Antrim Escape 2: Shake, tilt and roll your way out of the castle.

Antrim Escape 2
By Game Hive Corp.

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Antrim Escape 2 is like Antrim Escape 1 on steroids. The developers went all out with this one, and your brain will feel it. If you’re a fan of room escape games, or any puzzle games for that matter, you won’t want to miss this one.

Gameplay 4.5/5
This sequel to Antrim Escape introduces new game mechanics that make this game much more challenging, engrossing, and frustrating than the first game. New to this game is the Team Tactics feature, which has the player controlling two different characters at a time, who need to pass objects to each other between rooms in order to finally meet up and escape together. The controls are intuitive and responsive, working with you, not against you. Like the first game, Antrim Escape 2 utilizes the shake and tilt controls of iOS devices, proving once again how perfect this platform is for room escape and puzzle games. If you find yourself stuck, try tilting or shaking the screen!
The puzzles are challenging, so don’t feel embarrassed if you occasionally need to look online for a hint or two. But you’ll find the experience much more rewarding if you get through it without help.
There is one puzzle that might not appeal to all room escape fans. There’s a wooden labyrinth maze game that can be quite frustrating if you’re not good at them. But otherwise the gameplay is quite impressive.

Story 4/5
Antrim Escape 2 continues where the first game left off. You start off playing as Emma, when she got separated from Ryan. Eventually the two will meet up and you have control over both characters. The two catch up and work together to escape Antrim Castle, all while discovering the mysterious history of the place.

Graphics 4.5/5
Like its predecessor, AE2 sports beautiful clear retina graphics that make exploring the castle pure joy. Each screen can be zoomed in for better detail and easier scavenger hunting. The introduction of greenery makes this game much brighter than the original AE. It also means that some items are hidden better!

Audio 4.5/5
The soundtrack works with the game. It’s mellow and falls into the background so as not to bother you. But it’s nothing groundbreaking. You’re not playing this game for the music.
The sound effects work perfectly. You can even shake the box of candy and hear them jiggle around inside!
There are also puzzles that require you to listen to a tune and play it back, like in the first Antrim Escape. Overall, the audio works flawlessly to pull you into the game.

Replay Value 2.5/5
There isn’t much to do once you escape. However, there is an alternate ending that adds some replay value. It’s also fun to go back and play again once you’ve forgotten enough of the puzzle solutions.

Conclusion 4.5/5
This is what iOS and touchscreen gaming is meant to be. You don’t often find games like this that take full advantage of the platform. The controls are intuitive, the story is engrossing, and the puzzles are challenging. If you’re a puzzle fan, don’t miss out on this gem! The only thing that might bother some folks is the labyrinth puzzle. But otherwise, this is a solid room escape game that should please any room escape fans.

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