Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure – Walkthrough Guide

Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure
By: Snapbreak Games

Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure is the latest adventure game from Snapbreak Games. You have to dive into Dr. Amy Harris’ disappearing mind and find the cure for the Genetic Plague. This walkthrough guide will help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for all the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Level 1, Seaside Dream:

1. Follow the tutorial. Talk to the man in the boat. He wants a drink. So pick up the coconut from the hammock.

2. Pick up the memory glimpse near the hammock.

3. Head left and open the hatch by sliding the bar to the right and then lifting the doors open. Take the handle from inside.

4. Head left and zoom in on the door. Pick up the memory glimpse.

5. Solve the puzzle to the left

6. Follow the tutorial. Drag the handle to the target and turn it. The weird cage will open.

7. Head back right and enter the new area. Pick up the corkscrew and the third memory glimpse.

8. Drag the corkscrew to the coconut to get a cracked coconut.

9. Talk to the man in the boat again and drag the coconut to him. Take the key he drops

10. Head back to the door and zoom in on the lock. Insert the key and turn it to unlock the door. Go through to complete the level.

Level 2, The Lighthouse:

1. Pick up the round stone off the floor.

2. Place the stone in the puzzle to the right and solve it. A staircase will form that leads to the second level.

3. Go to the crate and move the rubble out of the way. Grab the diving helmet and put it on.

4. Head upstairs. Grab the two telescope parts and find the memory glimpse under the fallen chair.

5. Head left and climb up the ladder. Grab another memory glimpse and talk to the guy here. He wants you to help him find his telescope.

6. Combine the two telescope parts and then give it to him. He’ll give you the code for the table lock — 2594.

7. Go back down the ladder and enter 2594 to unlock the table. Take the gem and third memory glimpse.

8. Go back down the stairs and place the gem in the slot on the handle. Turn it and then go underwater to complete the level.

Level 3, Beneath the Waves:

1. Unlock the gate by pulling the top slider left and right to create an opening in the first ring to the right. Then pull the pieces with the arrow through it. Continue to do this for each ring until it’s all the way through. Then go through the open gate.

2. Find the chest and solve the puzzle to unlock it. Take the hammer from inside.

3. Find the crowbar and the memory glimpse nearby.

4. Find the big jug and use the hammer to break it. Take the wrench from inside. Break the second jar to find another memory glimpse. Also, grab the propeller nearby.

5. Find the engine in the lower right area. There’s also a giant clam here. Use the crowbar to open it. Move the pearl aside and take the nut and memory glimpse.

6. Go to the submarine. Add the engine and the nut and use the wrench to tighten them. Add the propeller. Then get inside the submarine to complete the chapter.

And that’s all for Chapter 1! Click here for Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

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