Jenny LeClue – Detectivu: Complete Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu
By: Mografi

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Mografi’s point-and-click adventure game, Jenny LeClue – Detectivu, is finally out! You can play it on PC, consoles, or Apple Arcade. I’ve only played about 45 minutes so far, but I’ll be working on a proper walkthrough guide as I progress. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Scroll down for achievements!


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12 – The End!


Welcome to Arthurton: Completed Prologue

A Most Deadly Brew: Solved the Classroom Case

The First Rule of Sticker Club…: Joined Sticker Club

Milestone in Mediocrity: Solved the Missing Glasses Case

It Begins!: Completed the library scene

My First Hotwire: Borrowed the S.S. Suzie

Bumper Boats: Hit 3 buoys


A Mysterious Message: Solved CJ’s Case

Buried Secrets: Found the underground lab

Stealth Mode: Broke into your house unseen

Improv Artist: Spotted while breaking into your house


Now It’s Personal: Discovered the plot to silence your mom


I Live For Danger: Continued on to the graveyard

Zazer’s Journal: Found Zazer’s Journal

Such Great Heights: Discovered the biggest Cross

Out-O-Mat: Found a way out

Epic Revelations: Uncovered the mystery buried in the mines

Reunited, and it feels so good: Rescued mom

Narrow Escape: Survived the Man in Black

This Changes Everything: Watched The Enigma Report

Futile Fighter: Chose to fight The Man in Black


I Have to Go Back: Escaped the sheriff

Case of the Dead Dean: Solved the Case of the Dead Dean



The Final Decision: Chose The Dean

Team Work Makes The Dream Work: Accepted help three times

Sticker Club Enthusiast: Found more than 20 stickers

It’s Just a Postcard?: Assembled the first postcard

DeanCoder Ring: Unlocked Dean’s ring

Spy Speak: Remembered CJ’s code

More coming soon!

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Please finish the company


I’m afraid I’m finding it utterly tedious, it’s nothing like the teaser at all! I’m trying to persevere in the hope it’ll redeem itself, but it’s not looking hopeful. There are no real puzzles to speak of at all!


Not on ipad? That’s a shame.

Shane Bernesser

Have you gotten to the graveyard? Having a lot of trouble there


same! i don’t know what to do with the angel statues. have you figured it out yet?

Shane Bernesser

figured it out! The first two point them all the way down and the third point out and the last up and the door should open

Ashley Doc

On the angels, look at the wing shapes and compare the direction with the angels above the tomb door with the locks. Then move the swords to match. But….have you figured out what to do with the Greek god looking puzzle to enter the secret entrance in the graveyard. I CANNOT figure this out! Help!


I realised the wings and the direction from the door … but still unable to get it sorted. Were you able to examine and find something on the tombstones?


they all have to point fingers at the door in order to access it


You have to use the two finger gesture to move the pieces in the track. I know it says to use the single finger interact gesture but only the two finger works.


Hint: it appear that only the striped discs matter (they need to be slid to the place they fit in)


I finally got the angels to work for me… have now reached the office space underground and stuck on getting the key card! What am I missing > I move her here and there > nothing helps! 🙁


I can’t solve the chalkboard! I have tried over and over and none of the walkthroughs online appear to have solved it either. Is there a glitch in the game perhaps or what am I missing?


the chalkboard you are talking about is at the beginning of the game?


I love this game! I’m very far into the game and i can’t find myself playing any other game or even getting off my phone! Haha great game


I can’t seem to solve the book that she found in a briefcase that she found in her basement when she snuck back in…or “broke in” since she couldn’t be there. Is anyone to that part of the game yet?


focus on the numbers and what the story is talking about ex:(the rabbit and the bear)


What part are you stuck on?


Whats the code for the briefcase


If you look at the numbers carefully, they’ve got fingerprints on each one


HAS ANYONE gotten to the vending machine part where she went through the grave and underground. I got to the part where she found out why she can’t get the key out (the machine isn’t level) so it’s making me walk around but there’s NOTHING I can click on to get the machine to level. Absolutely nothing. Has anybody gotten past it to where they get the key out? If so can you please tell me what I have to do? Thanks


I am at the same spot. Nothing to interact with, can’t leave, no inventory.


I dont know what else to do lol. I have no coin for the machine and all I’m doing is still walking around.


go towards the left, there should be a door with a broom inside


I found the door, when I use the magnifying glass I can see inside it but there’s nothing to focus the search on or interact with! Getting frustrated!!!




There is no coin the paper from the trash is 5he way to get the candy bar.


Stuck here too?? Am I missing something or is there a bug?


I am stuck there as well! phew its not only me! its annoying me! I loveeee this game! I need to move on!


Yeah same here. I can’t interact with the door. If I use the magnifying glass I can see inside and guess I need the broom to tilt the vending machine but I can’t get to it. I’m frustrated as I’ve been really enjoying it so far. Hope it’s a bug that gets fixed soon.

Sarah Lockett

I’m in the same predicament. So frustrating.


Yeah… I emailed the developer so hope they reply soon! I think we weren’t meant to interact with the broom cupboard before doing the vending machine part! I really dont want to start again!!!!!


Check the legs. One is shorter than the other.


Thanks for doing that!


I did the vending machine first and have the same issue


Does anyone know the code to the briefcase in the basement? Can’t figure it out


If you look carefully, one of the numbers on each wheel has a fingerprint on it


[UPDATE] I got an email from the developer who advised that they know about the bug issue in the underground office. They have patched it up and are just waiting on Apple to approve the changes. In the meantime if you email them they might be able to add you to the test flight and see if it helps continue on the game. I have given them my Apple ID will update again if there’s any changes!


Did they say when it might be fixed? And do all of us have to email them or can we just wait for the bug to be fixed


They have already submitted the fix.. waiting for Apple to approve. I got an email from them and have now progressed in the game. Finalllyy.. I had to install the flight app and they provided me a redemption code!


I still can’t get past it.


The numbers on the vending machine are mixed up so b is a and a is b, you have to enter b31 the candy will get stuck, you have to click on the bottom right leg of the vending machine and then get the broomstick.


I know. I’m talking about not being able to move anywhere after knowing I need something for the vending machine


Do you know how to get to the crystal caverns? I found the mini crystals but it’s a dead end and I don’t know what else to do.


How and where do I get a coin for the vending machine? The only thing I can interact with is the broom closet and it just tells me the mop is old and dirty. I am playing the test version from the developers.


Have you gotten through the part where she decodes the messages after she found the first page that was missing from the book? I don’t know what the message is and I’m still stuck on trying to figure it out.


SAME I can figure it out it’s driving me mad!


Did any one figure out the message


The letters will lock in place once solved.i don’t remember it exactly but something along the lines of this… First line is I’m still alive, second line is stuck on other side, third line is find sazer 4th line is initials. HLC


I’m having difficulties in the basement with the box that has the shining light. Also I used to little magnifying glass to find a something on the top shelf of something but I can’t seem to grab it! I can’t climb up on anything to reach it and when I walk past it it doesn’t let me pick it up, maybe cause it’s too high up. Could someone help please?


I cant seem to figure out the basement part. I found something with a magnifying glass on the top shelf near the desk but I can’t seem to get it, and I don’t know how to get into the box that has the shining light. Could someone help please?


You need to push a box and climb on top. I think from memory the box is on the left side of the screen.


Agh thank you so much I did it😅😂


I cannot seem to get to the bridge, can anyone help?


Okay, what am I doing wrong? I’m in the library, power’s off, Jenny can’t go past the wet floor sign. I assume I’m supposed to manually move the ladder but I can’t seem to grab it. I tap and Jenny moves to hold it but goes right back to standing. I hold my finger down and she does nothing. Tried it on both sides of the ladder. What am I missing?

Cad May

I believe I had to hold longer that I thought. Then she would grab it


Same! I’m stuck! I can get her to climb the ladder, but she stops just short of the 2nd floor.
I’ve tried so many ways to get her to grab the ladder to move it to the side, but she reaches out for a split second after I take my finger off the screen then just goes back to standing. Pretty frustrating.


I had so much trouble with this too – what worked for me was quickly double tapping the screen and then holding my finger down and immediately moving it to grab, hold, and push/pull. Not sure if that’s too confusing!

Cad may

I’m just past the lake and in the underground lab. I’m trying to figure out the frequency machine. What do I need to do? I’ve flipped the switches and turned the knobs.


Manipulate the variables so that all the sine waves are the same.


I got it to work by fiddling with the controls until all three line up perfectly into one line


Does anyone know what to do after finding the 4 cross graves?


If I remember correctly there are 5 of them and once you find all 5 the game will prompt you to figure out who was biggest


There’s 5 so you gotta find one more


I love this game!


Anybody knows what are we supposed to do at the mines? I’m stuck here.


Same. It showed me where the crystal caverns were but have no way of getting there. If I go to the highest point in the mine, I can’t jump over because it’s too far of a jump and there’s spikes at the bottom. I’m stuck

Katelyn Z

I’m stuck too. I’ve been everywhere in the mines and can’t get to the crystal caverns

Corey B

Move the cart to the hanging vines and crawl UP!


I’m stuck here too…anyone have solved this point?

Katelyn Z

Has anyone made it to where they have to decode the message and put the letters where they belong? I can’t get past it

Cad May

I have. I can’t get past it either I can’t use the last 3 letters.


The last three are HLC. On a separate line.
Initials. Signing the message.


You have to put the letters in order on the correct lines. They should snap in place once they are on the correct line/spot. You use all the lines available. Hope that helps.

Sara Hadley

I cant get the swords on the door in the cemetery to line up and open


Has anyone here gotten to the part when you’re down in the abandoned mine and have to find the crystal cavern? I can’t figure out how to find it


go all the way to the top with the barrel, put the barrel directly under the patch of light, jump up and crawl up the vines


I’m now stuck at the valve part. It seems that i have to get more pressure for an explosion.
But i am know having issue turning off the water from flowing out? Frustrated.

Cad May

What all have you tried here?


You have to go farther back to where you came from… there is another machine you need to operate.


I’ve given up with this, it’s too frustrating. I can’t get her to grab the ladder in the library. When I tap and hold she does nothing, but her arms kinda flick out when I take my finger off the screen, but she doesn’t attempt to grab it, Mografi has been absolutely no help whatsoever dismissing this as a bug (“we’re working on an update to make the grab area bigger” – how’s that going to help when the controls do the opposite of what they’re supposed to…?!).

Doesn’t matter where I stand her, that part of the game is glitched.


You have to double tap. This drove me crazy until I figured it out. Everywhere else you can single tap/hold to drag. I was able to get around it by double tapping with a hold after the second tap.


Help! I am in the underground lab in the cemetery/graveyard. Found all the clues in the “confidential” book, but now it won’t let me click out or anything. No option to zoom out. Nothing else to interact with. Anyone else experienced this?


Nevermind…figured it out. There’s a paper on the back of the book. I swear I tried to do that the first time and it wouldn’t let me! For anyone else who may be stuck on this, you have to turn to the back cover of the book. 😛


How did you manage to leave this part? I’ve managed to find the piece of paper at the back but it wouldn’t let me click out or anything. The search and journal buttons don’t work.


I’m stuck here too. I’ve tried it 4 tines and gone tediously through the whole lab to here but after I uncover the password there’s no back button. On the last try it flashed really briefly then disappeared.


I can’t figure out the lock box under the pillow


She is a secret scientist, try the beakers.