Reigns: Game of Thrones – Permanent Abilities Walkthrough Guide

Reigns: Game of Thrones
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Each of the eight rulers in Reigns: Game of Thrones has a special ability to status effect that is permanent and keeps them from dying from one of the eight usual causes of death. Most are easy to get, but there are a couple of tricky ones. This guide will show you how to get each of them.

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Daenarys: Dracarys – Description: Drogon is awake! The great Houses are afraid of him. The people’s love is no longer a threat to your throne.

To get this, answer YES when the Grand Maester tells you Drogon is lethargic and whether you wish to see him. Then, yell DRACARYS! and he’ll open his eyes.

Jon Snow: King Crow – Description: No one will doubt your authority or your honor, even if you hoard as much power as possible.

I don’t think you really have to do anything special to get it, but when Daenarys showed up, this is how I answered:

Cersei: Baelor’a Bane – Description: The Great Sept of Baelor has been destroyed. The Faith Militant cannot return, no matter how poorly you treat the institution of faith.

I got it by answering the following way.

Sansa: The North Remembers – Description: Your bannermen will support your claim to the throne, no matter the situation. You will not die because you lack power.

I got it by visiting Winterfell and greeting Jon Snow with “You mean my bannermen!”

Jaime: The Faithful – Description: You will not die by the hand of your lover when you have too much money. Is it honor, or the memory of Cersei?

And I got it after these cards:

Tyrion: Debtless – Description: Your expertise with money is such that you will always find a way to replenish the treasury.

I got this after these cards. I’m not sure if it matters how you answer.

Gendry: Bastard King – Description: The people of Westeros consider you as one of their own. They will not overthrow you, even if you mistreat them.

To get this, go to the Tavern as Gendry and when you hear your name, keep listening and then reveal yourself when given the opportunity.

Arya: Faceless – Description: Though the people are troubled by heathens and other crises of faith, you remain untouchable. No assassin dares approach you.

I got it after this card and this answer.

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