SIMULACRA: Walkthrough Guide

By: Kaigan Games OÜ


This will be a complete walkthrough guide with help, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android game, SIMULACRA, by Kaigan Games.


For now, I’m just posting videos of my playthrough, which should help you if you’re stuck anywhere. I’ll also add some passwords and other tidbits. If there’s enough demand, I’ll work on a more comprehensive guide later.

Part 1:

Email Password:

Hint: Toby’s birthday.
Toby is her cat.
Fix the corrupted photo in her image gallery to discover the cat’s birthday is July 18, or 0718. The email password is 0718.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Taylor Perrera’s age is 22 and his location is Springwood.

I also found this Morse code and some numbers when I tapped on it a few times.

These are the numbers from the message: 6339106. I’ll try calling that later.


The Morse code translates to:


I can’t figure out two of them and I have no ideas what it all means.

Part 4:

I called 6339106 and got more numbers, but I didn’t have a pen near me. So I got the numbers from my recording and will call them in the next video, making sure I have a pen close by next time. The new numbers are: 3141592.

Part 5:

I called 3141592, but it didn’t work. I’m not sure why. 🙁

I found Cassie’s number in her Jabbr account. It’s 9238140. I spoke to her about James.

I also found this strange message in one of the videos. I’m going to try and decipher it.


It says:


Part 6:

This shows one ending.

Part 7:

This shows two more endings.

Part 8:

Trying for the Easter egg again. Tap on the Morse code, then call the number 6339106. It gets you 3141592, which is Pi. Continue the sequence to get 6535. Enter 6535 while still on the phone to open Gateway 31. Whatever you type next, it will respond with:

“Curious. A windy convergence. What do you see? tell me.” That’s from the Morse code.


But there’s more! He answers: “Providence has spoken. Entropy has taken form once more. Complete your task. You have much to see.”

Apparently you have to enter the next answer near the end of the game, which sucks because I don’t want to replay it. But the answer is “Iris.

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  1. Gateway 31

    The number 3141592 isn’t an actual number. You need to use the dialpad during the call. 6535.

  2. Christy

    To unlock gateway 31 you have to tap the morse code on the IRIS web page a few times first, then you tap in the phone number. During that call you have to put in 6535 and then you get a text from gateway.
    I think this is where you have to use the morse code, but I can not figure that out yet

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh thanks! IΓÇÖll start a new game and try it out.

    2. AppUnwrapper


      So itΓÇÖs definitely related to the Morse code

      1. kail

        the answer os Just that. what do you see answer. a polar feathered gear waddles above the hammer if you type correct gatewaye31 will keep talking

        1. Christy

          Everytime I try, it just keeps saying “gateway closed.”

          I texted “a polar, feathered bear waddles above the hammer.”
          It does nothing for me.

          1. William

            just type “A polar, feathered bear then send, it will reply with “providence has spoken. entropy has taken form once more. complete your task. you have much to see”

            1. William

              after a bit (Not sure how long as idid this at my endgame checkpoint) it’ll message again with “Your path is coming to an end. tell me. what do you doubt?”

              I’m stuck, I tried “The Hammer” ad that was unused from before, and gateway closed, so I’m stuck for now.

              1. AppUnwrapper

                You just waited? You didnΓÇÖt have to type anything to get that?

                1. Christy

                  I got it. I restrarted the game. The second message is where I am stuck as well. Maybe it has something to do with the weird texts from Vloggr?
                  I tried translating it, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense…

                  with translation I got:
                  “At the end of the year, there is a fed fog and one of the most popular attractions”

                  ” this is one of the most commonly types of (sotec) to (tasec) use easily”
                  The words sotec and tasec could not be translated.

                  1. AppUnwrapper

                    Wait how did you translate those? Google translate gave me nothing and I couldnΓÇÖt find a way to decode it that made sense.

                    1. Christy

                      I used google translate and i used all different kinds of languages. I have to check again to make sure which languages I used.

                      I checked on google translate again and this time from bengal to english. When you only type in the first sentence you get a different outcome than when you type in both sentences.

                      If I just use the first sentence I get
                      “It is a good idea to take a copy of the document”

                      But when I use both stentences at once:
                      “It is a good way to get rid of the safety and security of the named railway station, JCM Segube.”

                      So I don’t really know what to make of that…

                  2. AppUnwrapper

                    Where did you get the second message? I completely missed that. Do I have to play through the whole game again to access it?

                    1. Christy

                      The second message is from the last vloggr clip.

                    2. AppUnwrapper

                      Ack I missed it. I donΓÇÖt want to play through the whole game again for it. Blah.

                    3. Christy

                      I do not know where you are in the game, but I am at the point right before you make the new spark account. You do not get the last vlog there. You have to be further in, I believe

                    4. AppUnwrapper

                      I already finished the game, but lost my ability to continue from right before the ending when I updated the app. So now IΓÇÖm back at the beginning.

                  3. Guybrush

                    For the second question works with just the word “Iris”

                    1. Christy

                      Haha wow. That was the only simple word I had not tried yet. Thanks!
                      Now I do not get what the gateway means, but I will try and figure that out, I guess

                    2. Christy

                      It gave me an achievement for “windy convergence”

                    3. Anna)

                      It works with Iris, The Iris, Eyeris, The Eyeris. Then Gateway will say “Don’t worry. Its existance is ony revealed to its chosen. Find milton keynes on a midsummer morning. Find the truth” and close. I never founf out milton keynes (it’s a town in GB), the answer if there is any may be in the photos of July 15 or something. There is a photo link to the second selfie of Anna and Ashley of July 13 on a boat in some river in the game code, but when I opened it after the message, nothing happened. Maybe next life…

          2. kail

            e issue is the coma. don’t put the coma

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I used the comma and it worked, but I didnΓÇÖt have a period.

          3. Guybrush

            Exactly like this: “a polar feathered bear waddles above the hammer”, without commas or points

      2. Vmxplousion

        If you write:”simulacra” when the phone ask your name after rebooting it will say:”it isn’t you and you aren’t his” LOL

  3. Mooni_Wolf Komoki

    What’s the iris os number

    1. Christy

      Applesauce 🙂

  4. J

    Has anyone ever tried to convince to pretend to be Anna and flirt with Murv to get him to restore the phone backup off her work computer? I get to the point where he asks for the password, but I don’t know it. It’s not Toby, Tobias or any of the other passwords she used for email/Jabbr, I think. (If you fail twice, he realizes you’re not Anna and logs off.)

  5. Dash Desta

    Guys what is the answer for ΓÇ£Your path is coming to an end. tell me. what do you doubt?ΓÇ¥ ? I got this when I am on chatting with anna or the simulacra.

    1. Christy

      It’s “Iris”

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Iris is the answer to what? IΓÇÖm still at ΓÇ£Providence has spokenΓÇ¥ and Iris didnΓÇÖt work for that.

        1. Christy

          The first answer is “a polar featgered bear waddles above the hammer”
          No period or comma

          And then near the end gateway texts again

          And then you say “iris”

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Weird. When I tried Iris, it said it was Offline.

          2. AppUnwrapper

            Oh wait. Do you have to finish the game again for that? Ugh no way.

            1. Christy

              Nonono I got that wrong!
              After “a providence has spoken” tou get the chance to tyoe
              But that does not have any consequences
              When you near the end of the game, gateway will text again
              And say: ” tell me, what do you doubt?”
              And the you have to say “iris”

              1. AppUnwrapper

                That sucks that if you restart the game you have to play through the whole thing again to get the Easter egg.

  6. Christy

    There is also a 1-800 number in her recent calls list that you actually can call. But I don’t know if what he says is actually something to get a secret?

  7. oddboxer

    The “milton keyes on a midsummer day” thing possibly refers to midsummer boulevard in the same city. There might be a physical secret somewhere around?

  8. Shannon Stanley

    Does anyone know the password to give Murv?

    1. Ashraf Zahari

      just guessing, and merv will know its not anna. then blackmail him

    2. Swiftroph

      I was hoping for the same thing. Still looking for Anna office password to get pass Murv without blackmailing him.

  9. Swiftroph

    Ok so, all of this might be nothing but I’ve been working on the gateway 31 thing when you get ask “What do you doubt”, you answer Iris. You get an answer to Find Milton Keynes╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓├╣╬ô├╢├ë on a midsummer morning, find the truth.

    Another player point out that it might be related to July 13th and 15th pictures. Searching throught that I found out that there is an incoherence in the July 13th pictures. First of all there is a picture of Anna and Ashley at a Dough Coffee, which, if I’m right, is a coffee shop in Worchester. Going further in the picture, you see Anna and Ashley in front of “Klinik Dr Onn”, which is a Dr. clinic in Malaysia. Same day, two different country.
    On July 15th, you have a picture of Anna (DSC_1420), where she’s eating asian food, all around her is written with asian symbol, could they still be in Malaysia? Maybe someone can help me out on that.

    As someone else point out, there is a midsummer blvd. in Milton Keynes, UK. My line of thought was that maybe morning mean “east”, because the sun is waking up on east. So far, I didn’t find anything really solid there thought but maybe someone will have another idea.

    1. Yamazaki Ryuki

      When u nearly at the end open jabbar there post, person with that name

  10. Shiv

    Im stuck. Im at the point where i have to ‘confront Yolanda about Greg’s behaviour’ but i dont know how to do that. I’ve been through all the emails and chats, Jabbr and Vlogger posts. Ive gone through all the contacts and everything in the gallery but nothing. I have no options to talk to to anyone either.

    1. Dash Desta

      Go to surfer and call faris & kane. Yolanda ext is 0405. You can find this clue on Greg’s chat when it’s recovered.

  11. harry

    im stuck on titantech can’t invite quest. says invalid command …. plz help

    1. Huo Yana

      It’s “Invite guest” it should work fine

  12. MS

    I just gotta know…how did you guys decode the morse code message? I couldn’t see any spaces between the characters, and it was driving me nuts. Maybe my eyesight is just bad lol.

    Loving this easter egg stuff though!

  13. Alexei

    Does anyone know Greg’s card number. In the Titan tech chat you can invite guest or unblock someone. If you choose to unblock, then it asks for the card’s number in order to unblock it.

    1. Rebecca

      Okay. So to unblock him, say ΓÇÿinvite guestΓÇÖ, but donΓÇÖt put in Greg (I put in Taylor). Send the code to Greg. HeΓÇÖll tell you to stop with the jokes and then heΓÇÖll send you his card number, which is 66EA3521113

  14. Sara

    I need to know why when I’ve entered EVERY CORRECT answer and diff ways why I am not able to stop the remote wipe Greg Starts? Can someone please type it in exactly as it’s needed for the remote wipe to stop? Ie any commas, cap letters, etc? Thanks!

  15. LittleMissDoom

    whats weird is if you take the letters atar col yededa niteyer niebafed da tas ayidofic ca nenim, and run them through google translate both backwards and forwards it does give some translations to the words,

    Atar= throws | backwards= average
    col= watch | backwards= place
    yededa=jockey |backwards= the number
    niteyer=steward |backwards= the reyet?
    niebafed= no translation i could find
    da = gives (yes in russian) |backwards=ad
    tas=thats it |backwards= ???
    ayidofic no translation
    ca=that |backwards= ac
    nenim =no translation |backwards=of that
    i dont know if this helps but it was fun doing it

  16. anon

    Stop looking for milton keynes and look at the 2nd half of the clue. Then crossreference it under books silly.

    As I Walked Out One “”Midsummer Morning””
    Laurie Lee – 2014 – Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├ñPreview – Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├ñMore editions
    … Laurie Lee, 1969 Introduction╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├«├ë Robert Macfarlane, 2014 Cover photograph╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├«├ëBillBrandt All rights reserved Typeset by Jouve (UK), “”Milton Keynes “” ISBN: 9780141397030.

  17. Valentine

    18002738255 – it is the phone number for the American National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. I think that’s actually another reference (or easter egg)

  18. Jorge???

    Im stuck in the part when taylor says ΓÇ£not the boss, is there someone else?ΓÇ¥

    And someone can tell me what is the corect murv mail. That oie that says.
    I will pick the perfect dress?

  19. Jorge???

    Hey. Someone can tell me the murv mail in correct

  20. Gabriella

    Hi, I’m trying to continue but I stopped in the part that have do backup of the workplace, I watch others videos and the Murv and Elisabeth talk with they, but no one called me or talked with me

    1. Jorge🦔🦔🦔

      Did you check the corrupted mail from murv?

  21. Haley Marks

    What is Greg’s card number? Time sensitive question

  22. Ava

    HOW do I find phresh ideas?

  23. Hcirag

    Sm 1 pls tell me what’s mom’s maiden name simulacra ?

  24. Takedowntown

    Hey, the code for the last 2 vlog titles will probably be in a hint in SIMU 2. This was mentioned in a Q&A, when I asked.

  25. Peter Lesperance

    I am just trying to figure out where the profile screen is I am trying to avoid spoilers here but I honestly can’t find the profile page on spark.

  26. nnnnnnnn

    what are james aulner’s spark messages decoded

  27. Polishers 7

    I’m stuck one part

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