Stranger Things 3: The Game – Gnome Locations Guide

Stranger Things 3: The Game
By: BonusXP

Stranger Things 3: The Game is the official game of Netflix’s Stranger Things series. It’s not available on iOS yet, but is on Switch, PS4 and PC. It follows the story, for the most part, of Season 3 of the show, so make sure you watched it already before playing. I’m already working on a walkthrough, but the 50 hidden Gnomes in the game are particularly tricky to find. The goal of this guide will be to include all the Gnome locations. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Gnome Locations:

1. Johnny: “He’s here… with an axe.” – Inside Mike’s basement, by the table (Chapter 1)

2. Christine: “Two bright, beaming lights for eyes.” – In front of Mike’s house (Chapter 1)

3. Doc: “Always mumbling something about being late.” – Found right outside the side entrance of Starcourt Mall.

4. Indiana: “Master of Adventure.” – By Hawkins Pool, Behind a fence (Chapter 1)


6. Elvis: “He’s not dead!” – Behind the tree in front of Hawkins Public Librabry (Chapter 2, possibly Chapter 1)

7. Jack: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull gnome.” – Inside Hawkins Public Library (Chapter 2)

8. Flynn: “Looks like he rides well.” – Found in the parking lot in front of Starcourt Mall.

9. David: “At 399, He’s the oldest gnome around.” – At Weathertop, inside the Secret Tunnel (Chapter 1)

10. Baskin: “Robin’s favorite gnome.” – Behind the counter at Scoops Ahoy (Chapter 2, possibly Chapter 1)

11. MacDonald: “He had a farm, but it got too weird there.” – Behind the maze on the Driscoll Farm (Chapter 2)

12. Clint: “Get off his lawn.” – Inside Melvald’s General Store, need Joyce for this.

13. Marty: “Really needs to get back.” – Inside Hawkins Hardware.

14. Mikhail: “Reform-minded gnome.” – In front of Town Hall.

15. Denver: “Country roads take him gnome.” -Behind the barn on Driscoll’s Farm — go through the left door to access it (Chapter 2)

16. Drago: “He will break you. Or you will break him. Either way.” – Inside the Russian building on Hess Farm


18. Norman: “Loves his mother very much.” – In the backyard behind Granny’s House.

19. Herbert: “Fascinated with death.” – Inside Granny’s House.

20. Burt: “Getting older, but can still outrun Smokey.” – Found Behind the locked gate near the women’s locker rooms by the pool. You need Joyce to access it.


22. Rutger: “He’s seen things you wouldn’t believe.” – Inside the women’s locker room by the pool.

23. Cruise: “He loves his cameras.” – Found in Circuit Shed. Need Joyce for her bolt cutters.


25. Kitt: “Has a single blinking red eye.” – Outside Hawkins Lab, behind the trees.

26. Huey: “A believer in the power of love.” – Inside Hawkins Lab, when you’re chasing that dude on a timer.

27. Falco: “Classical music fan.” – Behind the fence near Dustin’s house (Chapter 1)


29. Sonja: “Redheaded warrior gnome.” – In Max’s backyard.

30. Ripley: “Hates aliens, loves cats.” – Inside Town Hall

31. Tony: “Definitely not the boss.” – Inside Town Hall

32. Charlene: “Don’t leave her alone with matches.” – Inside Town Hall

33. Willie: “He’s on the road again.” – Inside Town Hall




37. Magnum: “Everyone loves his luxurious mustache.” – Inside Hawkins Post (Chapter 2)

38. Clara: “Still looking for the beef.” – In front of the fridge in Will’s house. (Chapter 1)



41. Adora: “Has a twin brother with a bowl cut.” – I’m the back building on Hess Farm

More coming soon!

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  1. Th3R3dJ3st

    #21 in the flower shop through a vent

  2. Th3R3dJ3st

    #28 hardware store

  3. Th3R3dJ3st

    #42 hess farm

  4. Ottie30

    17- abandoned house in Hawkins suburbs, Erica req
    44-womenΓÇÖs locker room Erica req

  5. Ottie30

    46- MaxΓÇÖs parents room (Erica Req)

  6. batmanneedsurhelp

    hey i am having this problem with 17 i cant click on the computer and i dont know the code any body hav this problem

  7. Alex

    hello. can you please tell me where I find the ice cream scoop for steve’s upgrade and the squeakingtoy for ericas upgrade?

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