Agent A: Chapter 4, A Narrow Escape: Walkthrough Guide

21. Go back inside. Open the door to the right of the elevator and go through.


22. Pick up the wrench and the TV remote.


23. Press the red button on the jetpack to cause some mayhem. Woohoo!


24. Grab the bucket from the cabinet.


25. Head to the back of the room. Open the cabinet. The key will fall into a glass of chemicals! Leave it for now.


26. Go back and enter the elevator. Choose floor -1, or 2.


27. Open the cat door to get another blueprint piece.


28. Go back up by pressing the 0 button in the elevator.


29. Go back another room and open the door to the glass elevator. Step inside to go to Ruby’s home, which we saw in Chapter 1. It seems the shark tank is an elevator?!


30. Scare the cat off and grab another blueprint piece. Follow her upstairs.


31. Grab another blueprint piece and head through the left doorway, following the paw prints.


32. The cat caused some trouble in here. Get the blueprint piece and Clubs key from the back shelf. Also, flick the switch there to reveal the level 3 screen. We’ll come back to this. Leave the room.



33. Follow the other set of paw prints through the doorway straight ahead. Zoom in on the cat to get another blueprint piece. Also, look at her collar to see her name is ONYX. Leave the room.




34. While you’re up here, go through the right doorway to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Fill the bucket with water.



35. Get back in the elevator. Place the four blueprint pieces with the rest to get the code for security clearance level 3.


36. Take the glass elevator back down. Go upstairs to the yellow screen and use the hacking software and the passcode to unlock two more doors. Take the hacking software.




37. Go back to the elevator and to the other elevator, back to level -1. Open the door with the 3 on it. It will jam, but you can grab a blueprint piece from underneath. Go back up in the elevator.


38. Go all the way back to the vents you crawled through. This time, take the left fork. Press the green 3 button and cross the bridge to the handle. Turn the handle until the arrow points up and the air is blowing up.




39. Head back outside. You should now be able to pick up the blueprint piece that was stuck to the vent before.


40. Continue on to the tower. The jetpack is there. Press the red button to send it flying again. Then, use the wrench to open the red box and pour the water inside to short circuit it.



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is there anymore of the walkthrough available? because what i can see only goes up to 16.


Can you tell me how I continue on the part where the door I opened with code 3 is jammed? I can’t seem to find anything

Allison Dennin

What about the account number on the phone after pressing 3?


Is there anymore after 42?


What’s do I use to order the USB? Because the phone in the office isn’t working.


How to get blue print stuck in vent?


I feel silly – I know how to order, but where’s the phone?

Radley Simic

In the study


Where can i find the last blue print


Where are all the blueprints for the 5th code? i only found one


I need them as well


How to fix the electrical system of the tower? I fixed the needle with the tape.


Didn’t find that blue print on the tree from step 16, please help


I still can’t seem to get any further, the door I opened with code 3 is still jammed and I can’t find that account number


I’ve only found 2 blueprints for security 4. I don’t know here the other one is. Help!


They are in the house. You also need security pass 3 and go all the way down the vent and press the 3 putto. That should be green. Then turn the weel all the way. Hopefully this helped.


My commutation towers still off line


How do I turn it on?


My water is turned off and I can’t fill the bucket


Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, but I can’t fill the bucket up at the shower, as the water is turned off.


Fill the bucket with the water under Ruby’s bridge in her office. If you can’t do that then use the sink.


WHEN are they going to fix the glitch with the phone for Apple TV?


How to get ruby secret office drawer key?


Where do I get the code for the phone to order the USB? I have the account number but don’t know the number I have to dial?

kush guglani

I am also facing same issue please help


You have to use the remote to turn on the TV then you wait for a second. You should see,”dial 555-4617.” Then you go down the Shute to the house and go to Ruby’s office and dial on the phone the number and the easy answers to the other questions. I did that all but I can’t find out where the package is. Hopefully this helped.


In the red mailbox outside Ruby’s house from chapter one – the one that opened with the four symbols and the keycard.


Where are the rest of the blueprint pieces for security code 5?


I was able to fill the bucket using the river / stream that is in Rubys office that you extend the bridge over. No need to use the shower or turn the water back on. You just click on the bucket and then the stream and it fills it up.


Hi! Where can I find the other two keys (hearts and spades) for the little box and the last level 5 blueprint piece? Or is level five going to be activated when chapter 5 is available? Thanks for your help!


Yes I am looking for same; I guess I’ll just go back through everything


It is in achievement as very rare, so I suppose finding all keys will give the latest blueprint…


I seem to be stuck on trying to fill the bucket up, it keeps telling me the water is off. How do I turn the water on?! I cant seem to find it anywhere! Please help!


Go outside the house, where you started the game. To the left of the house is the water valve thingy.

Mark Segal

Thank you so much! Finally sorted it!


Hello im at the end of the game but its telling me that the satilite is offline ive fixed it with the tape on the tower and the usb stick is in
Im not sure what to do
Any ideas

Rahatul Islam Prince

Water is off, how to turn it on?


How long until chapter 5 is out