SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams – Walkthrough Guide

SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams
By: Kaigan Games

SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams is the sequel to the phone simulation game, SIMULACRA. There are tons of Easter eggs, such as QR codes and other hidden codes, that I’m adding as I find them. I’m also including gameplay videos of my playthrough. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Part 1:

Part 2, Ending 2:

(The second half of this video has the audio out of sync. That was my fault — sorry!)

Part 3, also Ending 2:

I accidentally got Ending 2 again, but first I called the four numbers from the Flapee Bird trailer to get an achievement.

QR Codes:

truth. This marks your opportunity to be part of the new world. All you need

align with our cause and reach new heights of

our simple perceptions and senses. These are

My QR reader is having trouble reading this next one. Anyone else manage to get it to work?

BoxDrop Codes:

Open up the browser and go to BoxDrop and search for these codes to unlock Teddy’s video clips:






Phone Numbers:

These four numbers are in the Flapee Bird trailer video. Call each of them to get an achievement.




And 8727733

Other Stuff:

This Lonely Cloud tweet has OF bolded. Why?

And I’m not sure what to do with SPLY-350 yet.

More coming soon!

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The 2 email code are for the Dropbox app in the internet type app you type after it says “Dropbox” you put /(code)


The cords from the ram ail are used in the Dropbox app thing in the internet type app you type in the code after Dropbox/


I found out how to get the first ending, you need to keep killing yourself on the flapee bird game and buying eggs with hours but in order to buy eggs you need to run out of eggs enough so you can’t revive then just die and buy eggs then repeat


Keep buying eggs until the hours you have reach 0


I found more bolded words, from the very bottom of jabbr to the very top the bolded words are as followed:
when decay for path of .web answer


there is a total of 9 dropbox codes (at least I think there are) and I having trouble finding the last one the ones I’ve collected so far:


The code for V0624-3.MP4 isn’t there. It’s: D8etRO


All over Jabbr there are bolded words. At first I thought it was a web address or something but it didn’t work. See what you can find:

When – Decay – Foe – Path – Of – Stop – .Web – Answer


there is a website called Gateway 31 and the url ingame for it is pathofdecay.web


I don’t think you do anything with the writing on the trainers, I Googled it and it’s a style number for a brand called SPYSPORT (nope, I’ve never heard of it either). Found it on Amazon: Weird thing is they’re dude shoes (who is Jenny really…? 🤔).


Re the capitalised bold ‘OF’. There’s a clue in your inbox, you should have had an email about subliminal advertising. There are 5 capitalised bold words on Jabbr (at the moment).


That doesn’t make sense because ‘foe’ is singular it should be ‘decays’ (I know English isn’t the developer’s first language, but you’d never know it). Ignoring that it’s either “When path of foe decay(s)” or “Path of foe decay(s) when…” presumably. Neither are complete sentences so, I’m assuming, there’ll be more.


Update! Just found ‘HAVE’. Didn’t check the replies. That’s everything (so far) – and now it makes even LESS sense!


Yep. Stop.


I FOUND THE WEBSITE! GO TO WEBSURFER AND TYPE pathofdecay.web then on the subscription use Aziz Ainsworth as your name, WQD285 as the sub code, and self-destruction as true desire


Not sure if anyone has found out about this Easter egg yet, but if you make flapee bird fly above the pipes (off-screen) and keep flying through that way, eventually said game will crash and you’ll get an email.


Once you have to beat 47 and do a no adds/no hours run you can use the “glitch” to to fly above the 3 impossible pipes 31-33


Oh thanks, I had no idea ^_^ I’m gonna try that


Also the words “eggs” and “now” are bold and show up in the thread close to the end of the game.


Alright so I found out that some of the bold words is supposed to be in reference to pathofdecay.web, in which you are able to access via the browser. There are more bold words in the article/blog but I haven’t figured out what to do with those yet. At the bottom of the page, enter the details listed –
(For Name): Aziz Ainsworth
(For Code): WQR285
(In third box): self-destruction (or) self destruction


I cracked that last QR code. It says ‘understanding? It all starts with a single call.’


i got the same phrase


There is another QR code that says: our new Gods, and a third will soon arise. Are you prepared to


The QR codes probably says: … truth. This marks your opportunity to be part of the new world. All you need to know for now is this: there are consciousness that exist beyond our simple perceptions and senses. These are align with our cause and reach new heights of our new Gods, and a third will soon arise. Are you prepared to understanding? It all starts with a single call.


understanding? It all starts with a single call. That’s the one you couldn’t read


the QR code that your reader is having trouble says:
understanding? It all starts with a single call.