Baba is You: Forest of Fall Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Baba is You
By: Hempuli / Arvi Trikari

Baba is You is a ridiculously innovative puzzle game where you push words around like blocks and see how they interact with each other. Sadly, it’s not available on iOS yet, but it’s a testament to how much I’m enjoying it that I’m willing to play on my PC. I’ve been recording my playthrough, but I also started making straight walkthrough videos for those who don’t want to watch me figure things out. This page will get you through all the levels in the Forest of Fall area. Click on the links for the other areas if this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you need help with levels I haven’t added yet, feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Words & Rules | Intro Levels 0 -7 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | Review |

Forest of Fall:

You can watch my video for all of Forest of Fall or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Level 01 Hop:

Here we have a new word, TELE. It allows you to teleport things. So here’s what you do. First, push PUSH into the heart nearest you. It will teleport to the other heart. Go through yourself and then move one step left. Then go right again to push PUSH off the heart. You’ll go through again, so just go back so you’re on the right. Now, to make things easier, line up PUSH above TELE. But don’t push it down. Instead, push LOVE and IS up to make LOVE IS PUSH. Now, push the heart onto one of the water spots directly next to the flag. Push TELE back up to make LOVE IS TELE. The water should immediately teleport away. Push TELE up again so it doesn’t come back. Now you can walk over the heart and touch the flag and win!

02 Grand Stream:

This one’s a little tricky. Head left and push PULL up. Push KEY IS left once. Push KEKE IS down to make KEKE IS KEY. Push PULL back down to make KEY IS PULL. Then pull the new key left and under the box. Shuffle around and make sure that when you leave it there, it’s pointing up, not down, left or right. Then go back and push KEY IS PULL right. Push PULL down. Push MOVE down to make KEY IS MOVE. And now either walk or wait to make the key move to the box and open it, revealing the flag. Touch the flag to win!

(Apparently my way is sort of cheating and you’re supposed to use Keke to pull the key over the stream. Oops! So here’s the “correct” and much longer way to do it. Leave the key in place and head down and around. Push PULL up so you can get through. Push KEY IS LEFT and then go around and push PULL left and up and make KEKE IS PULL. When you do so, make sure that MOVE isn’t pushed up against the wall. Pull Keke onto the same line as the key, but make sure he’s facing right. Make KEY IS PULL again and then KEKE IS MOVE. Get above MOVR and then wait for Keke to pull the key under the box and push MOVE down to stop him. Get under the key and pull it down and then up a bit so it’s pointing up at the box. Then make KEY IS MOVE and wait for the key to open the box, revealing the flag. Touch the flag to win.)

03 Rocky Road:

Ok this looks worse than it is. First, push ROCK IS TELE right so ROCK is in line with the actual rock. Then push IS and PUSH right in line with ROCK. PUSH will get teleported to the other side. Go through the portal yourself and then move one space up. Press spacebar to get PUSH sent back to the other side. Then push the rock down. Keep doing this, alternating between waiting and pushing, and make your way through the water and to the flag to win.

04 Telephone:

This is a cool one. Push IS and TELE under BABA to make BABA IS TELE. Then have the lower Baba move onto the ice to teleport it to the top Baba. Now move the words around to make ICE IS TELE. Then send Baba through the ice. Push the key through the ice portal and go left once, then right to push the key off the portal. Go back through the portal to the top section and push the key through the door to open it. Touch the flag to win!

05 Haunt:

This isn’t too bad. This is similar to the trick from Prison. Push PUSH up to make GHOST IS PUSH. Push one ghost between LOVE and WIN. Push the other GHOST to the right of DEFEAT. Then push TELE back right to make GHOST IS TELE again. Head up and push LEAF IS DEFEAT to the right until IS gets teleported to the other ghost. Now you have LOVE IS WIN! Head over to the heart and touch it to win. If IS changes to DEFEAT when you get to the heart, just press spacebar to change it back.

06 Crate Square:

Pull all the boxes into a line to the left of the flag. Make sure not to pull the flag while you’re doing this. Once they’re all lined up, get in the space between WIN and the boxes. Push the text left, while pulling the boxes and the flag with you. Pull one of the boxes far out of the way so it can’t mess up this next part. Then pull the remaining three boxes and the flag left once more. Go down and push AND left. Now you can touch the flag and win!

07 Ghost Friend:

This took me a bit to figure out but I really like it now. Pull the ghost to the left. Then push IS and PULL up under BABA to make BABA IS PULL. Then push MOVE left to make GHOST IS MOVE. Go under MOVE and to the left of it and then straight up so you’re right behind the ghost. Press spacebar a bunch of times. He’ll now pull you to the other side without moving the flag! Get off the ghost train by the word KEY and then push KEY all the way left and down to make KEY IS PUSH. Push the key down to open the door. Push IS down to make FLAG IS WIN. And that’s it!

08 Ghost Guard:

Ok wow this one was tricky. First, push the rock onto the foliage to make it disappear. You can’t push the ghost to the key and you can’t push the key to the ghost. So we have to use the leaves somehow. First, use the right leaf to teleport to the left leaf. Push LEAF IS up one space. Push TELE down and all the way to the left. Make LEAF IS TELE with the leftover IS. Now, just push PUSH down to make LEAF IS PUSH. Since TEXT IS FLOAT, PUSH won’t get teleported, but you will. And now you can push the right leaf around. So push it onto the KEY. This part is tricky. If you just push the leaf, the key will keep falling out of it. So push and then press spacebar once so you just have the leaf in front of you without the key. Push again and each time the key comes back to you, press spacebar and then push. Do this all the way to the ghost and then push the ghost onto the key when it falls out of the leaf. You’ll automatically win because the flag is inside him and you’ll touch it!

09 Leaf Chamber:

Ok, first off, use the spacebar to get past the two moving leaves. Move PULL around to replace MOVE and make LEAF IS PULL. Then pull the two leaves out and up. Now replace PULL with PUSH to make LEAF IS PUSH. Push the two leaves up to the left of the foliage. Line them up directly next to each other and push them both onto the very bottom of the foliage. Now replace PUSH with PULL to make LEAF IS PULL again. Pull the right leaf down once and then leave it there. Make KEY IS PULL and pull the key all the way up to the space directly left of the two leaves. Then make KEY IS PUSH AND LEAF IS MOVE. Press the spacebar to wait and and let the leaves do their work pulling the fungus out to where you can reach it. Then make KEY IS PULL and pull the key near the mushroom. Then make KEY IS PUSH and push the key onto the mushroom to reveal the flag. Touch the flag to win.

10 Not There:

This one’s pretty easy. Just move the remaining words vertically around IS to say FENCE IS NOT STOP. now you can walk through the fence. Push IS and WIN up to make BABA IS WIN.

11 Catch:

This is tricky but fun. First, move the words around to get ROCK IS PUSH. Then, push one of the rocks down and left and stop so the rock is right below the first bit of water. Get under the rock and push up. Now change the words to say NOT ROCK IS PUSH. Now you can push the water. Push the small piece on the right down against the word BABA and then push it right against the hedge so it’s out of the way. For this next part, I recommend moving the words at the top to the right so they don’t get in the way. Then get under the water and push up. There are two columns to push up. Now you should have everything clear two spaces next to BABA except for one piece of water. So change the text to ROCK IS PUSH. Push the rock down and left and down into that piece of water one space from BABA. Now you have room to push NOT down next to BABA, so do it. Then push NOT BABA IS NOT YOU all the way right so you can reach the flag and win!

12 Dead End:

This looks a lot scarier than it is. Just make BOX IS NOT NOT PUSH. The NOTs cancel each other out. So now you can push the two boxes into the water, where they’ll sink, allowing you, as the flag, to stand on the purple Me.

A Literacy:

This is a funny one. Push the rock right past the first gap. Then go through the gap and around and push the rock back left. Move it out of the way so it doesn’t interfere. Now move TEXT out into the same area. Line it up with the second WALL and push it up to make WALL IS TEXT. Now you can push through all the text and touch the flag to win.

B Broken Playground:

Here’s the simpler solution. Line up TEXT above KEKE and FLAG above TEXT. Push FLAG down so you get TEXT IS YOU. As the text, push FLAG up against the box so you get FLAG IS YOU. As the flag, push FLAG IS YOU to the left, so FLAG is lined up with the portal. Move KEKE above FLAG and BOX above KEKE. Push BOX down so you get KEKE IS YOU and the flag gets teleported. Now make FLAG IS TEXT, but while the flag is by IS and WIN. Use spacebar as needed. Get TEXT out of the way so you don’t accidentally turn the box into text. Make BOX IS FLAG. Then go through the portal and make FLAG IS WIN. Go through the portal again and touch the flag to win.

And here’s a more complex solution. First, send Keke through the pond teleporter. Push IS and win together. Then go back through and make BOX IS FLAG. Now you have two flags. Make FLAG IS YOU. This is where the tricky part comes in. Send one flag through the portal and then move both around so that one is positioned above KEKE and the other is positioned right above the gap before IS WIN. Push against the walls to get them lined up properly. Then push KEKE down to make KEKE IS YOU again. You need the flag to be in front of IS WIN for the rest to work. Make FLAG IS TEXT. Now you have FLAG IS WIN but no flag. So here’s what to do. Move TEXT right under KEKE and FLAG right under IS. Push TEXT up to make TEXT IS YOU. Now, as the text, move around and push KEKE against a wall to make KEKE IS FLAG. Ok, almost there! Now use the walls to make FLAG replace TEXT so FLAG IS YOU! You win!

C Fetching:

This one is a bit of work. Move TEXT and IS over to make TEXT IS WEAK. Then walk into SKULL and DEFEAT to destroy them both, leaving IS behind. Walk into WEAK to destroy it. Push TEXT and IS up and make TEXT IS HOT. Move PUSH left into the ghost to melt it. Now, make KEKE IS YOU and use Keke to push FLAG down, making FLAG IS WIN. Now use Baba to reach the flag and win.

D Scenic Pond:

This is another really cool one. Make TEXT HAS BABA. Then push KEKE up into the water to make a second Baba. Go right a bit to break up the two Babas. Then move BABA IS YOU right and maneuver TEXT and HAS down to get BABA HAS TEXT. Move one of the Babas through the fence opening to the small pond. He will turn into the word BABA, making BABA IS FLOAT. Now, the other Baba can float! Move him all the way up and push FLAG over to make FLAG IS WIN. Then push BABA IS FLOAT down and push FLOAT right to break it up. Now you can touch the flag and win!

E Skeletal Door:

Ok, the first part isn’t too tricky. It’s the second that took me a while to figure out. First, move PUSH under IS. Then push TEXT up to make TEXT IS YOU. Now you’re controlling all the text instead of Baba. Push all the text against the left wall so you get BABA TEXT PUSH. Then move down so YOU is right below the skulls. Now move against the right wall to make BABA IS PUSH. This next part is very important. You need to get Baba under the YOU and push him onto the top skull, and then past it, sacrificing the PUSH in the process. Then push against the left wall again to get BABA over TEXT. Push against the top wall to make BABA IS YOU again. Now, as Baba, touch the flag to win.

Extra 01 Jump:

This is similar to Hop but with some extra work. Get PUSH through the heart to the right side again. Push LOVE IS TELE left so TELE lands on the water. Then push PUSH directly under TELE. Teleport through the right heart to the left heart. Push LOVE and IS down to make LOVE IS PUSH. Push the heart onto the water directly next to the flag. Then push LOVE and IS back up to make LOVE IS TELE. Continue pushing IS up so the water can’t teleport back. Now touch the flag to win!

Extra 02 Even Less There:

Do the same as with Not There. We have one less IS, though, so we have to figure out a different way to win. And that way is to make NOT FENCE IS WIN. Then everything that isn’t the fence will count as win and you automatically win!

Extra 03 Deep Pool:

Start off the same way as Scenic Pond. Make TEXT HAS BABA. Push KEKE up into the water either to the left or right. Then keep swapping back and forth between TEXT HAS BABA and BABA HAS TEXT. The order for water you want to go in is left bottom, right bottom, left top, middle top, right top, leaving the center water for last. Then turn that last bit of water into text that says BABA. Now make BABA HAS BABA. Now you can run straight through the skull and make FLAG IS WIN. Touch the flag to win!

Words & Rules | Intro Levels 0 -7 | The Lake | Solitary Island | Temple Ruins | Forest of Fall | Deep Forest | Rocket Trip | Flower Garden | Volcanic Cavern | Chasm | Review |

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  1. Bex

    E Skeletal door solution

    Push Text under BABA and PUSH under IS. now push TEXT up to activate TEXT IS YOU. Go all the way left and push PUSH under TEXT and then to the right with YOU to the wall to get BABA IS PUSH and TEXT IS YOU at the same time. Position YOU to the left of baba and push it on the top skull to the right and then move once up and once right in the right corner above skull. Press right once to push baba to the right of the skull and at the same time destroy PUSH. Now that baba is safe behind the skulls go to the left wall and then to do upper wall to change back to BABA IS YOU and touch the flag.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Glad I managed to approve this without looking at the solution, because I just figured it out on my own. 😉 Thanks, though!

  2. gelber_kaktus

    I’ve got a solution for Level 8.
    First, i teleported myself using the leaf, next i moved LEAF one field up and the IS TELE to the two field below. Then i moved IS on the right of the leaf. so the leaf should be on the top right field of the leaf. Then i moved ROCK IS over LEAF, so the rock becomes a leaf. (now its vertically ROCK IS LEAF IS TELE) After this i move PUSH on top of the leaf, because TEXT IS FLOAT it will not be teleported, when i move PUSH down, i am getting teleported and can push the leafs. (its now horizontally LEAF IS PUSH). With one leaf i destroyed the foliage.
    So i can push the leaf, but Baba can not teleport itself using the leaf. So i moved the leaf under the key it gets teleported away. So i moved the leaf the key gets teleported, i use SPACE to teleport it back and so on, if the key is not teleported away it will stuck at position when pushing the leaf. I moved the kinda annoying way until the key is in the chamber of the ghost. Here i did not teleport the key away and moved the leaf, so leaf and key are separated, then i pushed the ghost to the key, which will drop the flag.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just saw this after solving it myself. You did a little extra work. The rock can be pushed onto the foliage to get rid of it and then ignored for the rest of the level. Then you just focus on the two leaves. Sounds like the rest of it was the same as what I did, though.

  3. James

    Nothing for level 7: keep out

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You must be on the Switch version. ItΓÇÖs not up to date with the PC version, which moves Keep Out to Deep Forest.

  4. InsertNameHere

    Level 02 is now patched to prevent short solution.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks for the headΓÇÖs up!

  5. JDJ

    Jeez, how long did it to take to solve these? You must have a lot of patience. I didn’t a few times and now I’m learning. Thanks.

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