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‘Flower’ iOS Review: A Source of Inspiration

Flower By: Annapurna Interactive (thatgamecompany) I never owned any PlayStation consoles, so even though thatgamecompany's relaxing Flower released back in 2009, I didn't get to play it until it arrived on iOS this week, eight years later. I wasn't really sure what to expect, as I haven't played anything by thatgamecompany, even their most popular, Journey. I was a little concerned about the tilt control scheme, as I usually avoid games with those. But I wanted to give Flower a chance since I Read more [...]

Gemini – A Journey of Two Stars: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars By: Echostone Games LLC This is a complete walkthrough guide for the iOS atmospheric game Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars by Echostone Games LLC. I don't recommend watching these videos unless you're ok with spoilers. It's more fun to discover things on your own, but if you're stuck and need help, these videos are here for you. See my Gemini review here. Controls: In this game, you control the bigger star. You need to help out the smaller star on its journey Read more [...]

Gemini – A Journey of Two Stars Review: Celestial Dance

Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars By: Echostone Games LLC In Echostone Games' magical new iOS game Gemini, you control a star on a journey with another star to "light up the sky." It's a story told without words, and yet it's surprisingly powerful. The two stars must work together, because separately they can't soar. I'm not sure how others will interpret it, but to me it's about the importance of teamwork, expressed in a very unique way. The controls are simple, but not quite what they seem Read more [...]