Infinity Blade III (3) Soul Hunter Update Guide

Infinity Blade III (3) Soul Hunter Update

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The first content update is now available to download. Read up about it before you update. I’ll be posting here any helpful hints and tips I could think of. Check back for more.

See our Ausar Rising guide here.

***News: If you haven’t updated yet and gotten the new pumpkin helm, do so this weekend, as Chair just announced it will no longer be available after this weekend!***

– All known gold and BC glitches have been fixed, including cooking gems from potions.

– All gold has been reduced to 50 million (if you had more than that before the update) and BCs to 16,000 (if you had more before the update). This was to compensate for all the gold and BC glitching.

– The Blacksmith now has 5 forging slots, but you need to buy the extra slots with battle chips (sigh).

– Play the new area, The Metius Observatory, and defeat Oslim to win the Dual Infinity Swords for Siris. You’ll be able to access this new area (Interlude – The Blood Mage) after you finish Act 2.


– You can now get the Vile set for Siris and a new Wraith set for Isa.

– Holiday helms are back, this time as a separate helm for each holiday.

– Four of the locations can now be revisited after defeating the boss. You fight a regular Titan at the end, like you would in IB2 at the top of the tower if you chose to avoid the bosses that round.

– Some titans seem to have new abilities like Spectrum (Rainbow) Attack and insanely high levels. Hopefully this will be fixed.

**This is from the Official Infinity Blade site. Looks like the “Boss Perks” are here to stay:

“Attention all you Aegis Warriors, this one is for you!

The newly released free content pack Infinity Blade III: Soul Hunter includes an exciting addition that will put the skills of harder core players to the test. All new Boss Perks give Titans unique advantages, forcing players to alter their play style to survive.

Titans at level 100 or higher may have Boss Perks. The higher the level, the more likely the Titan will have a Boss Perk. You can tell if a Titan has a Perk by clicking the info icon on the bottom right of the screen before battle. The Boss Perk will be listed, along with any elemental attacks and resistances it has.

HereΓÇÖs a full list of current Boss Perks you may encounter in Infinity Blade III:

Immune to Magic ΓÇô You canΓÇÖt use magic in this fight ΓÇô not even to heal yourself!

Immune to Super ΓÇô You cannot use your Super Move against this Titan.

Elemental Titan ΓÇô This Titan is immune to all elemental damage and delivers Darkfire elemental damage, which canΓÇÖt be defended against!

Great Parry Only ΓÇô Normal parries have no affect! You must perform Great Parries or Perfect Parries (you can also block and dodge).

Perfect Block Only ΓÇô Normal blocks cannot defend against this Titan. If you choose to block, only a Perfect Block will do the trick.

Normal Damage Resist ΓÇô The Titan takes very little damage from non-elemental attacks. Use strong elemental attack gems for this one!

Super Fast Attack ΓÇô The Titan attacks much faster than usual.

We heard from many hardcore IB3 players who wished the game would ramp up the difficulty more at super high Awakenings. Boss Perks is one of the ways weΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve addressed this fan feedback. And while it might sound difficult, you can take some solace in knowing that Titans can only have one Boss Perk. Happy hunting!”

So there you have it — IB3 is now hardcore.

**Update: They said they are adjusting the difficulty a bit so lower level players don’t encounter too many Boss Perks. They’re also considering an option to go back multiple awakenings at a time instead of just one.

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  1. Dark

    Do let us know if any money glitches are fixed too as I think some may want to continue glitching haha

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh I’m pretty sure they will fix them. I recommend getting what you need before updating. But the update sounds too good to delay for a glitch. Besides, they’re making improvements that will hopefully make the BC glitch less necessary.

      1. Dark

        Yup okay 🙂 Thanks for the advice!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yhe update’s out! But I likely won’t be updating until the morning. Bye bye glitches? 🙁

          1. Dark

            Haha I guess I will update later too .. I think I am saving 5m chips or so ^.^ do let me know if the glitches are removed or the items glitched are removed kay?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I haven’t updated yet, but word on the street is that gold and BCs have disappeared from people’s games…lots of them.

              1. Dark

                Damn lol .. Maybe we shld carry over gems? Hopefully they dont get removed. 20 rare darkfire T.T

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  My priority is in upgrading my equipment, as I have no wish to wait days and days on the forge. That’s pretty much all I’ve been using my BCs for. But Darkfire gems are tempting…

                  1. Dark

                    Are you gonna find a way to keep the glitched BCs? If so let me know if you found a way yeah? I will go experiment myself too. 5 million BC are too much to lose lol

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      Well, nothing sells for BCs. So all I can think of at the moment is using as much as I can before updating. I do want to update tomorrow, though, in case the Pumpkin helm isn’t available after Halloween (although I doubt they would remove it so quickly, I want to be safe).

                    2. AppUnwrapper

                      Sounds like we’re better staying on the old version until a new update rolls out. They made the enemies nearly impossible to beat, and I’m guessing that was a mistake they’ll fix…I hope.

                    3. Dark

                      I updated already, lost 5m bc but somehow kept 16,000. Rare roots x 20 gone too. However, gems, coins and keys stayed! Hmm enemies are okay for me as nothing can withstand my darkfire +6000 trollolol

                    4. AppUnwrapper

                      They deleted your rare roots? That’s bizarre, considering the max you can hold is 20.
                      Just curious… Do you connect to the cloud? I don’t because I’m worried about losing my game save (happened in IB2, had to start over from scratch). Wondering if the same thing happens for cloud saves and local saves.

                    5. AppUnwrapper

                      I didn’t make any overpowered gems. I guess maybe I should before updating if they’re keeping this hardcore mode. Does it seem intentional or not?

                    6. Dark

                      Hmm no Idea man.. Some titans got this new feature of defense like”perfect blocks only” or “normal damage resistance” where it makes your non elemental attacks look like scratches 🙁 so hm maybe intentional for this feature? But the 50k hp per titan may be a glitch I guess.. Its too OP to be a normal titan. Oh and the 6000 rare fire is 12×500 btw haha, also got in perfect parry damage titan 60k ^^

                    7. AppUnwrapper

                      Yeah that 50k hp sounds wrong.

                      Wow how’d you make a 60k parry gem? Is there no cap on that?

                    8. Dark

                      Oh haha 5k parry x 12

                    9. AppUnwrapper

                      Ah ok. So you were busy with the BC glitch getting gems, eh? 😉

                      I guess if all your equipment is maxed out at lvl 10, you can have a different set for each type of gameplay? I’m still working on mine (I refuse to use BCs to master items — I will only master an item by using it).

                    10. Dark

                      I only have one set of armor haha I dont keep different sets for different styles. And I could not resist mastering equips bu BC when I had 5 million of them heheh

  2. Dark

    Btw do you own this site?

  3. Dark

    haha cool must be a lot of work 🙂

  4. Darkfire

    @Dark @AppUnrapper
    So I started upadating to soul hunters, I had 3m bcs’s saved up to forge the new items because I was expecting them to fix up the glitches anyway. So is it that I can’t basically go above 16 grand BCs’ ?

    1. Dark

      I am not sure of that, What happened to me was when i updated, my 5m chips was reduced to 16k…

  5. Murderlizer

    I went against Oslim and he had around 170k health. Usually I would be able to kill Radriar and Galath with similar health with my lv 9 Rift heavy weapon, but it took very long to kill him. It seems my weapon had become very weak.

    1. Dark

      It could be because that he had the normal damage resistance on him. Some titans has this ability that greatly reduces non elemental damage., making your weapon appear to be weak.

      1. Murderlizer

        That could be it. I’m still getting used to the new updates.

  6. Darkfire

    I got the update but everything is so messed up. I have just 16g chips left (like Dark) and isa somehow has 210 extra skill points! Your right about none of the glitches working, but as well as I know chair, when they remove a glitch they tend to make a new one, but I didn’t like the fact they took stuff away from me.

    1. Dark

      Haha I hope we can figure out this glitch together 🙂
      Hey and that aint extra points, thise 210 points are reallicated.
      Anyway we had our fun 🙂 having 5m BC and stuff, sure will miss those days… Back to the notmal dayd now 🙁 lets just take the 16k BC a bonus.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I expected them to fix all the glitches…that doesn’t bother me. The cutting down everyone’s gold/BCs wasn’t expected, but also not the worst thing (at least if you take advantage of the BCs before updating). But it sounds like the game has gotten way too hardcore now. Even the All Defense potion doesn’t work against Spectrum Attack titans? I’m afraid to update. Period.

  7. Darkfire

    Your right it was reallocated, so I’m gonna find new ways to glitch out this update! Also, @AppUnrapper, glitches don’t make the player. If your awesome at infinity blade, your gonna get that update and kick some HD A**!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s not the gold/BC glitches I’m worried about. It sounds like the new update has bugs that make enemies almost invincible. Doesn’t sound much fun, honestly.

      1. Dark

        I hope they will nerf the titans a lil bit haha

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Apparently regular titans can now be immune to both physical and elemental attacks at the same time? That sounds like the stupidest thing ever.

      1. Dark

        Really? Havent encountered that. So far each titan only has one of this special trait.
        Imagine a titan that says -“slash only,immune to super,immune to magic, perfect block and parry only”

  8. Darkfire

    One more thing Dark. How did you get the parry 5k thing! I’ve got the perfect parry 3 sec break window, which by far has helped me a lot. Also, can someone post something on stacking break Titan gems, thanks!

    1. Dark

      Uhm as you know gems are random now so I am not sure how I got it 🙁 but it is max at perfect parry damage 6250… I have got 12 x 5k dmg of such gems so heheh quite epic, really.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Also, the All Defense potion doesn’t work against Spectrum Attack… Sounds like this update has some pretty awful bugs.

        1. Dark

          Actually, for titans with all element defense, my darkfire gem still does some damage over time so I guess its fair in a sense…

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Those Darkfire gems weren’t even supposed to exist :P.
            The game should not be rebalanced for the few people who made tons of overpowered gems with the BC glitch.

            How have you been dealing with the Spectrum Attack titans?

            And they probably should have given a “Reset from Awakening 1” option for those who are now in Awakening 150+, fighting titans 3-4x the level they were fighting before the update.

            1. Dark

              I agree with Poss. Even with my spectrum gems my normal titans are really hard to beat 🙁

              1. AppUnwrapper

                The parry gems too? Not as easy as you first thought?

  9. Poss

    I was level 212 and had worker of secrets level 2550. With the update it’s really hard / impossible to get through level one, especially with Titans with resist normal damage and 77,000 hit points. After 4 breaks, they have only lost 15k points and if you get hit four times, you’re dead. Enjoyment has gone to a crashing halt.

  10. Darkfire

    Guys, I won’t lie. I glitched the unupadated version to get gems bc’s ect. But I’m not facing anyone of the problems you guys are facing, my Titans actually seem easier even though I’m just lvl. 119 siris and 121 isa. Is there a glitch in my game? I’ve faced the spectrum titans but they aren’t that hard provided if you can read there moves. I’m posting this cause I’m as confused as hell, I mean my titans seem more or less the same, just takes them slightly longer to die.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What awakening are you on? They scaled the titans (especially bosses) differently, so people who were climbing awakenings in 1.0 (mainly to quicken the forge without using BCs) are now at really high awakenings with titans and bosses that are much higher levels than before they updated. Apparently if you’re still at a low awakening, you won’t notice as much of a difference.

      1. Darkfire

        I’m on awakening 81(I tend to stick to equipment). Btw I am absolutely freaked out! I was playing act 5 where you have to kill another soulless raidriar with isa. Than during the first cutscene I saw siris in the middle of the room doing a battle stance! In the 3rd part of the fight I had to battle him with Sirius in between us! I’ve got a couple of screenshots I took right now. I don’t know how I’m supposed to post it.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I saw photos of that. Weird glitch. Did your game go back to normal after?
          I wonder if it’s some indication that in the future we might get to choose between characters to fight the final bosses? That would probably require a new ending cutscene, so maybe not..:

    2. KillNotes

      Kind enough to share your game save files?

  11. Darkfire

    It’s alright now!

  12. Poss

    I’m on awakening 220 with both characters. I didn’t use the battle glitches until the last week, so used the awakening to level up and forge items. The good news is that I was really addicted to the game and now the fun is gone so I can try out other games that I haven’t played for a while.

  13. Darkfire

    Hey, do you know how many times I can get the infinity swords, because I have 3!

    Do you think I discovered a glitch?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wow. Many people haven’t been able to get it even once — Oslim has just been dropping gold for them.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Chair is addressing the issue of people not getting the dual Infinity Swords:

      “We are aware of some players that are not able to receive the Infinity Swords if they previously lost to Oslim. A patch to fix this issue will be released shortly. In the meantime, there is a workaround you can attempt to receive the Infinity Swords.

      Finish the game by defeating the Worker of Secrets and continue until the Metius Observatory quest appears. If you defeat Oslim on your first attempt, you will receive the Infinity Swords. If you lose, replay the quest with your other character. Win on the first try and the Swords are yours.

      We are working to have the upcoming patch automatically reward those players who previously defeated Oslim. More details on this will come once the patch is released.”

  14. Dark

    Hmm I have got it once only 🙁 but even if it is a glitch it would not be as epic as before..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is it true that boss levels never go down when you go back an awakening, so you’re stuck with the level you’ve got until you can beat it?

      I’m considering going back a lot of awakenings before updating so I don’t get stuck with a lvl 10k Worker.

  15. Jerry

    Okay, so shit happens and this is my case..
    I was planning to update IB3 once I fully upgraded all my items and collected all the gems I needed. But unfortunately just yesterday, as I was trying to update my IOS version, I connected myself to wifi and guess what? IB3 updated itself without asking me.. So I unintentionally have the newest version, but it’s not bad after all since I have lots of Parry damage gems so basically I’m still able to kick those titans’ asses.. And what I’ve noticed is that the “Airplane mode + Time change” bug is still working! Meaning you can fastforward your upgrading time without sitting there waiting til death.. Still a good one.. Better than nothing.. 😀

  16. Darkfire

    I’m having some trouble with this, I can’t seem to sell the infinity swords foe some reason, @AppUnwrapper, any ideas. ( Yes, I know I have to master it and sell it too merchant ).

  17. Darkfire

    *to the merchant)

  18. Siris187


    is there any new glitch?
    I need some money and bc …
    But i dont have the time to play some hours a day or the money to buy bc or ingamemoney.

  19. Darkfire

    Yup, I can’t. I found out it only works (getting the blades) if I alternate between Siri and Isa. I still haven’t figured out how I can sell it. Give me any ideas if you have any.

  20. gareth

    DO NOT attempt to use the “go back 10 awakenings”, did this and Isa has gone from level 234 to level one -another Chair blunder – i will not be going back to this RUBBISH

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You mean Isa’s level went to 1 or her awakening?

      1. gareth

        her level, all attributes gone

        1. AppUnwrapper

          That’s awful. 🙁
          Did you report it to the developers? I haven’t seen any bug reports like that.

          1. gareth

            No ,got so annoyed i just deleted the game, and i used to be a huge fan. Not anymore

  21. Johnny Ringo

    I still love the game. (Although I updated too late and didn’t get the pumpkin helm ):)

    Um, is it just me or do the infinity swords SUCK? I mean 45 damage? Come ON! Did I get a bad version of the swords or something?

    Can someone inform me of the airplane mode/ time zone glitch? (sorry if it’s a noob question (:)

    And last but not least,
    AppUnwrapper, you have served us, the fans, for years now. Please try to find another BC and/or gold glitch (Sorry I don’t mean to put any pressure on you. But if you can, you will have my evereternal gratitude. If you can’t, you’ll STILL have my evereternal gratitude.

  22. Johnny Ringo

    Wow sorry if that last comment was a little creepy

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haha. No worries.
      I’ll let you know if I find anything.

      As for the Infinity Swords, you just need to upgrade them like all the other weapons and then they won’t suck 🙂

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