Adventure Escape Mysteries – Clue/Cluedo: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Clue: The Murder of Mr. Black
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, this time a special event only available for 30 days. It’s based on the game Clue and features all the different characters from there. Mr. Black has been murdered and we have to figure out who did it, with what weapon, and where. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Clue: The Murder of Mr. Black. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Detective Brown arrives at the home of Mr. Boden Black. First, tap on Professor Plum. You’ll start taking notes about him.

2. Take the candlestick from Professor Plum and move it to the left side of the room. Open the drawer to find a torn note. Then tap on the fuse box in the back. Place the torn note on it to see some shapes. Count the sides of each shape to get the code. So it’s 4534. Enter that to unlock the fuse.

3. Look at the open fuse box. Now we have to solve the Fuse Puzzle. You can watch my video if you need help. Then the lights will turn on.

4. Oh no! It looks like Mr. Black is dead! To make sure, check his pulse. Pull down his collar to reveal signs of choking. You’ll get a clue for your notebook. Also, take the key around his neck.

5. After talking some more to Professor Plum, you’ll decide to keep his candlestick as evidence, a potential murder weapon. You’ll also take more notes on him.

6. Use the key to unlock the cupboard on the right and then take the map of the house. Use it to go to the dining room on the left.

7. We’re facing a door. Break the vase and take the owl emblem from inside it. Then push the plant aside and push in the tile on the wall. It will reveal a puzzle on the door! Also, notice the four animals on each corner of the door.

8. Place the owl emblem on the door and let’s solve the Animals Lock Puzzle. Move all the heads to where you saw them on the door. Then head inside to the Dining Room.

9. Chef White is trying to escape out the window! She tells you she heard a gunshot before the lights went out. This info will be added to your journal.

10. Grab the fire poker, the Peacock photo, the Green photo, and the pitcher. Look behind the photo to the left of the fireplace and turn the valve to get the fountain working and the water running.

11. Fill the pitcher with water from the fountain. Then tap on the fireplace. There are handprints and shoe prints in the soot! First, pour the water to put out the fire. Then use the poker to grab the White photo. Don’t forget about the Black photo! You’ll also have a new clue for your journal.

12. Tap on the papers on the table. Add the four photos you found to the rest and let’s solve the Assignments Puzzle. Drag each guest’s photo to the correct description card. Each description offers clues based on their appearances or professions. You can copy my solution if you need help.

13. All the information on the guests will be added to your journal. Take a look!

14. Professor Plum gives you the key to Billiard Room and tells you he also heard a gunshot before the blackout. Select the Billiard Room on the map to head over there. Also, look at the updated Plum profile.

15. We’re now in front of the Billiard Room door. There’s no keyhole on the door! Reveal the dart board and find the dart under the jacket.

16. Throw the dart at the dart board and a keyhole will appear on the door. Use the key to unlock it and head through.

17. We’re in the Billiard Room and run into Miss Scarlet. After you finish talking to her, more notes will be added to your journal.

18. Move the chair to the left under the buck’s head. Move the pillow aside and get the record. There’s also an antler under the sofa chair. Pick up the heart bottle from the floor. And remove the loose floor board to get a pool ball. Don’t miss the pool ball behind the curtain!

19. Play the record on the record player. Then take the skull bottle and pool ball from the drawer. Also, replace the antler on the deer head to get the pool ball in its mouth.

20. Tap on the pool table and add all four pool balls to it. Now let’s solve the Pool Table Puzzle. You need to hit each ball in the right direction to sink it into a hole. The balls can’t hit any other balls on the way. It helps if you start with 1 and make your way to 6.

21. Take the companionship plaque and place it on the wall.

22. Grab the pineapple bottle and ignore the monitor and switchboard for now. Place all three bottles with the others and make note of all the numbers on them. I recommend taking a photo.

23. Now let’s solve the Cables Puzzle. Use the bottles to figure out which shapes should go to which numbers. Again, you can copy my solution if you’re stuck. But the bottles say this:

14 Skull
2 Hammer
8 Ball
3 Sun
4 Maple Leaf
12 Diamond
9 Heart
7 Feather

24. Tap on the monitor and press the red button to see Miss Scarlet pull out a dagger in front of Mr. Black. The footage cuts off in the middle, but you can confront Miss Scarlet and complete the chapter.

And that’s the end of Chapter 1! Click here to continue to Chapter 2 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. vbwolf

    Stuck on chapter 3 and the meaning of the recipe book and how to get through fireplace.

    1. Shannon

      Follow the directions of the coffee mug handles, car headlights, and clock hands – use the chart above the fireplace.

      1. Luján

        Debes guiarte por el cuadro sobre la chimenea de la cocina, las tazas, coches y relojes del estudio. Fíjate en la dirección de las asas de las tazas y luego ve al cuadro y ve qué número toca siguiendo la dirección desde el número 1 hacia abajo de la pirámide, esa serie de números aparece en el libro de recetas como un alimento, el primero a mi me salió fresa. Luego ve por los faros de los coches, haz lo mismo que con las asas, a qué lado (izquierda o derecha) se encienden, ve al cuadro de la chimenea y fíjate luego en el recetario, a mi me salió bananas y con los relojes fíjate en las manecillas y termina haciendo lo mismo, a mi me salió una gallina= Fresa, Bananas, Gallina.

      2. BLoh

        Stuck on the piano

        1. RB

          Follow the dance patterns in the book but app,Yang it to the blocks on the floor. The purple boot prints represent the tiles to remember. The first two steps start on the sun and follow the moves. Same for the next two purple steps n the second page

    2. Stephanie

      Me too can’t figure what they want us to do

    3. Rainshadow

      It has to do with the mugs, cars and clocks on the shelf in the Study, in conjunction with the card above the fireplace in the Kitchen. The mug handles, headlights and clock hands point to the paths. Starting at the top of the card, follow the “path” to the bottom. Each image on the card is numbered, those numbers (in order) show you which images to click on the fireplace and are based on the numbers shown in the recipe book. Hope that helps!

    4. Kshaw

      I think you have to use the recipe book, the cars and clocks and the pyramid above the fireplace. But I haven’t been able to find the right sequence.

  2. Kshaw

    I think you have to use the recipe book, the cars and clocks and the pyramid above the fireplace. But I haven’t been able to find the right sequence.

    1. Shannon

      Strawberry, banana, chicken

      1. James

        Thank you! I was stuck in the same place. That puzzle didn’t belong in something rated as Beginner difficulty.

      2. Sacha

        God Bless you


    I’m stuck on the piano room with the tiles and the notes

    1. Carles

      Yo estoy igual

    2. Carles

      Hay que leer el libro de baile y trasladar los pasos a los azulejos del piso. Pulsamos en el piano los símbolos que corresponden a los pasos morados del libro.

    3. Paul

      The 4 notes needed are where the purple footprints land. First two symbols start on ‘Sun’ tile, symbols 3&4 start on ‘Moon’ tile.

    4. masumarizvi

      its very simple

  4. Laurent

    Bloqué aussi au niveau de la cheminée.

  5. Laurent

    18261= fraise
    14822= banane
    18653= poulet

  6. M

    Strawberry – banana – chicken

  7. Gamer

    I can’t get through the creepy catacombs 🙁 going to keep trying!

    1. Gamer

      Nvm I tried again and I got it!

    2. Guy

      I can’t figure that one out 🙁

  8. Keenan

    I’m stuck on the door with the squares

    1. sarah

      Me too, did you work it out yet?

  9. BLoh

    Stuck on the plaster recipe!

  10. BLoh

    Stuck on the plaster recipe at the shore

  11. laurie

    stuck on the gold door. have tried the pattern both ways and it wont let me in
    chap 1

  12. Tina

    It won’t end chapter 1. I think I have confonted her, but nothing happens. Or I’m not able to confront her

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