Hero Emblems: Boss Guide Part 2

Hero Emblems
By: CHUN LUNG KUO (HeatPot Games)

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This will be a boss resistances and weaknesses walkthrough guide for the new content update of Hero Emblems. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments or help fill in some holes.

See the first part of my Boss Guide here.

See my general walkthrough guide for more help with the game.

Sacred Flame Ruins, Witch:
Resistance: Lightning, Fire, Pulvarize
Weakness: Ice
Main Attack: Fire Traps that go through shield, Bombs

Magical Ruins, Black Dragon:
Resistance: Fire, Lightning
Weakness: Vampire
Main Attack: Black Flames with Tentacles

Dragon King’s Temple, Blue Dragon:
Resistance: All regular attacks, Pulvarize
Main Attack: Ice

Angelic Ruins, Witch:
Main Attack: She will sometimes kill you even if you have a force field up and full health. But she takes long between turns and you can stay alive longer by making sure you have full health and shield before she attacks. Also, make sure to equip Revive and get some extra lives stored up in case she kills you.

Pitch Black Island, 1st Skeleton Dragon:
Resistance: All regular attacks, Vampire, Pulvarize
Main Attacks: Ice, Fire

There are at least four levels in this Demonic Tower, with a skeleton dragon boss on each one!!

I’m also working on completing a video walkthrough here.

See my Debuffs guide here.

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  1. Colin

    I cleared the Sacred Flame Ruins, the “!” Mark disappears. Then where should I go?

  2. jez

    the dragon king temple’s blue dragon resists ice and fire, but is weak to lightning.

  3. jez

    the angelic ruins witch resists pulverize and gravity
    she is neither weak nor resistant to any elements, but the minions in the angelic ruins resist fire and ice

  4. Sekai

    i don’t know if this can be called a weakness but the witch at sacred flame ruins can be slowed down by howard’s gravity sword which helped me a lot in defeating it.

  5. Chill Bill Vol. 2

    Probably an oversight so I’d like to add that the Boss in the Magical Ruins (Black Dragon) doesn’t only have resistance to Fire and Lightning but is also completely immune to Ice.

    On top of that it’s the same case with 90 % of the minions in this dungeon (some even use freezing spells themselves) so definitely avoid Ice in the Magical Ruins dungeon.

    @ Appunwrapper: Maybe you’d want to add it – Alas, I don’t have any footage of the fight but just did the bossfight 10 minutes ago, Elsa equipped with Great Frozen Ice/Arctic Land and Alston with Super Freezing Punch. The dragon’s definitely immune to them, guaranteed 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! The guide is based on what I observed and what others reported. I can’t try all skills at once, so that’s why there are holes in the guide. Also, sometimes it’s just hard to tell what’s causing what.

  6. Mike Shinoda

    The right path to magical ruins are: A-B-B

  7. Brit

    Dumb question: How do I get into the ruins? When I try to get into them, nothing happens. Can you only access them through Expert Mode? (It’s my first play through.)

    1. Jake

      You have to beat the main storyline first.

  8. Mohorian

    Demonic Tower Level 1:
    Weakness: Poisson, Fire

  9. Sally

    Angel Ruins: (Best advised to do this first)
    – I used ‘flash of light’ for howard, / toxic sword. (vampire sword didn’t work)
    – Super Ice punch / Frozen Beam for Alston
    – Great Frozen Ice / Charm
    – Strong Upgrade / Revive for Trista

    Magical Ruins: (Do this next after Angel Ruins)
    – immune to fire and ice.
    – used vampire sword for howard / gravity . Toxic and ice sword didn’t work.
    – Strong Pulverization / Sacred Field
    – Super Mini / Toxic Fog
    – Strong Purification / Superior Purification

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