Meridian 157: Chapter 1 – Walkthrough Guide

Meridian 157: Chapter 1
By: NovaSoft Interactive

Meridian 57: Chapter 1 continues the story we started in the the Prologue. You play as David Zander, who was stuck in an elevator when we last saw him. There are lots of items and clues to find and puzzles to solve. If you get stuck, the game has a hints system, but you can also use this walkthrough guide. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


For now, I have gameplay videos, but I’ll make a proper walkthrough once I’ve completed the game:

Part 1:

Part 2:

More coming soon!

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1 year ago

Push the books in

1 year ago

I am stuck crawling around in the overhead ducting. Turning on the power has prevented me from exiting thru the shower stall ceiling hatch. Hint says to “cut the wire to the fan in the vent room.” Help!—where the heck is that?

Reply to  Steph
1 year ago

Update: I am out of the duct work, thanks to an accidental wire cut (I was literally walking with the cutters when the cut occurred). Now I am stuck at the computer. There’s a jpeg of some planets that may be significant, but not sure where to apply that clue….

Reply to  Steph
1 year ago

Additional update: I completed the game, relying on way too many hints. Going to redo the game until I no longer need hints. Thanks.

Greg Andreatta
1 year ago

I can’t figure out the dartboard and pool balls puzzle. I’ve got the balls in the right order and have pictures of them and the board but i can’t figure out how to use them to open the door. Any help would be much

Reply to  Greg Andreatta
1 year ago

If the pool ball colour matched the colour on the dart board, I pushed the corresponding button on the board. So 10 is purple ball and 10 on dart board is also purple, so push 10 button in. Follow this for all balls and it unlocked.

John Duncan Coolidge
Reply to  Mdjroaming
9 months ago

None of the buttons respond in any manner. I’m lost!

Sabrina Lansing
Reply to  John Duncan Coolidge
9 months ago

This is the exact same problem I am having!! Have u figured this out yet??

Reply to  Sabrina Lansing
9 months ago

Take a photo of the completed balls and the dart board. When you go to the key pad you will notice that some of the numbers and colours on the dartboard match a coloured ball. The balls that match the dartboard are the ones you select on the keypad.

9 months ago

There are no instructions for the slider puzzle in the drawer. It’s the room to the left after you get off the elevator. Anyone? Thanks!

Reply to  Karen
9 months ago

The music sheet. Look at what line each is on and that’s the line they go on on the slider

Di jones
Reply to  Karen
8 months ago

Look at the employee files in the file cabinet. The watermarks match the symbols on the slider in the drawer.

Di Jones
8 months ago

im stuck trying to figure the wires out in the power room, can anyone help?

4 months ago

Stuck watching tv’s in train room I see a pettern but what do I do now?