ISOLAND 4: The Anchor of Memory – Walkthrough Guide + All Achievements

ISOLAND 4: The Anchor of Memory

ISOLAND 4 is the latest in the ISOLAND series and once again, you need to make your way through different rooms, picking up objects that you find and solving puzzles. It can be tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


This is the full map of the game. Once you gain access to a location, you can use the map to fast travel between them.

For now, you can use my videos. I’m also working on a step-by-step guide below.

Note: After you finish the game once, start a New Game to get the rest of the achievements. You’ll have to repeat some of the same actions but a bunch of puzzles are different and there’s some new rooms.

I also have screenshots of these puzzle solutions:

First playthrough:

1. When you first open the game, you’ll be in the Prologue. Tap on the boat and then pick up the battery. Place it in the flashlight to complete the prologue.

2. Start a New Game. Tap on the astronaut to make him fall.

(Achievement Alert! Smooth landing: Accompanying the astronaut to the mysterious room.)

3. Tap on the astronaut a few times to get dialogue from him. You can do this with every character in the game. It’s optional usually, but often give clues as to what they want. In this case, he wants a light. Go right through the window to the planet.

4. Go through the right window again. There’s a bunch of street signs with numbers on them. Pick up the flashlight and then tap on the window in the back a few times to open it. Go through.

5. There’s a deer here that’s missing its antler. We’ll come back to it. Use the map to go back to the astronaut and give him the flashlight. Then take the white fruit from him.

6. Go back to the planet room. You can now go backwards by pressing the little right arrow. Once there, talk to the sailor and give him the white fruit. He’ll open a portal and then disappear through it.

(Achievement Alert! Time Travel: Enable the small navy to successfully reach the parallel world.)

7. Pick up the moon rune. Then press the white arrow to go backwards. Talk to the guy in the hoodie. He wants a blue flower. Well come back to him later.

8. Go back to the planet and place the moon rune down on the floor.

9. Go back to the signs room and then right through the window. Pick up the bucket. Tap on the apple and grab the olive.

10. Press the white arrow to go backwards. Pick up the poetry book.

11. Go back to the guy with the fish bones. Go through the open window in front of you. Talk to the worker here to learn that he enjoys reading. So give him the book of poetry. He’ll give you his pliers in return.

12. Go forward through the open window to the lab. Grab the antenna. Also, break the glass to get the antler. The scientist tells you to get him a controller.

13. Go back to the TV room and place the antenna on the TV. The video on the TV shows you where to dig, but we can’t do it yet so just remember it for later. While here, use the pliers to cut the lock on the jar and grab the dung beetle.

14. Go back to the deer room and replace its antler. After the leaves grow, take the blue flower.

15. The guy in the hoodie wanted a blue flower! Go back there and give the flower to him. Then pick up the ticket.

(Achievement Alert! The Memory of a Butterfly: Release the hidden butterflies somewhere.)

16. Go through the left window and give the bucket to the kid. Then take his shovel. If you talk to him, he wants help getting stuff out of the top hole. We’ll come back to that.

17. Go forward through the open window to the cellist. Take the feather.

18. Go back to the TV room. Press the white arrow to go backwards. Pick up the star rune and talk to the woman here to learn that she wants a beetle, olive and blue feather. We have all three, so place them in the bowl. A bird is created!

19. Go left through the open window. Grab the cheese and talk to the guy with the prayer beads to learn that he wants gold.

20. Go back right and feed the cheese to the bird. It’ll fly out and you’ll be outside!

(Achievement Alert! Clear and bright: Entering the vast outdoor world.)

21. Continue along the path to a tree. Go right to a staircase and then right again to a man and a bird. Give the ticket to the man and grab the group photo from him. You can also get an achievement here by tapping the bird to make it fly away. It always returns, but if you do it enough times you’ll get the Perseverance achievement.

(Achievement Alert! Perseverance: Attempting to call back a lost little bird.)

22. Go back to the cellist and place the group photo in the frame to get her to a play some music.

(Achievement Alert! Make the most of one’s strengths: Let the exceptionally talented musician play the cello.)

23. While here, take a photo of the flowers in the vases. We need them for a puzzle.

24. Go through the open window in front of you to the meditating guy. He wants you to put four items on the ground, based on the paintings on the wall. We’ll come back to this.

25. Go back to the guy in the hat with the bird. There’s a locked green briefcase. Use the clue from the cellist’s room to open it. Basically, use the shapes of the vases and the number of flowers to solve it. So it goes: 2, 1, 3, 1, 4. Take the ship photograph from the phonograph. Then open and close the briefcase 18 times to get the time slip. Keep opening and closing it 50 times to see an eye, then continue to 99 times for an achievement.

(Achievement Alert! Time flies: What are you anticipating now?)

26. Go back to the view of the house. There are eyes in the sky!

(Achievement Alert! Gazing into the deep space: The deep space is also gazing at you!)


More coming soon!

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  1. Jennifer

    Hi. The battery disappears when I tap on it at the opening scene. I’m playing in my iPad 9 gen. Any ideas?

  2. Jennifer

    Hi. The battery disappears as I tap on it in the first scene. I’m on an iPad 9 gen and I’ve deleted and reloaded the game a few times. Any ideas?

  3. Popeye

    Please keep playing til the end, App! You’re help is so helpful!

  4. Niz

    I can’t find the ax…been through all your videos must have missed it..please help.

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