Baba is You: ??? Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Baba is You
By: Hempuli / Arvi Trikari

Baba is You is a ridiculously innovative puzzle game where you push words around like blocks and see how they interact with each other. Sadly, it’s not available on iOS yet, but it’s a testament to how much I’m enjoying it that I’m willing to play on my PC. I’ve been working on a walkthrough as I make my way through the game. This page will get you through all the levels in the overworld map meta puzzle and ??? area. Click on the links for the other areas if this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you need help with levels I haven’t added yet, feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Ok, so first I’m going to explain how to unlock the ??? area. You need access to levels 08, 09 and 10 on the overworld map. First, solve them normally. If you need help with it, you can use my guide here.

Then make Level 09 into Baba and Level 10 into a flag. You can watch this video for it or read my text instructions below.

Level 09 Fragile Existence:

For the meta level, first make KEY IS YOU, then make LEVEL IS BABA. Now you’ll have Baba running around on the overworld map.

10 Hostile Environment:

Make FLAG IS KEKE. Then make KEKE IS PUSH. Push one Keke up against DEFEAT and push up once. Leave it there. Push the other one below it and facing up, but with two spaces between it and the other Keke. Push PUSH right above the bottom Keke. Now, make KEKE HAS BABA. Then make KEKE IS WEAK AND MOVE, but make sure to push IS in last, so the Kekes don’t start moving till you’re ready. You can also set everything up so KEKE goes in last. Anyway, once it’s ready, press the spacebar to wait until one Keke is destroyed and turns into Baba. As Baba, go down once so the other Keke doesn’t get destroyed. Then, go right and push IS right and down. Push FLAG right once, then down, then all the way left. Press the spacebar and let Keke push FLAG up, making LEVEL IS FLAG. Now the level on the overworld map will be a flag!

Now, back on the overworld map, move Baba over to the flag and complete the Map level, unlocking ???!


Level 01 Glitch:

Push BABA IS YOU out of the way. Then push IS left and down above FLAG. Push LOVE right to make LOVE IS FLAG. Touch the flag to win!

Level 02 Error:

Push BABA IS YOU left, along with IS. Then use the letters in VELCOME to spell out LOVE vertically above YOU. Add the IS to make LOVE IS YOU. Now, as the heart, make BABA IS FLAG. Baba will turn into a flag. Touch it to win!

Level 03 Whoops:

Head left and up and push MOVE left and down to make KEKE IS MOVE. Make sure to do this without moving right ever. Press the spacebar to let Keke push ICE right, then break up KEKE IS MOVE. Push FLAG IS WIN up. Then make ICE IS WIN and below that, ICE IS YOU. That’s it!

Level 04 Mean Fence:

Push WIN through the gap in the wall and leave it just below the small piece of wall. Go down once, right once, then up onto the wall. Push WIN left once. Go down twice, left once, then up onto the wall again. Push WIN up and left to make FLAG IS WIN. Touch the flag to win.

Level 05 Scale:

Still working on this!

Level 06 Parade:

Still working on this!

Level 07 Turn the Corner:

Make WALL IS SHUT and ROCK IS OPEN AND PUSH. Then just push the rock into the piece of wall right next to SINK. Push sink left and out of the way. Then push WIN up to make LEVEL IS WIN.

Level 12 Ultimate Maze:

This one is hard to explain in text, so I think just wait for my video. But you want to move through the maze to the key without letting anything change. Then get the key down to the lonely strip of horizontal wall. Use the key to open the bit of wall so you can get to the other key. Get above the key so you make WALL IS KEY. Push the key left to make FLAG IS WIN. Then carefully get back to the flag, push the key over it to the left and touch the flag to win.

More coming soon!

Words & Rules | Intro Levels 0 -7 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | ??? | Review |

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  1. Beth

    I want to play this SO bad! IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve clicked on your play through (YouTube) several times, I keep forgetting this is PC only …lol
    It looks really good, and lengthy…hopefully weΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll see it on IOS in the future:)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I wish it would, too! IΓÇÖm making the videos on my PC and itΓÇÖs torture.

    2. Eric Eisenberg

      it is on IOS

  2. Ekimmak

    Level 5) Make (Not Rock is Not You)
    Make (Baba is Push)
    Use Baba to remove the water and then get to the flag.

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