Ellie – Help me out…please – Another Room: Walkthrough Guide

Ellie – Help me out…please – Another Room
By: Ateam Inc.


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android room escape game, Ellie – Help me out…please – Another Room, by Ateam Inc. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Looking for help with the original Ellie?


1. On the left screen, open the mirror to get the towel.

2. Go to the right screen and tap on the ground to the right of the electric chair. She’ll read off a poem for you that says: “Selling souls to demons dark, piteous plaints in shadows stark.”


3. Tap on the electric chair to have her sit in it. Then tap on the trowel so she’ll pick it up.


4. Tap on the door to the left. There’s a padlock here with a combination lock and some writing: Plead the fifth” and “GUARD”. The clue is the word “fifth.” Take the fifth word from the poem by the electric chair and that’s the passcode. So enter DARK to unlock the door.



5. Go back to the left screen. Use the trowel to dig up the tile to the right of the sink. Do it twice. Then dig the tile in the middle of the room to get a cloth bag.


6. Use the cloth bag with the girl to get her to open it. There’s some scouring powder in a plastic jar.

7. Pour the powder on the bathtub and then use the towel to wipe it clean.

8. The surface is glowing now and you’ll see some sparkles. It’s a clue! Pay attention to the number of sparkles on the left and right until you have the full sequence, like so:


9. Tap on her gym bag to see a lock and press the left and right arrows in the sequence shown above. It goes: LLRRRLRRLRRR. The bag will open. Take the baby oil from inside.

10. Use the baby oil on the mirror to grease the hinges, then open the mirror and leave it that way.

11. Look at the poster on the wall. There’s a top row of three with a blue shape in the first box, and a row of three below that with a red shape in the first box. If you look at the next row, each box represents a number from 0 to 9.


Find the Red and blue numbers and put them together to get:

Blue: 700
Red: 800

12. Tap on the left side of the machine behind the bars, behind the electric chair.


13. There’s two voltage gauges, one red and one blue. You need to set them to the numbers you saw on the poster. So Red needs to be 800 and blue needs to be 700. For the good end, you need to light up both lights, but for a bad ending, just light up blue and leave Red alone. For some reason, you need to set Blue first or this won’t work. So press these numbers in order for blue:

15, 5, 3, 7, 10. Blue should now say 700 and be lit up.


Now, for red, first press RESET, then: 10, 12, 14, 4, 5, -2. Now red should be 800 and lit up.


14. Tap on the right side of the machine behind the electric chair. Use the baby oil on the lever so it’s movable. Pull the lever left once. The crane hook will move, causing the mirror to close just a bit.


15. Go check out the mirror. The real Ellie Adams is reflected in it! The fake Ellie will tie her to the electric chair.

16. Go back to the crane lever. Move it right twice, so there’s one hook right next to Ellie Adams and another one over the floor hatch. Then pull the lever down to lower the hooks.

17. Tap the hook hanging over the exit hatch to attach it and lift it up.

18. Fake Ellie will try to electrocute the real Ellie, which will the Red gauge to 800 (but you can’t see it, so it’s not e very interesting ending). If you changed both colors, though, it won’t work. You have a chance to save her!

19. And here there seems to be bug in the game, making it difficult to pull off the last part for the good ending. But if you can manage to get it to work, you need to tap Ellie’s left arm (your right), then the hook next to it, and then last the electrified cable near her feet. That will electrocute fake Ellie so you can get the good ending.



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