Riddlord The Consequence: Walkthrough Guide

Riddlord: The Consequence
By: Amrita Studio


This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle adventure game, Riddlord: The Consequence, by Amrita Studio. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: I wrote some first impressions of the game here.

Chapter 1:

Here’s a video for all of Chapter 1:

Here’s the solution for the tile puzzle:


The Rubik’s Cube puzzle is annoying, but there seems to be a bug at the moment that helps. If you save and quit in middle of it, you might have it mostly solved when you return, requiring just one spin to solve it.

Once you have the apple, use the knife to scrape the green stuff off the tag. It says “Apple of Eden,” but I’m not sure how that helps with anything. Then, put the apple over the candle to melt it and take a cylinder.

The answer is 524, but I got it off the thumbnail of the capsule. Apparently, the clues is Apple of Eden — 5 letters, 2 letters, 4 letters. Absolutely ridiculous, considering the apple and those words disappear after you pick up the capsule. I’ve never heard of a game expecting you to remember a clue you can’t access anymore. Just awful.


Chapter 2:

This chapter is basically the opposite of the first. Instead of just a table to interact with, almost everything in the room is interactive. So make sure to open all drawers to see what’s inside!

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  1. Linda

    Thanks! Looks good!

  2. Rawson

    Completed it up to ΓÇ£to be continuedΓÇ¥. Sometimes more luck than anything else. I enjoyed it though. The clues are pretty useless.

    1. Lauren

      I found a green turtle in chapter 2. Can not figure out what IΓÇÖm supposed to do with it. Also canΓÇÖt get the drawer with all the animal stones on it open. Would love if you could point me in the right direction!!

      1. Rawson

        I got the green turtle thing too but it didnΓÇÖt come in use. If I remember right, you need a light bulb to light up an area down the left side of the drawers.

        1. Lauren

          Thanks!!! On to chapter 3…

    2. Olala

      How did you pass room 3? I’m stuck now

  3. Adam Sultan

    Apple of Eden… 5 digits, 2 digits, 4 digits

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That is the worst clue ever.

      1. TheyΓÇÖre letters, not digits.
      2. The words disappear after you pick up the capsule. IΓÇÖve never seen a game expect you to remember a clue thatΓÇÖs already gone. Absolutely ridiculous. I donΓÇÖt think these developers actually play-tested the game.

      But thanks for explaining it!

      1. Adam Sultan

        I totally agree. ItΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s clunky, but visually pleasing and the puzzles can be challenging. They need to keep things available that are critical to the solution of the puzzle until the puzzle has been completed( horoscope painting…). IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m stuck figuring out the alphabet killer part right now. I guess this is a good distraction until Roots:Paradise and Room 4 come out at least.

        1. Juju

          How did you complete the horoscope painting? Everything is lighted up but iΓÇÖm stuck with the small cap i donΓÇÖt know where to put?

          1. Rawson

            Put the cap on one of the circles around the edge. It varies each time because I had ΓÇ£sunΓÇ¥ & then ΓÇ£JupiterΓÇ¥ the next time opening the app.

            1. Mazen tail

              Where exactly the circles you talk about

            2. Shannon

              I’m up to here but it won’t let me put the cap on at all. It says Jupiter in my game but the cap won’t go anywhere at all

            3. Beth

              What cap are you talking about? I think IΓÇÖm missing something?

              1. Siobhan

                Same problem my medal is female just canΓÇÖt get it on did you have any luck ?

        2. Aamir

          It’s # alphabet killer

          Or alphabetic killer

        3. Fred

          Have you tried Alphabetkiller ? Click letters in that order. 🙂

        4. Tspoona

          If you slide the A to the top on the outside square and then slide the e to the top of the inside square it becomes the alphabet. I have yet to be able to use this in any part of the game though. IΓÇÖve had to restart because of glitches three timed. If I donΓÇÖt get out of room 2 this time, IΓÇÖm ditching this game. Things disappear so you donΓÇÖt have them to complete the key maker. ItΓÇÖs nuts.

      2. Cutty

        The clue doesn’t disappear, the tag with “Apple of Eden” ends up resting on the candleholder after you melt the wax apple. It’s still an obscure clue, but they definitely don’t expect you to remember it without being able to see the card again.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Then they changed it since I played it. It most definitely disappeared before. Watch my video.

      3. kytriya

        apple contains 5 letters, of = 2 letters, eden =4 letters. When one of the first letters in a word is greater than 9, and I am looking at something with numbers to unlock, I assume that the njmber of letters in a word is the clue.

  4. Luai

    Guys Puzzle cards are under the table. Difficult solution. Any help !

  5. Dan

    Has anyone finished the box with the red/blue lights in chapter 2? Is driving me nuts, i always remain with a red one that i cannot ligt up.

    1. Lauren

      I did but I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t remember the solution. I tried a couple times starting on the left side and then switched and started on the right side just to see if I could trick my brain into seeing the right answer. In theory it shouldnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t matter what side you start on, as far as I can tell but… Must have worked, because I got it right once I did that.

    2. acheela

      You dont have to light up all the lights. There are 13 red lights and 10 blue ones. You just have to alternate red blue red blue from one side to the other.

  6. CPMan

    For the box, alternate red and blue from bottom left. You on only have to get to the red light in bottom right, not light them all

    1. soozy

      Bless you!

  7. Vicky

    How to open the door. Opened the box on it to reveal wat looks like a dial to turn but nothing.

  8. Jordan Oliver

    Stuck on the Chinese token pieces in Chapter 3!! Need help!! Anyone?

  9. Lewis

    When will the next chapter walkthroughs be available????

  10. DL

    the i-ching stones: convert the rows to binary from bottom to top with “– –” = 0 and “—–” = 1, then insert them in order 0…7 from left to right, e.g. “top: — — / mid: —– / bottom: —–” -> 110 (from bottom to top) = 6.

  11. DL

    stuck now though with the floating cube thing (“The Great Limit”), the (unlocked) book on the table. and the bear with the patch ripped off. absolutely no clue what to do next! have tapped on anything and everything…

    1. DL

      OK, finally finished it. There’s very obscure hidden panel on the floor below the centre console, with absolutely no clue it’s there, only found it by chance. This reveals some more pieces and the way to proceed using the bear’s clue, although as always it’s another frustrating solution. Once complete, you get transported to the final zone with a progression of puzzles with coloured beams. Nothing too challenging, but equally nothing very satisfactory.

      it ends with a “TO BE CONTINUED”. Hmm.. will probably pass on that one.

      1. Ansofie

        How did you solve the 20 puzzle? I understand what to do, but no clue how.

        1. DL

          Can you describe where you’re stuck? I can’t remember which puzzle you’re referring to!

        2. Nigel Coxon

          Figure out that you have five odd numbers and have to make three even totals and it should get you moving

      2. Jules

        Trying to follow the rabit and the arrows. I tried both ways with arrows at the bottom and arrows at the back and inserted them in like the bear. Still nothing happens. How did you do it? Which way should the arrows be when you start inserting?

        1. Katrina

          I just finished the game, and I’m going to write out hints for the floating cubes puzzle, because the only way I figured it out was to watch a walk through, and I dislike watching video for game solutions. I couldn’t find a good written explanation anywhere, and AppUnwrapper is my favorite game help person and site, so I’d like it to be here.

          I am assuming you have found the cubes, and they are floating around the sphere, and you have ripped open the rabbit and looked at the clue.

          The highlighted curve, and the phi (mathematical symbol for golden ratio) is at the top of the diagram, not the bottom. This was not obvious to me. Also, the method for placing the cubes is to click on a cube, then click the location you want it to end up in. It then floats over and enters the cube at the top position, and works it’s own way down through the layers to the location you choose. It can’t get there if there are cubes in the way, so you have to work from bottom to top.

          When looking at the floating, glowing cube, note that there are four layers, when looking straight at it in the direction the arrows point. A single point at the bottom, three points in the layer above that, three points in the layer above that, and a single point on top. From the bottom up, let’s number them 1,2,3,4, so that the point at the very top is 4. On layer 2 there are a left point, a right point, and a back point. On layer three there are a left point, right point, and a front point. So, the points are: 1, 2L, 2R, 2B, 3L, 3R, 3F, 4. I will call them by these designations.

          Now, look at the cube from the arrows, as though you were down near the table. You are looking at the bottom of the cube. It’s made from points 1, 2L, 2R, and 3F. The top of the cube is made from points 2B, 3L, 3R, and 4. This is important, because it’s confusing. On the rabbit diagram, there are two circles in the center. The top one is point 2B, the bottom one is point 3F. Yes, the bottom one is in layer 3, above the top one, when you place them in their positions in the cube. By looking at the cube from the arrows, and visualizing the 1, 2L, 2R, 3F side as the bottom of the cube, corresponding to the bottom four circles on the rabbit diagram, it should help you do this correctly.

          The last hint I think is crucial is that in order to pick the correct cube, you need to look at them while they are floating, and you need to be facing the cube in question. The symbols are right side up while they are floating, they change orientation after you put them in the cube.

          If you work from the bottom, placing a cube at position 1 first, then at the positions in layer 2 then 3, then finally 4, you will avoid any possible spacial conflicts.

          If the puzzle doesn’t register as solved, look at the positions and make sure the correct cubes are there. It’s easy to get turned around, and put something in the wrong place.

          1. Sandra G

            Thank you for saving my sanity. I had to draw it out on paper, but this helped me to understand it.

            1. Katrina

              Thank you! Glad I helped someone.

              1. Trazko

                OK I have a diagram I have the cubes I turned my diagram right side up again so the highlighted arc is at the top.
                Now, which number goes in level 1? Ok, what number goes in 2L? Which number goes in 2R? Which number goes in 2R? Etc.

  12. Ali


    What to do after the sphere floats ? How to open the book ?

    1. DL

      The book opens with a cog-like piece that fits into the shape on the front. I think it was just lying around on the center console somewhere, possibly underneath.

  13. Cluuuur

    Hi all,

    Do you have the decipher the book in chapter 3?


    1. DL

      I don’t remember anything specific in the book, although there may have been clues to some puzzle you end up solving seemingly by guess work! The clue hidden in the bear is needed after the sphere floats (and the cube appears)

      1. Jack

        I can’t figure out how to use the doll and the floating cube pieces

        1. DL

          have you found the 8 (solid) cube pieces? they’re in a very obscured compartment under the central console, if you zoom in as much as you can and spin around it you’ll see a TINY switch which unlocks some doors. These have the same line/broken line patterns as the stones. Using the picture inside the bear/doll you can insert these pieces into the floating cube corners. They drop from the top into their final places so a little planning is needed. the three ^ ^ ^ arrows on the table indicate “north”.

          1. Jack

            I have the 8 pieces, it’s just that I have no idea how to correctly place them. On the doll there’s a symbol that’s sort of highlighted with half a yellow ring.

            I’ve tried using that piece at the top (last piece) and I’ve also tried placing that piece closest to the ^ ^ ^. Of course neither of them worked.

            I don’t know what “north” is supposed to highlight.

            I’ve also opened the book. The “phi” symbols seems to refer to the bunny, but the 1 and 6 doesn’t make sense to me.

            Thanks for your help DL

            1. DL

              Did you see the pieces have the same type of line (or broken line) patten on them? Look at the diagram hidden in the bear/doll; it shows the positions the 8 pieces must end up — The diagram is not 100% clear, but you can make it the 8 corner are in a cube shape although the lines connecting them don’t quite seem to follow the edges of a cube(!) I don’t have a copy of the pattern I worked out any more, but the “highest” piece in the diagram needs to end up at the top of the floating cube with the ^ ^ ^ indicating the way you have to look at it. Identify the ‘lowest’ piece (the piece in the ‘bottom’ layer of the daigram that is ‘furthest’ away) and drop it in the top, continue for all the pieces.
              If you’re correct, you’ll move on! I had to try a couple of arrangements until I fully understood what was happening. I found it helpful to redraw the diagram with the positions and ‘drop order’ more clearly indicated. Good luck!

              1. Dion

                I’ve getting myself confused by the orientation of the diagram and the stones. Looking at the rabbit toy which is leaned forwards, do we take the diagram as we see it or turn it around so the top of the diagram is nearest the rabbit’s head?
                Is there a way to determine the orientation of the cube pieces? Because (for instance) number 2 looks exactly like number 5 if you look at it upside down.

              2. Jules

                Ok IΓÇÖve done it. Even though i am sure i had done exactly the same before and nothing happened.

  14. Çağrı

    20 li number system has 8 rows of stones and book solution

    1. DL

      See my comment above “December 25, 2017 at 4:00 pm” – explains how to order the stones in the compartment.

  15. Gabriel

    How solve the battle between god and evil box? In the chapter 2, thanks

    1. Sarah Swank

      IΓÇÖm stuck here too!

      1. Jan

        Go back to the puzzle on the shelf next to the good and evil box and look at it again…

  16. Snifflyspoon

    I’m in chapter 2, I shut down the clock before I found the alphabet killer square thing with the letters. It doesn’t do anything. I move the letters around until they all light up but nothing happens, then if I exit the game and come back in to continue, it’s reverted to not being done. Clues just tell me the pieces are not in the right place, even when they are.
    I watched a video walk through which showed the clock still ticking and the squares on the alphabet board lighting up from the inside out. But this hasn’t happened for me despite waiting several minutes… Not sure what to do – not sure if I can restart level or have to restart game (not the fecking Rubix cube again!) Help!

    1. Jan

      Same problem here…

      1. Wisteria

        I don’t think I shut down the clock, but the alphabet killer still isn’t working. All the letters are lit up, but the background of squares isn’t and the compartment won’t open. Please help!

    2. rach

      you have to type out the name of the kille ΓÇÿalphabet killerΓÇÖ by pressing the buttons, took me hours to figure out even after watching the walk though

    3. Oblivion

      Write ΓÇ£Alphabet killerΓÇ¥

      1. Carolyn

        Thanks! That was driving me crazy!!

  17. Gabby

    I am not getting the cypher with all the letters on it when I do the dial on the table in chapter one.. I don’t know why and I also didnt get the same shirt as you did.. mine is completely different.. please help

    1. Heather

      Does yours have 5 stars on it? I found you need to slide the sharp buttons in the direction of the arrow onto each star.

      1. Gabby

        no mine has the number 4 on it.. ugh.. and what do you mean by sliding the sharp buttons.. its super frustrating..

      2. Gabby

        no mine has the number 4 on it.. ugh.. and what do you mean by sliding the sharp buttons.. its super frustrating.. help

        1. kytriya

          put finger on tacks and then move them over to first star but do not let go. Keep moving tacks around and over star until you see sparks in upper right corner. then let go of tacks. repeat this until all stars have tacks. (on iphone, so excuse grammar, etc.)

  18. Heather

    Chapter 1 coded card. I got a different card than you show in your walkthrough. I need to place thumbtacks onto stars but there is no logic to how to get them, orher than maybe orientation of the card? Totally frustrated.

    1. Gis

      Have same problem. Help please

      1. kytriya

        move the tacks bundle until the light in the upper right corner sparkles. this means you lined it up correctly. you must do this several times. i have same card you guys do. I think dev chamged it to be easier. lol

  19. Heddafish

    IΓÇÖm at the rainbow box in space and canΓÇÖt figure out what to do.

  20. Debz

    In Chapter 2,, where do I look for the X that goes at the back of the ball door key? Thanks

  21. Lesley

    The cap I have obtained from behind the poster on the wall has Jupiter on it not the same as the walkthrough!!! Once on the dial zodiac puzzle I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t d9 anything with this cap although it lights up as tho someth8ng is supposed to work…..very frustrating. Any ideas anyone ????

  22. Drax

    So IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m stumped on the floor pannel thing for Chapter 3. I donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t understand what pattern to move the dial to open said compartment to retrieve the pieces for the floating cube…

  23. Fred

    How to succesfully asseble cross key in chapter 2? i am on Iphone SE and is giving me frustrations because i can’t assemble the key and i am trying 45 degree angle.

  24. Nigel Coxon

    I also canΓÇÖt get the cubes to lock. The rabbit pattern is upside down, I guess. Is the golden half circle the bottom cube ( in the hole in the table) or the top cube (where the entry point is)? Do I stand with the arrows facing me, or looking along them at the cube.

    Tried to figure out the orientations since there are two pairs of cubes that are the same but inverted…too many variables, I lose track of what IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve tried already…

    1. Trisha

      Copy the pattern from the rabbit….place pieces from bottom..up….keep track of which is front, left and right…and backthe last piece is the top..pieces need to slide down so dont block them..

  25. gabby

    okay, the floating cubes puzzle is really starting to annoy me in chapter 3.. please please please help.. no matter what order I try, even if i write it out, nothing happens.. please help

    1. Trazko

      ThereΓÇÖs a pattern on the rabbit after you open up the patch on its back . Unfortunately I closed the game down and when I reopened it, I could not get the patch back open. I think I had found a needle earlier That I used to pick the threads around the patch so it would peel back.

      1. Trazko

        I have a photo saved of the diagram on the rabbitΓÇÖs back. Unfortunately I donΓÇÖt know how to post it. I donΓÇÖt see any links for uploading photos. Here is a iCloud link to the photo, itΓÇÖs only good for 30 days though. If somebody can give me other instructions for uploading a photo that I would do that.
        Actually, I think the picture gets rotated 180 degrees
        Text second link is the rotated version so you get the perspective of looking from the errors I think thatΓÇÖs what the golden arc at the bottom is supposed to represent..

        1. AppUnwrapper


          If you email it to me and tell me which part of the game itΓÇÖs for, I can upload it to the walkthrough. I never finished the game since it wasnΓÇÖt enjoyable.

          1. Trazko

            Is there an address for me to email you? The map on the back of the bunny is from chapter 3, the diagram for placing the cube pieces. I did complete the puzzle eventually. The Golden arc is at the top. IΓÇÖll email you the screenshot I took when I know where to email it.

  26. Molly

    Hi how do you move the trigram blocks? Like I canΓÇÖt place them. I put one at the top then canΓÇÖt move it to put another one in.

  27. ann

    i am missing the last piece to build the key, itΓÇÖs the furthest on the left. Where can I find that piece?

  28. Pines

    “Garden of eden” is the clue for the cylinder inside the waxed apple…Garden – 5 letters, of-2 letters, Eden-4 letters, so the nos.is 524

  29. Chris

    The apple of Eden clue is written on the label that lands next to the candle when you melt the apple

  30. Edwin

    I cannot find the last piece to make the key

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