The Mystery of Haunted Hollow: Walkthrough Part 2

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow
By: Point & Click LLC

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android game The Mystery of Haunted Hollow. Feel free to ask for help or hints in the comments section.


Looking for Part 1 of the walkthrough?

16. Go back to the tree right before the train and use the hammer to fix the wooden planks so you can climb up.


You can also watch my video for this part of the walkthrough here:

17. Read the letter. There’s a Scrabble puzzle on the table. Solve the three riddles to get the typewriter keys. The answers are Fire, Needle, and Owl. Also, notice the word “ALICE” scrawled on the wall.



18. Add the scope to the telescope and then look through it for another clue for your journal.




19. Go back to the big forked road and take the second path from the right again. Add the keys to the typewriter and type out “ALICE” to get another clue for your journal.




20. Go back to the tree you climbed and take a right to a locked gate. Solve the right puzzle by swapping the tiles to make an image. Solve the left puzzle using the clue from the typewriter.




21. Go through the open gate and pick up the letter. Place the rope ladder on the tree branch and climb up. Take the eyeball from the nest.



22. Head to the house. Pick up the axe. The owl is holding something, but he’s too high to reach.


23. Go inside and tap on the three faces on the wall to get another clue.



24. Go back to the cat statue. Use the axe to cut through the thickets in the center and then go through. Use the car’s license plate from earlier (1078) to open the lock on the blue door.




25. Enter the hospital. Notice the clock and the riddle on a note behind it.



26. Go left and pick up the letter. Then go left again to find a creepy doll. Place the eyeball in its socket and get the diamond.




27. Go back and then right. Tap on the chest. Solve the sliding keys puzzle (get all the keys into their holes) to get a clue for the lion head knockers.




28. Go up the stairs to the bathroom and take the black lightbulb. Then place the mouse trap on the floor and get the mouse.



29. Go back and take a left to the operating theater. Place the bulb in the light and get a clue for the clock.



30. Go back to the clock. Using the two clues, you can place the hands in the proper positions. I didn’t get a photo, but I’ll make a video later. For now, just set the hour hand (Alice) to 5, the purple hand (William) to 12, and the second hand (Ellie) to 1. Get the hook from the bottom of the clock.


31. Go back to the bathroom and use the hook to unplug the bathtub drain. Take the rope.



Continue to Part 3 of the walkthrough.

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  1. Belinda Everman

    I have the clue for the Lionhead doorknocker that cannot figure out how to use it

    1. Jeff1985

      you just have to look in wich position the numbers are…..right order is: 2nd-3th-1st-2nd-4th-4th

      1. Barbara

        I did this and it didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Will continue working on the walktrough now and hopefully catch up with you soon. 🙂

    3. lee

      U skipped from rope in tub to some else in 3 but no mention on how to get there

  2. Jeff1985

    i just finished the game 😀

      1. Belinda Everman

        I finished

        1. Claire

          I’m stuck on the clock the hands won’t move

          1. Michele

            I’m stuck on the clock too. I can move the hands but even when I put them on the proper numbers, the ones listed in the walk through, I can’t get it to open and give me the rope I need in the mansion. Please help. Is there a specific way to get it to open or do I have to move the hands in a certain order?

              1. Delia Blais

                I can only move one hand only on the clock. It will not let me move any others and it just spins. Please help

  3. Lauren

    LOVED the game….will there be a second one or is there already another??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They said they will make a sequel if this one does well. 🙂

  4. Jenny

    @Michelle: Did you get the light bulb upstairs, and place it in the OR lamp to get the solution to the clock? The game won’t let you solve the clock until you actually have the note solution written down.

    @Claire – try closing the app and reopening it and resume and see if that helps the clock.

    1. Michele

      Thanks for the help. I shut it down for a few days and then went back and it worked. I had already tried shutting it down and reopening it, but I only waited a few minutes and it didn’t help. I had gone to the OR and gotten the clue written down, but when I restarted I went back to the OR and clicked on the wall just in case. Then I went to the clock and it worked on the first try. Thanks everyone for trying to help me.

  5. caryn

    Can’t get the asylum door open with 1078. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Kath

    Can’t open the doors with 231244. Tried turning off iPad, have checked walk through in case I missed something… Help please!

  7. Jenny

    @Caryn: Make sure you tap the license plate to jot down the solution in your notes, or the 1078 code won’t work to unlock the asylum door.

    @Kath: Make sure you tapped the note and stored it inside your notebook otherwise the 231244 code won’t work – the note is at the trunk & keys puzzle inside the hospital – you must solve that before proceeding to open the mansion door.

  8. Dave

    Rope ladder will not deploy to reach nest. So no dolls eye, no diamond for
    Alice, nothing past fuse box. Any thoughts?

    1. rahul

      Do you get on rope ?

  9. Julie

    Can we not go back to a certain point in this game? I’ve never had to in other games because there were no mistakes you could make in them. I ran the water in the fountain but never noticed a coin. I went to the boat and put my oar in then thought I’d better check the walkthrough before I went on and saw the section about taking the coin. But when I go back now there is no coin in the fountain sink and my handle is gone! Surely I don’t have to start the whole game over, do I? Am I just not noticing the coin somewhere? It’s not in my inventory.

  10. Julie

    Just in case anyone else is having this problem… it’s a glitch. I reset the game and started over and this time the coin
    is there after I run the water. The coin is now in my inventory and the handle is still on the fountain and this time I can’t approach the fountain anymore. So the coin not showing up before, and the handle disappearing was a glitch.

  11. Varsha

    Where do I the scope from?

  12. Jenny


    Thanks for bringing that to our attention, we are going to push an update when the sequel comes out to fix all these issues ok!

    Thank you

  13. Heather

    where is the button for the 3rd painting???

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