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FANTASIAN is a new turn-based RPG that takes place in a handmade world, where you play as Leo, who lost his memory. I’ll be mostly embedding my gameplay videos here, but I’ll also note any important pieces of equipment I find that are easy to miss. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


If you’re trying to find specific keys, I’ll list the locations to farm for them as I find them.

Iron Key: Dropped by Key Orblings in Southern Forest


Part 1:

Note that there is an Iron Bangle in a chest where you enter the town. It has 15 defense and 3 attack, so make sure to grab it.

Part 2:

I meet Kina in this video and she joins my team. I also got two iron keys and used one to open the locked chest near the town entrance to get the Knight Sword for Leo, which has 30 attack and does piercing damage. I used the other iron key to open the locked chest in Kina’s bedroom. I also fought the Cinderella Tri-Stars.

Part 3:

In this video, I visit the Southern Forest. I found a Magic Belt for Kina that has 15 Defense and 1 MP. I also found a Toxic Staff for her that has 20 Attack and a chance to poison enemies. I also got the Dimengeon Machine working, which allows you to push off random encounters until later. And last, I fought the magic Money Tree.

Part 4:

In this video, we get on the cruise ship, Uzra, and meet Princess Cheryl, who joins our party. We also fight a Sandsea Serpent.

Part 5:

In this video, we fight a huge swarm of fish monsters and stop the ship from crashing into Vence Harbor. We also find the Mettle Belt, which gives 18 defense and the Survival Instinct Skill. Also, Brave Guard, which gives 21 defense. And the Silver Ice Ring, which gives Cheryl 28 attack and 1 ice attack. She also wears the Mysterious Tiara!

Part 6:

In this video, I explore Vence. I buy the Witch Staff for Kina and the Platinum Ring for Cheryl. I fight the Gondolan and acquire a gondola. I beat the Mechteria Blob after a couple of wipes. I recommend using Snow Quartz to null the boss’s Petrify attacks. I also found out more about Leo, including his mother’s death.

Part 7:

In this video, I explored the Midi Toy Box basement and found the Frostbird Belt for Cheryl, which has 25 defense and 1 fire resist. I also defeated the Salamander. I then fought the Cinderella Tri-Stars again. I also found the Warp Device and got it working, so I can now warp everywhere. I also bought the Mithril Guard armor with 28 defense from the shop, as well as the Mithril Ring for Cheryl, with 44 attack. The video ends at the entrance of the Ancient Hill.

Part 8:

In this video, I explore Ancient Hill and and bump into Owen, who gives Kina his staff. Owen’s Staff has 32 attack and Fight & MP 1 . He also warns Leo not to touch the Golem but of course Leo touches it anyway, so we had to fight the Golem. Then we go back to Vence and find the fortune teller in the secret tunnel, the Waterway Depths. Then Van kidnaps Kina and Cheryl so Leo is on their own. I ended the video with Cheryl and Kina at the Junkyard.

Part 9:

In this video, I start with Kina and Cheryl in the Junkyard. I found a Protocol Ring for Cheryl in a chest, which has 42 attack and the Machine Breaker stat. I fought the Atomecha. I also found a Pezzottaite S in a chest, which gives an MP bonus for each kill. I got into the Secret Base and spoke to the two robots from earlier, who we named Prickle and Clicker. I chose to make them nicer to Cheryl. Then we learn who Kina really is, thought a very long story break. The video ends with Leo teamed up with Captain Zinikr, stuck in prison. I also bought the Enhanced Sword from the merchant in there, which gives Leo 40 attack and 3 defense.

Part 10:

In this video, Leo and Zinikr fight in a tournament to earn their freedom. I fought the Minotaurus and Ez and then Ez joined up with us. We then left the prison and entered the Ancient Mountain Path. Here, I encountered a couple of Funi and had them craft gems for me. I also fought the Lyranodon twice but wiped both times, so I’ll have to try again in the next video.

Part 11:

In this video, I finally defeat the Lyranodon by using a lot of crafted “spells” from Ez. I then got to the outskirts of Vibra and helped Tan and Galf defeat a Garlamash. I also picked up the Picking Up Shells side quest and completed it. I learned about Ez’s past a bit and got the Flying Ax from a chest in his home, which gives him 40 attack. I went through the Underground Passageway and found Metal Knuckles in a chest. They give Zinikr 45 attack. I then got out of the tunnels and found my way to the Main Street of the Royal Capital. Here I fought the Cinderella Tri-Stars for the third time. I ended the video at the Vibra Royal Capital.

Part 12:

In this video, I explore the Royal Capital Main Street and find Leo’s house. I picked up the “Letter to a Friend Quest.” I also opened a Mechteria chest using a key and got the General Sword, which gives Leo 50 attack and the Fight (piercing) skill. I also took on the “New Product Flyers” quest and completed it to get a Mechteria key. I bought a Luxurious Vest with 35 defense for Leo. I then started the Path to the Maxi Toy Box but ended the video before getting there.

Part 13:

This video starts on the Path to the Maxi Toy Box. I take on the Frostian boss and then made my way to the Maxi Toy Box. Here I opened some boxes and fought a bunch of battles, before attempting to fight both the Eternal Holy and the Eternal Darkness. You’re not meant to beat the Eternal Holy yet, as he has 400,000 health. But you do need to defeat the Eternal Darkness, and he still has 40,000 health and hits hard. I’ll try to beat him on the next video.

More coming soon!

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  1. Erin

    Hi how do I get kina to heal or cure leo during battle? whenever I select the option she uses it on herself

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You have to drag it to the character you want to heal.

      1. Erin

        IΓÇÖve tried, the target wonΓÇÖt move

        1. Angie

          The target does move, just keep trying you will get it. Just pick the item, and when it shows up as the second option (the first being fight) press on it and hold down and slide to character you want to heal. At least thatΓÇÖs how I have to do it on my iPhone.

  2. David

    Remind me again where we locate/acquire metal keys, mechteria keys and chaos keys?

    1. Zack

      Same question for all keys farm location

      1. Angie

        I must be missing something, what do you mean by farm location?

  3. Jamal Woods

    What do you play on? Also, what do you use to mirror? I’m looking for a good mirroring software, that gives me actual 60 fps

  4. Chris Parker

    Been playing a while now.What do I do with craft items, havenΓÇÖt found a way do anything with them yet

      1. Chris Parker

        Was he the guy at the island with all the bridges, who needs health for magic. If so, weΓÇÖll past there. Currently looking for Zinilr

  5. Grapes

    Hi, very new to this type of game. In battle I see the option to Steal. Whenever I click the target to steal from nothing happens. Fighting the Mechteria Blob now and canΓÇÖt steal from him.
    When should I be using this?

    1. DmitriSnow

      You should use it when you see the blue hand hovering over it… Then and only then can that item be stolen.

  6. Popeye

    Will you be playing the Part 2 that recently came out?

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