“klocki”: Complete Walkthrough Guide

By: Maciej Targoni (Rainbow Train)

“Klocki” is a new iOS and Android puzzle game by Maciej Targoni. There are no numbers or way to identify each level. So I just made a video walkthrough of the entire game, which you can see below. But here’s a breakdown of how some tiles work.

– Line Tiles: The first tiles you encounter have line pieces on them. You can tap on one tiles and swap it with another. The tiles that can be swapped with be highlighted when you select the first one.

The goal with this tiles is to make a complete line. A complete line has the small piece at each end (the one that only goes halfway through the tile). You can’t have any broken pieces leftover.



– Domino/Dot Tiles: These tiles turn black if two of them are next to each other. You need to get them all at least one space away from each other. Diagonals are fine, though.


– Rotating Discs: These tiles only rotate. They can’t be swapped. Tap to rotate.


– Rotating Tiles: These tiles can be rotated by pulling the lever in a direction.


Note: This is used later to move a tile onto the spot so you can rotate it, then move it somewhere else.

– Sliding Tiles: These tiles can’t be swapped. Instead, you slide them around on tracks.


– Polymer Tiles: These tiles need to be combined to make a single shape, without any open ends. It appears to be based off the game Polymer, which I recommend checking out if you enjoy it.




And then combine all the different mechanics into one puzzle:



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  1. Linda S

    Thank you! I got this game already – now I will be able to finish it too!

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