Golf Club: Wasteland – Walkthrough Guide

Golf Club: Wasteland
By: Demagog Studio

I don’t usually play golf games, but the art, atmosphere, and sound design of Gold Club: Wasteland make the game so irresistible. It’s a very chill game that doesn’t punish you for making mistakes or taking your time to complete each level. It does keep score, though, and there are story bits that unlock when you complete a level in a certain number of moves. I plan to make a walkthrough for par in each level, but until then you can use my gameplay videos.


Levels 1 Welcome to the Wasteland, 2 Radioactivity, 3 Outskirts of Alphaville, 4 Hazy Dreams, & 5 Burned Bridges:

Level 1in 2 moves, Level 2 in 1 move, Level 3 in 1 move, Level 4 in 1 move, Level 5 in 1 move.

Level 1in 2 moves, Level 2 in 1 move, Level 3 in 1 move, Level 4 in 1 move, Level 5 in 1 move.

Levels 6 – 10 coming soon!

Below are videos of my first playthrough, so I messed up a lot.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

That’s all for now!

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  1. GG Allin

    Hi! You resolve the hole 29 double flag? I try severals ways to reach the first flag but no way, great game anyway and great work on this site.

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