Return to Grisly Manor: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Return to Grisly Manor
By: Fire Maple Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android adventure game Return to Grisly Manor (Grisly Manor 2) by Fire Maple Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. If you prefer a clue instead of answers, just ask in the comments.

Looking for the original Grisly Manor?


1. There’s nothing on the first screen right now, so go up the stairs. Pick up the garden gnome. It’s a Super Item, which means you can examine it and use other items on it, and sometimes even flip it over. Also, tap on the blinking street lamp to get a clue for your journal. Then take the right path.




You can also watch the first part of my video walkthrough here:

2. Keep going until you see the garage. Enter and take the leaf blower.


3. Go back and take the left path. Continue on, over the bridge and then up the stairs to the treehouse at the back.



4. Use the clue from the lamp to solve the color wheel puzzle in the tree. It goes red, green, red, blank, yellow, blank, blue, blank, blue. A rope ladder will drop down from the treehouse. Also, use the leaf blower on the pile of leaves and take the bowling ball. Enter the treehouse.



5. Take the golf putter and the diving mask and then leave.


6. Go back to the bridge. Use the diving mask with the water to get a stone ‘G’ encased in rusted metal.



7. Go back a screen. If you tap the figure of the man, he swings his arm and the welcome mat flips over. But it flips right back. So put the bowling ball in his hand and then tap it to swing it. Now it will stay put and the welcome mat will stay flipped. Grab the old coin from in front of the door.


8. Examine the garden gnome in your bag. Flip it over and use the old coin to unscrew the back. Take the small key from inside.


9. Go back to the front of the manor. Use the small key to unlock the small padlock on the gate under the porch. Then go through.




10. Take the sticker book and piece of tape from atop the crate. Notice the pile of fresh dirt. We’ll come back to that later.


11. Leave and go onto the porch. Examine the items on the table. Grandpa’s fingerprint is on the coffee cup. Use the piece of tape to lift the fingerprint so you have tape with a fingerprint.



12. Head back along the left side of the manor, over the bridge again. Tap on the door of the small building here. There’s a fingerprint scanner. Place the tape on it and it will scan the fingerprint and unlock the door. Go inside.



13. It’s grandpa! Talk to him and he’ll ask you to find his blender for him so he can work on making a time machine. After you finish speaking to him, take the bottle of sulfuric acid.


14. Open the rusted letter ‘G’ and pour the sulfuric acid on it so you have a nice, clean stone ‘G’.


15. Go back to the front of the manor. Insert the stone G into the slot on the door and then go inside.



16. Go through the right doorway to the dining room. Open the cabinets to get a microscope. Then go through to the kitchen.



17. Take the balloons from the cookie jar. There’s nothing else to do in here right now, so go through the doorway to the laundry room.



18. Pick up the dust bunnies. We’ll come back to this room later.


19. Go back to the entrance and this time go left to the living room. Lift up the pillow on the chair to get a blue sock. While you’re here, you can open the door to the back for a shortcut to grandpa and the water mill.



20. Go back to the entrance. Ignore the third door for now. Go upstairs. Ignore the seals-and-balls toy for now. Enter the bedroom. There’s something on the fan, but we can’t get it yet so ignore it for now. Take the stickers from the bed and add them to your sticker book. The closet requires a clue, so we’ll come back to that later. For now, enter the bathroom.



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  1. Andrea

    I can’t make the tape recorder work in Return to Grisly Manor. I’ve pressed it next to the singing bird, but it doesn’t replay next to the broken bird. I’ve uninstalled the game twice, but the same thing keeps happening. Any ideas?

    1. Linda S

      Was the bird singing when you used the tape recorder next to it? If not, then you missed something?
      Sorry, I had no problem with this – I clicked the bird and it started singing, then I just ‘used’ the tape recorder. Clicked the used recorder on the broken bird and the box opened.
      I hope you get it. Big game, larger than I expected.

  2. Jenny

    Hey. I’m completely and utterly stuck on the scale-problem when you’re back in the 1999 version of the mansion. Anyone’s got a clue how to solve it?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t think I’ve seen that yet. I’ll try to catch up.

    2. Silje

      Same here, Jenny! Been stuck for days! So annoying, I really can’t see the pattern…? Did you get the clue from behind the painting? Does it relate to the scales?

      1. Jenny

        Silje, yeah I got that clue but I really can’t figure it out. I’m thinking it has to do with the scales but I just can’t see it. Haha, it’s driving me crazy!

        1. Silje

          Hahah, me too! But can you use a clue? I can’t, because of a bug with the bird/tape recorder as mentioned over here, so I can’t get any new clues. Please update me if you figure it out haha 🙂

          1. AppUnwrapper

            I saw the scales now but still need the missing weight. I’ll try to catch up.

  3. Casey

    I can’t get any more clues through the game either. It is stuck on the tape recorder and bird clue and I can’t figure out the scale puzzle either. I’m super annoyed. Wish they would fix the bug so I can get another clue.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just caught up so let me try and solve the scales puzzle.

  4. Jenny

    Thanks Appunwrapper, now I’ve finished the game 🙂 best of luck to everyone else. i saw an update this morning so hopefully it will solve the issues with the bird/ tape recorder 🙂

  5. Linda S

    Saved the Manor and Grampa is heading for another adventure – I hope!

    Great game! Longer than the first one I think.

  6. Amy

    I cannot figure out how to change the difficulty level from the hare to the tortoise!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can only do so once you find a tool to open it up. Are you at that point yet?

      1. Amy

        Oh ok, no I’m not, thank you. I thought it was an option at the beginning of the game I couldn’t figure out. I’m an idiot.

  7. Cindy crabb

    I messed up on painting the ball. Is there any way to turn it white again?

    1. Rhiannon

      Just press X bottom left button

  8. Rhiannon

    you press the X and paint removed

  9. Rhiannon

    I have the magic fish showing me the star pattern but i am pressing the hat and it just states the hat is empty and i cannot click on them. what am i doing wrong?!??

  10. Cindy crabb

    Thank you Rhiannon! Ive been stuck for days!

  11. Shan

    Help! Followed the laser beam up to the ttic, got the key from te train, but didn’t get a package delivered!
    Am I stuack now, since I seemed to have played the game in the wrong sequence? I try to follow the beam, but the doorbell won’ t ring!!

  12. zumie

    Help! i’m as stucked like Rhiannon. what do you need to do once you get to the magician hat? i tried clicking on different sort of buttons. it still doesnt work!

  13. Elsie

    I can’t get to the attic puzzle! Help!!!

  14. Amy

    What is the purpose of the radio in grandmas asroom in 1999 house? Is this a red herring?

  15. Kathleen B

    Totally stuck, in laundry to make purple bear, canΓÇÖt see anything through microscope, but put dials colours in correct sequence, but the dryer door wonΓÇÖt open!! Please help me keep my sanity.

  16. Kyawmyohtun


    1. Lori

      Is the first game still available somewhere? Can’t find it in the Google Play store

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