Waking Mars: Walkthrough

Waking Mars By: Tiger Style [DKB url="https://www.appunwrapper.com/WMars" text="Download" title="" type="" style="" color="green" width="" opennewwindow="" nofollow=""] I'll be sharing hints, tips and cheats for Waking Mars that I thought people might be having trouble with. "What Will Rise": If you're having trouble getting to level 5 Biomass in "What Will Rise," try this trick. I accidentally caused a Phyta to drop its egg down into this area with a bunch of Halid Zoa…

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100 Doors X: Walkthrough

100 Doors X By: MPI Soft Walkthrough: This is a walkthrough guide for anyone who needs help, hints, tips, cheats, solutions or answers for the iPhone/Android game, 100 Doors. Door 1: Press the green "up" arrow, then enter through the door. Door 2: Tap the framed photo and take the key that's revealed. Use the key to unlock the door. Door 3: Door 4: Door 5: Door 6: Door 7: Door 8:…

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