Twisted Lines – Mind-twisting Puzzles: Walkthrough Guide

Twisted Lines – Mind-twisting Puzzles
By: Megagon Industries


This is a walkthrough guide with hints, help, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game Twisted Lines – Mind-twisting Puzzles by Megagon Industries. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 1, The Possibility Space:

Levels 1 Dragging, 2 Twisting Right, 3 Twisting Left, 4 Deciding, 5 Detouring, 6 Alternating, 7 Anticipating, 8 Backtraveling, 9 Recognizing Patterns, 10 Spacing, 11 Mirroring, 12 Combining

Chapter 2, Short Cuts:

Levels 1, Taking a Shortcut, 2 Changing Perspectives, 3 Choosing a Side, 4 Being in the Center, 5 Filling Empty Spaces, 6 Circling Around, 7 Finding the Way, 8 Being Patient, 9 Having Faith, 10 Paving the Way, 11 Solving Problems, 12 The Big Picture

This chapter introduces portals. You go through one and then can choose any of the others to leave through.

Chapter 3, Dancing Alone:

Levels 1, Dancing the Twist, 2 Getting Ready, 3 Step Left Step Right, 4 Embrace Yourself, 5, Hands to the Floor, 6 Spin Around, 7 Roll the Arms, 8 Step Right Step Left, 9 Stepping Forward, 10 And One Step Back, 11 Take a Bow, 12 Enjoy the Applause

Chapter 4, New Beginnings:

Levels 1 Erasing the Past, 2 Second Chances, 3 Twist Again, 4 From the Other Side, 5 Reborn, 6 Nothing Stays, 7 The Long Way Back, 8 Switching Places, 9 Making Room, 10 Establishing Order, 11 Cleaning Up, 12 Another Try

This chapter introduces the eraser.

Chapter 5, New Love:

Levels 1 The Lovers, 2 A Meeting, 3 Thinking of You, 4 Dinner for Two, 5 Staying the Night, 6 Breakfast Together, 7 A Stroll in the Park, 8 Hand in Hand, 9 Sharing Stories, 10 Crying Together, 11 Kissing Tears, 12 Looking Forward

Chapter 6, Drawing on Clouds:

1 Forbidden Fruits, 2 The Rabbit Hole, 3 Twins, 4 The Space Between, 5 Behind the Mirror, 6 Snake Eye, 7 The World Tree, 8 The Center, 9 Stairs to Heaven, 10 The Carpet, 11 The One Eyed God, 12 The Serpent

Chapter 7, A Better Future:

Levels 1 New Memories, 2 Old Sins, 3 Avoiding Traps, 4 Finding Better Ways, 5 Egozentric, 6, Being Honest, 7 Switching Perspectives, 8 Growing, 9 Opening Up, 10 New Experiences, 11 Give and Take, 12 Tomorrow Comes

Chapter 8, Foreign Grounds:

Levels 1 Predestined, 2 Ruled, 3 Heteronomous, 4 Enclosed, 5 Encaged, 6 Imprisoned, 7 Ordered, 8 Cornered, 9 Confused, 10 Introverted, 11 Alienated, 12 Endangered

Chapter 9, Old Love:

Levels 1 Meeting Again, 2 Old feelings, 3 Simple Times, 4 Confused Mind, 5 Wanting it All, 6 Keeping Secrets, 7 Collision Course, 8 Telling the Truth, 9 Apologizing, 10 No Forgiveness, 11 Breaking Up, 12 Getting Nothing

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