Adventure Escape Mysteries – Homecoming: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Homecoming – A Young Kate Mystery
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, this time another Detective Kate Gray mystery. You play as young Kate in her high school years and need to help her pass her classes. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Homecoming. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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You can watch my video for the full game or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Young Kate Gray has a group school assignment and her partner, Zach, lost his half of the work. If he doesn’t find it and turn it in by 4pm, her grade will be affected, too! First open his locker with the stickers on it. It stinks and there’s green fumes coming from it! We’ll come back to it.

2. Open Kate’s locker to get a few things we need.

3. Move the camera and take the Bobby pin. Also, try to open the pencil case — it gets stuck. Let’s look around for something to pry it open.

4. Use the bobby pin to unlock the janitor’s cart and take the rubber gloves.

5. Go back to Zach’s locker. Use the gloves to move the books out of the way, which will get rid of the green smog. Keep moving things aside until you see black smudges. They’re football paint and Zach suspects Dirk put them there.

6. Kate and Zach will listen in on Dirk’s conversation. He likes Jennie. So go outside and let’s try to find her.

7. Notice the bulletin board. Well come back to it later. Talk to Jennie and she’ll show you the note she wrote for Trevor. Then she puts it in her backpack.

8. Try grabbing the note from Jenny’s bag. She notices you and takes it back. We have to distract her. Talk to Trevor and see if he’s willing to talk to her. He says he needs something in return and wants a book that Zach has.

9. Grab the AV Club request form from the bike. Also, look at the lock on the bike and the RGB clue. We’ll come back to it. Show the request form to Allie. She’ll head inside, so follow her.

10. Enter the AC Club room after Allie unlocks it for you. She gives you a video cassette but you need to find a camcorder to play it.

11. Find the battery pack and charging adapter. Also, grab the box cutter.

12. Use the box cutter to open the box. Take out the dead camcorder.

13. Tap on the computer desk and place the dead camcorder down. Try to insert the battery. It’s dead, so plug in the charging adapter and then charge the battery. Once it’s charged, insert it into the camcorder and then add the video tape. Uh oh, the videoheads need cleaning.

14. Talk to Allie. She tells you the head cleaner comes in a yellow case. Then she sits down to play a game. Grab the step ladder and use it to reach the head cleaner.

15. Put the head cleaner into the camcorder and once it’s clean, put the video tape back. Then you’ll automatically pick up the camcorder.

16. Play the video on the camcorder. There are some cheerleaders. Go through all the videos to see cheerleaders in different positions, each with a number in the corner.

17. Go back outside to the bulletin board and use the box cutter to remove Kate’s photo and reveal a photo of the cheerleader that owns the bike you’re trying to steal.

18. So now we have all the information we need to unlock the bike. Look at the camera again and find the photos where that same cheerleader is holding red, green or blue (RGB) pompoms. Note down the number on each of those photos and also the direction the cheerleader points between the two photos. Then enter them into the bike lock, as follows: 14, 32, 9. You need to turn the dial right, then left, then right. You can watch my video if you need help.

19. After the Zach heads off on the bike, look under the leaves to find the toolbox key.

20. Go back inside to Allie and use the key to open the toolbox. Take the pliers and see the at the flashlight needs new batteries.

21. Talk to Allie. She’ll tell you that there’s probably some white out under the desk, but you need the flashlight in order to see under there. She says if you beat her game you can have the batteries.

22. Let’s solve the Video Game Puzzle. Push the element blocks into their matching slots to complete the level. Press or hold one of the arrow buttons on the left to move the character in that direction. Move the character into a block to push it. Pushed blocks will slide until they hit another block, hit a wall, or fall into a slot. Once you’re done, Kate will save and take the batteries.

23. Put the batteries in the flashlight and pick it up.

24. Use the flashlight to see under the desk and grab the liquid eraser.

25. Go back out to the lockers and look in Kate’s locker again. Use the pliers to open her pencil case and take the purple gel pen.

26. Go back outside. Zach returns with the book. Talk to him to get it and then give the book to Trevor.

27. While Trevor is talking to Jennie, grab the note from her backpack.

28. Look at the note and use the liquid eraser to remove Trevor’s name. Then use the pen to write in Dirk’s.

29. Go back inside and show the forged love note to Dirk. Then he’ll leave,

30. Now we can access Dirk’s locker. Look at it to see his last name is Fitzroy. There’s also the numbers 799468 on there. No, he’s not dumb enough to write the actual combination on there but it is a clue. Look at the trophy cases and find the years 1979, 1994 and 1968. Find the player with the last name Fitzroy in each of those years and write down their numbers. You get 81, 24, 15. So enter 812415 as the code to open the lock.

31. Look inside Dirk’s locker and start moving things to find the black makeup. Keep looking and open his toiletries bag to get some deodorant.

32. Dirk comes back and shoves Trevor in the garbage can. Use the deodorant to help him get out.

33. Zach knocks over the trash and smells the smell from his locker. Find the corroded lock in the mess.

34. Head into the science room to try and figure out what’s corroding the lock.

35. Mr. Norman is in the room, so we need to distract him in order to get into the lab. First, grab the book from the table and open the backpack to get the can of cola. Also, look at the bookshelves and grab the cabinet handle. We’re still missing some books.

36. Put the cabinet handle on the cabinet and then open the door to get the baking soda.

37. Notice the instructions on the blackboard on how to make an active volcano. Pour the cola and baking soda into the volcano to make it erupt. Mr. Norman will leave to find the janitor.

38. Now we have the room to ourselves. First, take a closer look at Mr. Norman’s desk and take the two books. Also, notice the locked briefcase with the four stickers on it.

39. Place all three books on the bookshelves and then compare to the stickers on the briefcase. Count all the red triangles, green circles, blue squares and yellow diamonds. You get:

Red triangles: 3
Green circles: 5
Blue squares: 3
Yellow diamonds: 2

So enter 3532 into the briefcase to unlock it. Look at the photo inside of Mr. Norman and his son and take the lab keys.

40. Use the lab keys to open the door to the lab. Then head inside.

41. Now we have to solve the Chemistry Puzzle. Determine which liquids to mix to form the correct chemical formula. Select a bottle to add it to the middle beaker. The order does not matter. Basically, use the clue from the briefcase. You need a total of 3 triangles, 5 circles, 3 squares and 2 diamonds. You can see the five bottles in this image below.

42. Now, test the corroded padlock with the chemical to see that it’s the same one. Then you’ll take the acid.

43. Look behind the desk again and use the acid to corrode the padlock. Read the letter inside the drawer and then take the magnet.

44. Now use the magnet to unlock the cabinet above the desk. Let’s solve the Gears Puzzle. Tap to rotate each gear so that its colored sections match any gears directly connected to it.

45. Move some stuff aside to find Zach’s project. Then show it to Mr. Norman and watch the ending.

Congratulations! You solved the case!

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  1. Laurel

    Hi Appunwrapper, would you say this bonus chapter was similar in length to the chapters of their releases in recent years, or is it a lot longer? I love Haiku Games, but the cost of a single bonus chapter seems way too high, and I don’t know where to see feedback about the length of it to decide. Would love your opinion on this. Thanks so much for what you do!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      My video is 30 minutes long, and that’s with knowing exactly what to do already, so you should probably get an hour out of it. The puzzles aren’t too difficult, though. There’s a lot of story to it.

  2. Toyo

    I can’t open the bike lock. I do exactly as the video, but it keeps telling me I am turning it in the wrong direction. I’ve tried both… Still can’t open it.

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