrade it to the Destiny Clock.

To upgrade the Destiny Clock to the Destiny Card, first you need to recruit the witch. Once you’ve done so, make note of your astrological sign and go to the maze. Find your sign in the maze and use the Destiny Clock there. The witch will appear and upgrade it to the Destiny Card.

Bonus uses:

Use the Clock/Card on any animal to get it to take you to the garden maze.

Use the Destiny Clock/Card on the Acolyte to ask her what your zodiac/astrological sign is if you forgot.

Use the Destiny Clock/Card to change your sign in the maze. Simply find the card in the maze that has the zodiac sign you need and use clock there to change your sign. Some important signs are listed below.

You can only meet the Lady of the Wood under the Cancer sign.

The riverboat will only be available under the Sagittarius sign.


How to get it:

After your third death, the All-Mother will appear and give you the Blank Spellbook.

Story uses:

Once you recruit the Acolyte during the coronation ball, she’ll notice the book and ask you to give it to her. Use it on her and she’ll write a spell in it, turning it into the Red Spellbook.

Use the Red Spellbook on the cat to ask it where to find the Lady of the Wood. T tells you to talk to the fox.

Get the hunter to bring you a live fox and use the Red Spellbook on the fox to get it to take you to the Lady of the Wood.

Duel your reflection in the mirror. Step forward until you see the card that has the All-Mother saying, “Follow the sun, dear child.” Then Fire! The All-Mother will appear and write her name in the spellbook, upgrading it to the Celestial Spellbook.

Bonus uses:

Use the Red/Celestial Spellbook to talk to animals. They’ll give you all sorts of hints and some animals offer multiple hints.

Use the Celestial Spellbook on the Cardinal and tear it up to get a special death.

So the evolutions for the items go as so:

Final Upgrades:

Duel Pistol > Lethal Pistol > Gun Emoji

Perfume > Your Results (USB Stick)

Chicken Bone > Saint’s Bone > Sacred Tablet

Strange Clock > Destiny Clock > Destiny Card

Empty Spellbook > Red Spellbook > Celestial Spellbook > Crown (only during an eclipse)

To see how to use all the items once you have them, watch the video below:

The order to use them on the All-Mother is:

Emoji Gun
Sacred Tablet (iPhone)
Destiny Card
Your Results (USB Drive)
Emoji Gun

How to Use Items to Cheat Death:

If you’re about to die because you displeased the church, try spraying perfume on the Caardinal to sway him.

If you’re about to die because you disappointed your people, try spraying perfume on the peasant who brings you the bad news.

Use the Pistol in any form to on the king in order to last longer than 41 years.

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  1. Shaun Barr (Cyan)

    If you use the Celestial book on the Cardinal and then try to destroy it, you’ll get a new death. I’ve given the details out on the youtube video for Ending 3. (Beat the Program)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! I just started a new game so IΓÇÖll catch up and get a screenshot of it.

      1. Shaun Barr (Cyan)

        No problem!

  2. Char

    IΓÇÖve managed everything else but the witch has never Asked me to bury a time capsule! IΓÇÖve played for ages and still nothing

  3. Shaun Barr (Cyan)

    Turns out later on in the game, you can give the witch the Holy Relic / Lethal Pistol and she’ll upgrade it, even without an eclipse, I’ve tried it before.

  4. alptkz

    I still can’t get the USB stick. The time capsule was digged out of the ground by the maid and nothing happened after that. The Witch never proposes to upgrade the perfume.

    1. DV

      If you rule without the king long enough for the Cardinal to offer to be your Prime Minister, you get a special death by tree!

      IΓÇÖll reply with more things when I find them >: ]

      1. DV

        (Hello, me again!)

        It may be old news, but thereΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s a chance of delivering wrong and dying that way if you have more than one child or tell the Church youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll keep trying to have an heir beforehand. Or at least, thatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s how I encountered that death so far…

        1. DV

          Also! I just got the Innocent title. When the judge asks you the first card question, answer ΓÇÿYes.ΓÇÖ That should work, I think.

  5. Jackie

    I just found out that if you spray whoever you want to be your love interest theyΓÇÖll ask if you want to have an affairΓÇö much easier than waiting for the handsmaid!

  6. Alex

    You can also use the pistol on the Cardinal to give you an additional respite.

    You can use the Holy Relic on the Cardinal to also give you another chance against the Cardinal.

    It’s unfortunate that the other items can’t be used to cancel a broke or super rich game over or military coup.

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