Escape Game: “Cradle of Shadows”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: Cradle of Shadows”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    Hi,has anyone started cradle of shadows yet that can help??

  2. Zava

    I have. Stuck near the end, though. Where are u stuck?

  3. Sws

    How to turn the dial? I tried many times 257 and not working.

  4. Noosy

    Press on 2 left 5 right 7 left 7 right u have to count the numbers from the point u r on

  5. anne

    Whats the code for celular?

  6. Arthur

    I’m at the same point. Tried a lot if combinations but didn’t get it. Anybody a clue?

  7. Yychar

    It’s because the English translation is not good enough. (as always)
    The code of cell: hint on the paper should read as “if you want to know the answer, get closer.” instead of “be a friend”

  8. Alisha

    Is anyone still stuck on this one? I have a hammer screw driver phone and light bulb. I know there is a sheet that you put on the. Window to reflect the code to the dial but I had to start again and now can’t remember how to get it?

  9. Arthur

    You need the bottom of the trash. Remove it with the hammer.

  10. Arthur

    Still can’t figure out the code for the cell phone. I would need some more help. Thx

  11. Yychar

    The code: 13 is B and so on 😉

  12. anne

    Be a friend doesnt work 🙁

  13. Arthur

    Totally confused. I thought 13 is m, 2 is b but dint knie ehat < means. Is ut a "smaller" sign or a v turned by 90 degree? What about v v. Is this a letter or a roman 5…?

  14. Arthur

    And where is the connection to get closer?

  15. Yychar

    When u put the numbers or letters closer. You will get 13 is B, 1< is K, v v is W. Just take out the gap in between.

  16. Yychar

    So it’s BZKW

  17. Arthur

    Man, i feel stupid. When once started thinking in a wrong direction …

  18. sleepy

    a key is hinded in the hammer. get a red block and a red sheet fr the lateral of the box behind the locker . but what is the use of usb cable. , two thing not found yet.

  19. Tiger

    Just now send the data and found a switch on wall,any body know how to find the last two?thx

  20. Anonymous

    Zoom in on phone and extend atennae. Stick it in switch.

    1. sleepy


  21. anne

    Escaped 🙂

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