The Frostrune: Complete Walkthrough Guide

The Frostrune
By: Grimnir Media & Snow Cannon Games

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS, Android and PC adventure game The Frostrune by Grimnir Media. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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You can also watch my video walkthrough here:

1. Walk ahead into the village. Head left and up the hill. Pick up the knife near the frosted door.





2. Head back and go right, behind the house to the right. Use the knife to cut the ladder so the pliers fall down. Pick them up.




3. Go back up the hill. Tap on the side of the frosted building. There’s a wooden plank sticking out. Use the pliers to pull at it. Then go through the opening.



4. Tap on the body on the floor. Her spirit asks for help. She asks you to find her house and look into the sacred water. When she’s done speaking, three of the engravings of men will glow. Pay attention to them and memorize them. Then pick up the key near her head.




5. Go back to the village and use the key on the house to the right. Then turn the three keys so they point at the three faces that were highlighted. Go inside.




6. Pick up the pulley and flint and steel from the table. Also look at the embroidery on the wall. We’ll need it later. Leave the house.



7. Go back around to where you got the pliers use the pulley with the rope and then open the door. Head up the path.



8. Read the writing tablet on the ground and then continue north up the path. We’ll come back later for the path heading right.



9. Continue up past the waterfall until you come to a ship. Pick up the clay and continue right.




10. Pick up the fishing rod.


11. Go back a few screens and this time head left, past the burnt-down house to a pit. Use the fishing rod to get the key.




12. Go back to the village. Use the key to unlock the door of the house to the left. Go inside.


13. Grab the pickaxe. Also, use the flint and steel to light the coals. We’ll come back to that later.



14. Go back to the gate and start up the path again. Use the pickaxe on the rocks and go through. Head right and pick up the amulet from the open grave.





15. Go back to the pile of rocks and take the right path. Keep going until you get to some sticks. It’s a dam. Take the left path here. Pick up the loom weight and look at the engraving. It’s a clue for later.







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  1. Podbud

    It looks fab, but I’m unable to access it in my country.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, the publisher just told me it will be out in eight hours. I guess it was an accidental early release. Sorry about that!

  2. blade3colorado

    Fantastic walk through! I had to use it 3 times during the game. So easy to follow. Thank you!

  3. Pam

    This is a great game so far! I can’t find the dead woman’s house and charm tree. Can you help me out? Thanks!

    1. chris

      From the landslide go to the far right. In the next scene go left to a tree with a large white runestone with some red. Go left/up, and in the next scene you’ll see the roof of the dead woman’s house.

  4. Cheryl Turpin

    I’ve gotten to the horse rune but when I place the warriors in order the horse doesn’t come to life. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    I have a screenshot but I don’t know how to add it.

    The game is great so far and your walkthrough a great help.

    1. Cheryl Turpin

      I haven’t gotten a response. Can I get some help please?

      1. karel bellic

        Cheryl, maybe you have them in the wrong order ? I followed the walkthrough imicitly for the order of sword/spear/axe etc etc, and still got it wrong…

        It’s the only answer I have, I’m sorry.

        Hope ya get through that part.

        1. Ella Branham

          I had to do this like 4 times before it came to life

      2. kytriya

        Go back to the tapestry and view it using spirit eyes. Then go back to ice rune and put them in order. Game is stupid here and wont accept finding clues out of order, nor if done without spirit eyes. Sorry late response but I only now started game after sitting on it for months.

    2. Angel Zurie

      You have to look at the tapestry at the house in the game first, then go and put them in order… The game will think you’re just guessing if you don’t look at the tapestry first…
      You’re Welcome 😉

  5. Jeannie Tully

    For the life of me I can not find the location of No. 51’s orange ghost. Please help.

    1. Tal

      Go through the Esterfall to find the orange ghost

    2. Mike Angelou

      Go to the waterfall and then, with the spirit vision, you can see a spot glowing on the upper left side and then click it.

  6. Tal


  7. Neko

    Where did you fi d the bronze?

    1. The Chad

      by the hole with the dead fellow, there is an arrow rock glowing in the spirit world, the box puzzle, near that on the right I believe.

  8. Mike Angelou

    I made the right note for the four warriors, but still they didn’t match up together ?

    1. Tracey

      I am also stuck on the four warriors singing.
      I have found each of them but dont know what to do with them when i find em!
      Help please!

      1. Sarah

        Page 2 on the walkthrough here tells you… Back at the place with the dead seer and the four pillars with the vikings. Look at the colour of there breath ?

  9. Amber

    My clay has miraculously disappeared, so I can’t make a mold of the key. What do I do now? 🙁

  10. Chase

    My clay has miraculously disappeared. I can’t make the mold for the frozen key. What should I do??

  11. CraftyDivaz2

    I’m stuck at the wolf and all four swordsman, found the swordsmen but now cant get back to the place their supposed to meet up together…

  12. April

    I’m stuck on the puzzle box the horse led me to. I keep trying to put in the order it shows me, but it won’t let me. What am I doing wrong?

  13. Kashaf

    It’s a great help. Thanks.

  14. Christine

    Where do I find the bronze to create the mold for the key?

    1. Quip

      To the right of the chest

  15. Christine

    Need help with the swordsman with the wild I found all of them but don’t know what to do now?

  16. neon demon

    I repeat the pattern in the loom puzzle and it still goes wrong 🙁

  17. Melinda

    this game was really really really really hard. The game the room room 1, 2 and 3 was easier than this the hints were easy to follow in the room 1 ,2 and 3. In this game the hints for very vague. All the walking around. The hints were useless. How do you use your walkthrough. And another walkthrough.. because the hints were very vague.. but thank you for your walkthrough picture by picture.

  18. Melinda

    this game was really really hard the room 1 2 and 3 without the walkthroughs except for the maze in the room three they hints in this game we’re very vague. Only way to finish the game was use your walkthrough thank you. But the puzzles had no connection. And all the walking around ridiculous

  19. Anandita

    Hi ! Your walkthrough is really easy to follow ! Thanks to it I was able to complete the game …. and move on to the next one 😛
    There’s this game called GO-CARRARA 1 it has the same concept but I’m stuck somewhere in the game and there aren’t any walkthroughs available.. so kindly go through the game and post the walkthrough asap
    Thanks !

  20. Will

    I like the game, and your walk through in handy at times, so thanks for putting it up.

  21. Claus Gaertner

    Many thx for this very fine walkthrough.

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