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Ustwo Games’ Monument Valley is Currently Free

I don't usually write posts for a single game going on sale. But when ustwo games' Monument Valley is the game in question, everyone needs to know about it! Tell everyone you know who owns an iDevice so they can experience the magic of Totem for themselves. I don't know how long the sale will last, so grab it ASAP. You can see all my walkthroughs and reviews for the game here, but first go download the game! Read more [...]

Everybody Wins: Games Keep Growing Up (A response to “No Girl Wins”)

A few days ago, I read an opinion piece on girls and gaming that I felt the need to respond to. But first, I want to give a little bit of my personal history as a woman who plays video games. I'm going to skip the early boring stuff and go straight to high school, where I found myself playing them the most. I enjoyed some PC games like Might & Magic 6+ and online games like Runescape. There was a point in high school I also spent an embarrassing amount of time playing Neopets. I hated my high Read more [...]

AppUnwrapper’s Best iPhone Adventure and Puzzle Games of 2014 List

2014 was a great year for iOS. Sure it was also the year of Flappy Bird clones, but happily there's enough room on the App Store for unique, stand-out games along with all the fluff. I haven't necessarily reviewed every game on this list (I'm only one person!), but I have spent quite a bit of time with all of them. These are games that brought me such sheer delight when I played them, that I couldn't help but talk about them. I'm only covering adventure games and puzzle games, since those make up Read more [...]

Monument Valley: Ida’s (RED) Dream Walkthrough Guide

Monument Valley By: ustwo games This level is only available for a limited time and all proceeds go to (RED) to help fight AIDS. Walkthrough: Click here for Chapters 1-4. Click here for all other chapters. Looking for Monument Valley 2? Ida's (RED) Dream: This level consists of five different rooms that you enter through different doors. I made a video for each room, which you can watch below. Or, watch the first video, which is a quick run of the whole chapter. First Read more [...]

Monument Valley: Walkthrough Guide for Forgotten Shores Appendix viii (8): Nocturne

Monument Valley By: ustwo Walkthrough: This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the Appendix levels, Forgotten Shores, for the game Monument Valley by ustwo, with hints, tips, tricks and solutions for anyone who needs help with the game. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section. Click here for all other chapters. Appendix viii (8): Nocturne: You can watch my video walkthrough until my step-by-step walkthrough is up: In this level, Totem is broken into four pieces. Read more [...]