Baba is You: Deep Forest Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Baba is You
By: Hempuli / Arvi Trikari

Baba is You is a ridiculously innovative puzzle game where you push words around like blocks and see how they interact with each other. Sadly, it’s not available on iOS yet, but it’s a testament to how much I’m enjoying it that I’m willing to play on my PC. I’ve been recording my playthrough, but I also started making straight walkthrough videos for those who don’t want to watch me figure things out. This page will get you through all the levels in the Deep Forest area. Click on the links for the other areas if this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you need help with levels I haven’t added yet, feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Deep Forest:

I’ll be adding a video once I’ve solved all the levels in this area. Until then, you can use my text instructions.

01 Renovating:

Go down and make BELT IS PUSH. Then push the belt up. Go around to the left of it and up and push the top piece right. Push the bottom two pieces down and right through the wall. Make BELT IS SHIFT and press the spacebar to wait and make the belt shift the pieces of wall right. Then change it back to BELT IS PUSH and push the belts through the wall again. Make BELT IS SHIFT and walk through the gap in the wall and down to the flag to win.

02 Toolshed:

The door is shit but you can still walk through it. Make KEY IS PUSH and KEY IS OPEN. Go through the door and then push IS and SHUT through the door and make WALL IS SHUT. Push the key through the door and use it to open the wall to the very left of WIN. Make DOOR IS WIN and then touch the door to win.

03 Keep Out!:

First, push IS and PULL up under BELT to make BELT IS PULL. Then get next to the belt and pull it out. Get to the right of it and pull it all the way right, inside the head maze. Then push PULL to the right and up and push TREE up to make TREE IS PULL. Do the same thing with the tree that you did with belt. Pull the tree past the belt and then up and onto the mushroom/fungus. The mushroom will turn into a flag. Pull the tree off of it and then touch the flag to win.

04 Baba Doesn’t Respond:

This one is a little annoying, mostly because if you mess up and realize it near the end, you pretty much have to just restart. First, push Baba through the belt pointing up and stop when there’s just one space between him and the trees. Push Baba left so he’s left of BELT. Keep him facing left. Go back through the Down belt and push IS and PUSH up to make BELT IS PUSH. Push the left belt down and in line with the right one, but make sure it’s facing right. It should line up with the IS in BELT IS SHIFT but be at the very bottom of the hedge. Next, push the other belt so it’s to the right of Baba, lined up with the bottom belt and facing down. Make BABA IS MOVE and then, as Keke, head up past the reed and wait (spacebar) for Baba to open the door for you. Head out and touch the flag to win!

05 Patrol:

First, break up DOOR IS SINK and make DOOR IS PUSH. Then push the door down. Now, make sure you still have DOOR HAS TREE and make DOOR IS SINK. Press spacebar to wait. The skulls will sink the door, turning it into a tree, and one skull will be gone as well. Now make TREE HAS TREE and then TREE IS SINK. Press spacebar to get the trees to sink all the skulls until you have one skull left. You can break up TREE HAS TREE for the last one and just do TREE IS SINK. Let both the tree and last skull disappear. Then make DOOR IS PUSH and push the door down. Touch the key to win!

06 Canyon:

Push UP through the belt to the right side. Push IS, SHIFT and BELT through the belt to the left side. Make BABA IS SHIFT. Push the belt right and then down to the right of the ghost. Push the ghost onto the belt. Make BELT IS UP. Now the belt is pointing up. Make BELT IS SHIFT and then get under the ghost and push him up. Then push him through the flowers, which he’ll melt, allowing you to touch the flag to win.

07 Concrete Goals:

Push the belts to the right to break up WALL IS STOP. Now you can walk through the wall. But you can’t touch the flag yet. Push IS and PUSH over to make FLAG IS PUSH. Make sure you don’t break up BELT IS SHIFT. Now just push the flag onto the belt and it will come back right onto you! That’s it!

08 Victory in the Open:

Head up and use spacebar to time this right. You want to break up KEKE IS MOVE when he’s one space before WIN. Then move KEKE and IS to make KEKE IS UP — horizontally! Now he’s pointing up and you can break up KEKE IS UP. Make KEKE IS MOVE and then break it up so he’s above and to the left of WIN. Make KEKE IS RIGHT and then change it to KEKE IS MOVE. Let him walk to the wall and back and break up KEKE IS MOVE when he’s directly above WIN. Make KEKE IS UP again and then break it up again. Make KEKE IS MOVE and let him walk up and down until he pushes WIN all the way down. Make KEKE IS RIGHT again and then break it up and make KEKE IS MOVE. Break it up immediately after he hits the wall and turns around. Make KEKE IS UP again and then break it up. Make KEKE IS MOVE and break it up so he stops to the left of WIN. Make KEKE IS RIGHT and then break it up and make KEKE IS MOVE. Now he’ll push WIN left. Break it up so he’ll stop on your side. Then you can make KEKE IS WIN! Touch Keke to win.

09 Moving Floor:

This isn’t too bad. Push both flags down so one hits the belt going down and the other lands on the bug. Go around the left side and through that belt and push WIN right. Now just do the same for the other two belts using the words FLAG and IS for one, then IS and PUSH for the other. Now you can go through both belts and push WIN down and over to make BABA IS WIN. Touch Baba to win!

10 Lovely House:

Make IS KEY AND BABA, then add ROCK to make ROCK IS KEY AND BABA. Now the rock will turn into both Baba and a key! Make KEY IS PUSH (or KEY IS YOU) and then use the key to open the door. Sink one Baba in the water and send the other one through the gap to touch the flag and win!

11 Supermarket:

Push BELT and IS right over the belt to make BELT IS UP. Now push all three words left over the belt. Make BELT IS RIGHT. Then push RIGHT onto the belt that leads up to words like FLAG and WIN. It should move to the right. Keep it at the very bottom of the belt. Push the rock onto the belt next to it and leave it there. Push BELT and IS left through to the next room. Push BELT up to the right of the belt that leads to the flag. Push IS up under it. Then go get UP and push it onto the belt. It should join the other words, making BELT IS UP. Now the belts all point up again. The rock should start traveling up. Get on the belt yourself and head to the flag. Wait for the rock to push IS up to make FLAG IS WIN. Then touch the flag to win!

12 Lock the Door:

This was tricky! First, break PUSH off of BUG IS PUSH. Then push BUG IS all the way up. Make BABA IS SHIFT. Move the belt to the left and down, in line with FUNGUS, but not too close to it. Push it right just to get it facing that direction. Then go up onto the bug, then right. Now you should be to the right of the bug and can push it left. Push it down onto the belt. Make sure it’s also facing right. Now, this is very important. Move SHIFT up to the opening where you see the mushroom. Place SHIFT directly to the left of the opening. There should be a gap between BUG IS and SHIFT. Now, push BELT and IS right before the gap. Get under SHIFT and push it up. Now you should have both BUG IS SHIFT and BELT IS SHIFT. Head up next to the heart and then press spacebar to wait for the bug and belt to push LOVE over and make LOVE IS WIN. Touch the heart to win!

13 Factory:

This is clever! Push WEAK onto one of the bugs and then add HAS AND to the left of it. Push right so that AND WEAK is past the bugs. Make BOX IS YOU. Now you’re all the boxes. First, use the bit of wall above the word WALL to smash the bottom right and bottom middle boxes. Then get under AND WEAK and push up just enough so there’s a space before AND. Get above AND WEAK and use the single box to push AND WEAK right. Now just maneuver everything around to get BUG IS DEFEAT AND WEAK. Make sure not to break your boxes in the process. HAS should have already destroyed one of the bugs, so push it back left with the top row of boxes, ensuring you’ll still have five boxes left. Now make KEY IS YOU again and then make BOX HAS KEY. As the key, smash all the boxes. You won’t really be able to see it, but each JOC you break will add a key to the pile. Now you can open all the doors and still have one key leftover to touch the flag and win!

14 Tiny Pasture:

Make FLAG IS PUSH and push the top flag up into the corner to the right of WIN. Make KEKE IS PUSH and FLAG IS TELE and then push Keke onto the top flag. He’ll be facing up now and teleport between the flags. Push SHIFT left to make KEKE IS SHIFT. Now he’ll push the bottom flag up. Push WIN all the way right onto the top flag. WIN will get teleported to the bottom flag. Push it off and then make FLAG IS WIN. Touch the flag to win!”

A Nearly:

Just walk into any of the words in BABA IS SWAP to break up the rule. Now you can touch the flag and win!

B Not Quite:

Push FLAG left and down to make FLAG IS YOU. Then walk into any of the words in FLAG IS SWAP to break up the rule. Then push BABA back up to make BABA IS YOU again. Push FLAG right to make FLAG IS WIN again. Touch the flag to win.

C Passing Through:

First, make KEKE IS SKULL. Then make SKULL IS PUSH and push the skull right a bit. Make SKULL IS KEKE and then KEKE IS MOVE. Press spacebar to make Keke move past the grass. He’ll swap with one tile of it. Break up KEKE IS MOVE once he’s on the right side of the screen. Make KEKE IS SKULL again and then SKULL IS MOVE. Wait for the skull to come back to the left side and then then break up SKULL IS MOVE to stop him. Make SKULL IS KEKE again. Make KEKE IS MOVE again and press the spacebar to make him swap again with the same grass tile, moving it further left. Now you can go through the gap and touch the rock to win!

D Salvage:

Make TEXT IS PULL AND and line it up with SWAP. Push it into SWAP and then pull the whole string of text inside with you. Now, make IS PULL AND SWAP in a line and push it right so IS lands on the skulls. Push TEXT down in front of it to make TEXT IS PULL AND SWAP. Now pull back left and the words will swap with the skull, effectively pushing it out. Keep going so you get a nice big opening to get through. Make FLAG IS WIN and touch the flag to win.

E Insulation:

Still working on this!

Extra 01 Crumbling Floor:

Start the same way as with Moving Floor. But you don’t have that extra IS. So instead, push all of FLAG IS PUSH through the top belt, with FLAG landing on the bug. Then go down and push the IS down to the next belt. Now you can go through and push WIN down and make BABA IS WIN. Touch Baba to win!

Extra 02 Skull House:

Still working on this!

More to come!

Words & Rules | Intro Levels 0 -7 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | Meta & ??? | Review |

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  1. Bex

    C Passing through solution

    keke is swap but skull is not, so push text around to get KEKE IS SKULL and then SKULL IS PUSH, now turn skull around to the right to face the grass, switch back to SKULL IS KEKE and then KEKE IS MOVE, when keke gets to the right side and swaps grass to the left stop him, arrange KEKE IS SKULL and SKULL IS MOVE, let the skull pass to the left and then stop it, push text to get SKULL IS PUSH rotate skull to the right and switch it back again to keke, keke will push grass once more to the left and you can pass and touch the rock.

  2. Ashidomus

    About 02 Toolshed. Door is not stop from the start. You can just walk through without “Wall is open”.

      1. Ashidomus

        Also I completed 04 Baba does not respond, but I am not sure if I should spoil it for you (the creator of guide) as it is a lot of fun to find solutions by yourself.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, IΓÇÖm trying to avoid the comments that have solutions for puzzles I didnΓÇÖt solve, but letting them through in case others want the help before I solve it myself.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wait you still need WALL IS OPEN for the key to work on it. But yeah, I should have realized that I could walk through the door without doing anything.

      1. Ashidomus

        Yeah, you are right. Mostly I just wanted to mention it is not needed to go through door. I was just wondering how that rule made the door possible to walk through. xD

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Haha yeah I even mentioned in my gameplay video how weird it was that WALL IS OPEN unlocked the door. 😛

  3. James

    E Insulation:

    Push Keke into the right wall in line with the flag. Make KEKE IS UP, then make KEKE is SKULL by pushing UP into the wall (destroying it). Walk through the hole in the wall the skull makes. Either this wasn’t intended to be the correct solution, or the level contains a lot of misdirection

    1. Rainbow Sprinklez

      E has been patched and has a different solution. Incredibly simple. Took me way too long to figure out

  4. ScarletStump

    ROCK____ IS BABA
    _____ IS ____ IS
    _____ KEY ____ YOU

    1. ScarletStump

      can send pic if need

  5. Jay

    Regarding E – Insulation:
    Push Keke to one square left and one square down from UP.
    Destroy PUSH by pushing it into the hot wall.
    Push KEKE IS down to create KEKE IS UP.
    Destroy UP by pushing it into the hot wall.
    Push WALL left to break WALL IS HOT and create WALL IS STOP.
    Push SKULL under KEKE IS, and wait.
    Skull should move up and swap with Baba, depositing you on top of the wall.
    Walk down off the wall and touch the flag!

  6. InsertNameHere

    Small typo in “D Salvage”: “TEXT IS PULL AND SWIPE” instead of “TEXT IS PULL AND SWAP”.

  7. InsertNameHere

    Typo in “02 Toolshed”: “The door is shit”. You meant shut.

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