Down in Bermuda: Walkthrough Guide

Down in Bermuda
By: Yak & Co

Down in Bermuda is the latest puzzle game from Yak & Co, the makers of Agent A. It’s about a man named Milton who crashes on an island and gets stuck there for 30 years. Somehow, you just arrived to help him and are either a giant or a god or I’m not really sure, but you can press buttons on buildings as thought they’re miniatures. It’s part hidden object, part light puzzler from what I’ve seen so far. But there does seem to be a lot of hidden collectibles to find. I’ll be posting my progress here for anyone who needs help. But the camera controls are not so great at the moment, so I may wait for an update before continuing. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Part 1:

Part 2:

More coming soon!

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Finally a walkthrough for this game! 😀 I’m totally stuck at Forest Island. Missing one white and one orange orb. I’ve clicked everything multiple times.. is it even possible to finish the third island? What am I missing?! 🤪


I stuck here too! Where is the red key?! Thanks for helping.


Me too. I’ve clicked everywhere on the map. What gives?


I finished Forest Island. You do not find all the keys yet and the game doesn’t go any further. Says more coming soon.


There are a couple hidden in very small triangle shaped cut outs in white rocks. Check them all. Took me forever to find those last two.


I have two orbs missing! can you be more precise about the place you found your last two? Thx


It’s the rabbits! Tap a rabit several times and it’ll go into the hole. When all rabits are home, the last three pieces of white will show up.


Is there a key in chapter 1? I can’t find it anywhere

Lewis Mather

According to the legend there is a key to be found in Turtle Island. I cant find it though.

I finished Secret base island and Forest island.


When you “go back” to Turtle Island, the stats says 0/0 on keys?


There’s an orb in a tree as well


There is one in the tree closest to the park-bench, (middle “leaflevel”).
If you “look! from behind the light & bench, you’ll see it 🙂


That was tough!!! Thanks for the tip!


What do the moving lily pads and the duck have to do with anything. Missing 3 white and 1 orange orb


How do you get the three triangles out from the “liquid chambers”?
On Secret Base Island, three containers with orange liquid…


Left and Right Container Nerds to be leveled


I have 5 on the left and 5 on the right with 2 in the center. No dice. I can’t get 4 in each.

Any other info on what works?


You need 6 on one side and six in the center (lined up with the metal rim levels on the containers


This is the one thing I’ve not been able to solve. Spent way too much time on it.

Matt W

Left and middle each need 6 i think it is. None in smallest one


Yes that’s correct | – 6 in left and right tube (up to the metal] none in the one on the right.


How do you manage that?


Pretty straightforward: Container 1 (leftmost) has 8 units Container 2 (middle) has 12 units Container 1 (rightmost) has 5 units Switches 1/2/3 (left/middle/right) So… starting with everything in the middle container SW1 to the left moves 8 units to C1, leaving 4 units in C2 SW2 to the right moves 5 units to C3, leaving 3 in C1 SW3 to the left moves 5 units to C2, leaving 0 units in C3 and 9 units in C2 SW2 to the right moves 3 units to C3, leaving 0 units in C1 and 3 units in C3 SW1 to the left… Read more »


Thank you.


Has anyone gotten the 3 triangles on the first island (Chapter 1)?


I assume it’s in the locked section of the map, for which you need the blue key, which is not yet available (got to wait for new levels).


Missing one orb on forest island I feel like I’ve looked everywhere, it’s absolutely maddening. Does the duck have to do with anything?? Also tried the tree behind the bench and it seems that I’ve already found it. Any other tips??


What’s up with the sheep? Is it even possible to get the red key yet? I played the new island and completed it, along with getting the blue key. But if I look at the key list, it skipped one… Does anyone have that one key?

Louise Moran

Where on earth is the green key???

Paul Leonard

Under a rock in forest level

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