Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns DLC Walkthrough Guide (Includes Weapon Evolutions)

Vampire Survivors
By: Poncle

Vampire Survivors just got yet another huge content update, this time one that adds a DLC in cooperation with KONAMI. It’s called Operation Guns and includes a new stage called Neo Galuga plus a ton of characters and weapons from the Contra series. You’ll be able to play as Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Colonel Bahamut and even Probotector. There’s quite a bit to unlock in this update, so keep reading to find out how to unlock everything.


Quick weapon evolutions guide:

To evolve any of the new weapons, you need to pick up a Weapon Power-Up. It looks like a silver briefcase. There are four in the new Neo Galuga stage, so you can at least evolve four of the weapons per run if you pick them up. When you use a Weapon Power-Up to evolve a weapon, it will be consumed. So you can’t reuse the same one. Weapon Power-Ups can also appear as level-up choices when you have at least one non-evolved Contra weapon and a free passive slot. But in all my runs with the new DLC, I didn’t see one like that, so if you’re concerned about having unevolved weapons, you might want to only pick up four of the Contra weapons.

Long Gun + Weapon Power-Up = Prototype A
Short Gun + Bracer + Weapon Power-Up = Prototype B
Spread Shot + Empty Tome + Weapon Power-Up = Prototype C
C-U-Laser + Tirajisu + Weapon Power-Up = Pronto Beam
Firearm + Candelabrador + Weapon Power-Up = Fire-L3GS
Sonic Bloom + Armor + Weapon Power-Up = Wave Beam
Blade Crossbow + Clover + Weapon Power-Up = BFC2000-AD
Prism Lass + Wings + Weapon Power-Up = Time Warp
Homing Miss + Duplicator + Weapon Power-Up = Multistage Missiles
Diver Mines + Attractorb + Weapon Power-Up = Atmo-Torpedo
Metal Claw + Hollow Heart + Weapon Power-Up = Big Fuzzy Fist

In this first video, I unlocked these achievements:

– Find and open the coffin in Neo Galuga. (Unlocks: Bill Rizer)
– Defeat Big Fuzz in Neo Galuga. (Unlocks: Colonel Bahamut)
– Defeat Taka in Neo Galuga. (Unlocks: Hyper Neo Galuga)
– Find the Neo Galuga Map. (Unlocks: Neo Galuga Map)
– Survive 15 minutes with Bill Rizer. (Unlocks: Long Gun)
– Evolve the Long Gun. (Unlocks: Lance Bean)
– Find 15 Barriers. (Unlocks: Probotector)
– Find 21 RapidFires. (Unlocks: Stanley Ironside)
– Evolve the Prism Lass. (Obtains: 50000 gold coins)

In this next video, I unlocked these achievements:

– Survive 15 minutes with Lance Bean. (Unlocks: Short Gun)
– Find 28 Grenades. (Unlocks: Newt Plissken)
– Survive 15 minutes with Probotector. (Unlocks: Prism Lass)
– Evolve the Short Gun. (Unlocks: Ariana)
– Survive 15 minutes with Stanley Ironside. (Unlocks: Homing Missile)
– Survive 15 minutes with Ariana. (Unlocks: Spread Shot)
– Evolve the Spread Shot. (Unlocks Lucia Zero)
– Evolve the Homing Missile. (Obtains: 50000 gold coins)
– Survive 15 minutes with Lucia. (Unlocks: C-U-Laser)
– Evolve C-U-Laser. (Unlocks: Hyper Hectic Highway)
– Evolve the Metal Claw. (Obtains: 50000 gold coins)

In this next video, I unlocked these achievements:

– Find and open the coffin on Hectic Highway. (Unlocks: Brad Fang)
– Survive 15 minutes with Brad Fang. (Unlocks: Firearm)
– Evolve the Fire Arm. (Unlocks: Browny)
– Survive 15 minutes with Browny. (Unlocks: Sonic Boom)
– Evolve the Sonic Boom. (Unlocks: Sheena Etranzi)
– Survive 15 minutes with Sheena Etranzi. (Unlocks: Blade Crossbow)
– Evolve the Blade Crossbow. (Obtains: 50000 gold coins)
– Survive 15 minutes with Colonel Bahamut. (Unlocks: Metal Claw)
– Survive 15 minutes with Newt Plissken. (Unlocks: Diver Mines)
– Evolve the Diver Mines. (Unlocks: Simondo Belmont)

In the final video, I show you how to unlock the final collectible, Prism Damsel and also show some Simondo Belmont gameplay.

And that’s everything!

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