Hero Emblems: Walkthrough & Strategy Guide

Hero Emblems
By: CHUN LUNG KUO (HeatPot Games)

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This is a walkthrough guide for Hero Emblems. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough’s complete.
Note: It is possible to miss things in the game that you can’t go back for. I recommend reading through this whole page to make sure you make the right choices.

I’m working on making videos for all dungeons. You can see them here.

Starting Guide:

Make sure to visit the shop when you have enough gold and buy emblem upgrades and new skills. Emblem upgrades are like equipment upgrades that make your heroes stronger. Skills change what spells your heroes unleash.

Match four emblems in a row to create a skill emblem, which will unleash that character’s basic skill when used in another chain.


Match five emblems in a T-shape or L-shape to form a pink, more powerful version of the four-emblem skill that has lasting effects.


Match five emblems in a row to create a special cross emblem that you can swap with any of the elements to unleash that hero’s special.


Swap two special emblems with each other to unleash stronger versions of all four heroes’ special skills!

I’m working on a Debuffs guide here.

Note: If an emblem is debuffed (chains, ice, poison, etc) and you use it in a chain, it will remove the debuff, but no skill emblems will be created, and any skill emblems used in removing the debuff will just vanish. So be careful how you get rid of them. If you have Trista’s Purify skill and a glowing heart emblem, it’s better to make a chain with that emblem than to waste moves and chains trying to remove effected emblems one at a time.

I’m working on a guide for skill locations here.


When you get a new emblem, skill or item, you can view it and equip it in the Menu. To equip an emblem, tap the emblem icon on the bottom. Swipe left and right to view the different heroes. The emblem with a little E on it is the one that you have equipped. To equip a different one, select one and tap the check mark. The same goes for the skills.



For items, open your satchel and select an item, then tap one of the four available slots. In battle, just tap one of those items to use it.


**Tip: This is mostly true for late game, when enemies throw some serious Debuffs at you. The only items I take into battle now are four of the most expensive crosses, Omnipotent Cross (remove up to 8 advanced Debuffs). I used three against a boss and wouldn’t have survived without them. A million times more useful than a potion, in my opinion.**


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The Map:

The game will point you in the right direction by marking your next destination with an exclamation point. Sometimes you may need to grind a bit and/or buy upgrades in order to be ready for it.


There are also side quests that can be difficult but offer big rewards if you complete them. These are marked with a different kind of exclamation point (I didn’t get a photo — sorry!).


Sword: Pure Attack

Shield: Defense and Attack (attack is weaker than Sword/Magic, and will only kick in if defense meter is full)

Magic: Attack

Recovery: Heal & Purify (Remove Debuffs)

Red Devil:

Early on in the game, you’ll likely die very quickly from the Red Demon. To defeat him, just replay the areas you already completed to get enough gold for an emblem upgrade from the shop. I recommend getting the Shield emblem first. This should give you that extra edge you need to defeat the boss.


Every dungeon ends with a powerful boss, but you won’t know when he’s coming. Try to prepare for him by having powerful emblems saved up. Many bosses are immune to regular attacks, and some are immune to certain elements. Try to have different elements in your party just in case! You can’t change your hero’s skills once you’re inside a dungeon.

If you die (or fail) in a dungeon, you have to start over from the beginning of that dungeon. If you think you just messed up a bit and can handle it, try again! If not, you might want to grind a bit so you can buy stronger emblems and skills.

Keys & Chests:

Most dungeons will have at least one chest in it. You need to make the key drop to the bottom before its turns run out or the chest will vanish. Some chests turn into mimics if you don’t open them, and will start attacking.

If you miss out on a treasure in a dungeon, you can go back and try to get it by revisiting the dungeon. I highly recommend it, because often there will be a spell or emblem inside.


You’ll be given several choices throughout the game.
I believe the correct choices are:
Allow Rajal the boss to live.
Save the king (not the seal).

Random Encounters:

Moving around the map, you will inevitably make some random encounters. These can be useful for farming and grinding. If you’re going back through an area where the monsters are really easy for you and you want to skip the random encounters, you can simply pause and press the “back” button.

I’m working on a guide for boss resistances and weaknesses here. Please help out if you can!

**Tip: You can loot the Heist S. Skill fairly early on, which will allow you to steal from enemies. I’ve only ever gotten potions or crosses from it, but others have said they stole emblems from bosses. It’s a risky endeavor, but might be worth trying.

The Death Forest boss, the hornet, is really hard. Took me about 15 tries before I beat him. Maybe my battle will help you:

Garoud, Secret Cabin & Cabin at the Sea:

If you take the boat to this little island called Cabin at the Sea, you can exchange the Princess’ Crown (I think) for an S. Skill for Trista, called Obligatory Donation. It doesn’t seem worth it. All it does is give you a few coins. There’s another skill you can get from the crown at the Secret Cabin. You can get both skills, though. Don’t swap the crown immediately. Wait till you make it to Garoud’s Cabin on the fourth continent and he’ll make a crown forgery for you. Then you can use your 2nd crown to trade at the Secret Cabin on the third continent (thanks to Azi for this info) to get the Counter Attack of the Archangel, an S. Skill for Alston.




Please chime in if you have any tips to add. I also want to try adding in boss resistances, but I may need help with that, since I didn’t take notes till now.

I have some videos here that might help if you want to see some bosses in action.

Tier 6 Emblems:

The two missions after saving the fairys on the 3rd island (the Cave of Conch and Poseidon’s Relic) have two red chests that give Tier 6 emblems. HOWEVER if you use Heist ability on the bosses they drop a emblem each and you’ll own all tier 6 emblems. This may be the only way to get all four tier 6 emblems! (Thanks to Azi for this info.)

Shayara Kingdom:

When you return later to the Shayara Kingdom, path A leads to a gnome with floor spikes that ALWAYS kill. The only way to get past them and to the chest with the tier 8 emblem in it is to equip Trista’s Revive skill and use it before the spikes kill your team. It will automatically kick in and revive them!

Path B leads to a mini boss with a treasure chest (Super Minimization) and Path C leads straight to the main boss.

Tower of Deity:

To avoid spending an hour in this dungeon (like I did), take A, B, B to get to the boss.
Super Secret Hidden Shop!!

On the island of Armageddon (the last continent, there’s a hidden shop! If you can, you might be better off skipping the obvious shop’s emblems and going straight to this one. To find it, go all the way right to the end of the path. Looks like nothing’s there, but if you tap on the little house, it opens a shop with tier 9 emblems and some new skills, including Strong Purification.




See my emblem locations guide here.

See my boss guide here.

See my video walkthrough guide here.

See my skills locations guide here.

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  1. Sven

    Hi, great site.
    Could you please work on the boss weaknesses chapter?
    I’m stuck with the boss in valley labyrinth.

    thank you!

  2. theWall

    Thank you so much for this guide its very helpful continue the good work

  3. CowPoop


  4. concerned cowtipper

    Hey, can you make a walkthrough for the sea monster, I can’t seem to damage it!

  5. Emblemblem

    Hi there,

    First, great guide for this awrsome game, unfortunately the info about the two 6th tier emblem came 1 dungeon too late in my 2nd playthrough (even though I’m pretty sure to have used heist on at least one of the two endbosses by combining 2 cross emblems but I just had a Superior red potion in my inventory afterwards … Maybe I’m mistaken or maybe ones inventory has to be full).

    Besides I just wanted you to know that I used a little different approach and I hardly ever died (nearly every bossfight in the first try). I always took potions and very rarely a cross into the fight and always looked to make 5 matches and saved the Cross Emblems as much as possible for harder enemies/bosses with annoying buffs (best thing is to swap two 5 match cross emblems of course) and most importantly equip Angelic Guardiance for Alston, and Purification and Superior Purification for Trista (or their updated versions of course) and a mix of different elements for the other two when I didn’t know the bosses weaknesses.

    I went into most boss battles with already 5 or 6 Cross Emblems on the board and hardly ever got low on HP, DP were always full thanks to Angelic Guardiance so Alston could always attack too. In normal battles before were I saved my Cross Emblems even the basic purification of Trista came in handy very often. You have to use it twice sometimes with advanced debuffs (thanks to 4, L and T matches there are usually always more than one heart skill emblem on the board) but this was by far my most superior setup and I have yet to die once in my second playthrough (5th continent).

    This worked so well that I had some fights were I only had a single Abilty from one fighter working against a guarded enemy but still managed to beat the boss pretty easily in a – granted – fight that took ages (especially the one in the castle were I only had Tristas 6th tier Emblem first playthrough) and you should make as much additional 5 matches as possible but the strategy even worked against the end boss(es) in the first try without having used/equipped a single debuff cross.

    For random encounters I usually used the confusion, pulverization and gravity sword as normal abilities. Found them to be more userul than the elemental skills. Alas most bosses are immune to them, so for dungeons the setup above (mixed abilities except for Trista and Alstons Super Skill of course)

    Regarding Enemy/boss weaknesses, octupusses usually don’t like lightning powers, the red “ugly foul creature” doesn’t like fire. Unfortunately I also didn’t keep track.

    Wanted to send this to you (the Author) per Mail but didn’t see an address here. Hope this is helpful to anybody.

    P. S.: Thx for the awesome secret shop tip – Can’t wait to check out those emblems 🙂

    1. Emblemblem

      Forgot the ending of a sentence. Fourth last paragraph should have ended with “is superior”


    2. AppUnwrapper

      I agree, I’m playing smarter my second time around and dying less with no grinding — just replaying dungeons if I miss loot.

      1. Emblemblem

        Lol, yeah same here. Takes you some time to be aware chests are here to stay and that you should replay dungeons on every possible way for all the nice loot 🙂

        Really great game – I think this is my first match three/RPG element game I’m replaying a second time. Even with different endings. Granted the story is cheesy and I knew from moment one who was the bad guy, but still was so silly to kill Rajal the first time (the english translations lack a bit though not that it matters all too much) and didn’t go for the king.

        If you still need help with the end bosses I’m starting with continent 5 now and can keep track from now on if I run over any immunities/weaknesses.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Lol you killed Rajal? That mistake I didn’t make, but I did let the king die. So I plan to fix that this time. Also, I have to make sure to get all the emblems and skills. I missed a few the first time.

          1. Emblemblem

            Yeah that was stupid 🙂 At least I’ll have a completely different ending this time, hopefully saving everyone 🙂

            Just saw that I entered the last continent, think it’s the 6th not the 5th (will still keep out an eye for any weaknesses/immunities though). And thanks for the tip with the faked crown. I always went to this guys cabin and he growled at me to get lost without this thing to fake. Couldn’t make too much out of it (due to the translation I breezed through the texts a little too easily. Both skills you get aren’t too useful though but if I do a third run (The game has three saving spots for a reason 😉 ) I’ll go for a full skill/emblem run too 🙂 And write down boss weaknesses/immunities that time (or do you have the first continents already covered regarding this?)

            Hope this game sells well. Impressive that only two guys made it. Great varying gameplay, no annoying iAP (alas very rare for a game of this genre today) – Hard to lay down. Out for only two weeks and I’m already itching for a sequel 😀

            1. AppUnwrapper

              More info on bosses, skills, emblems are always welcome. Since there are more types on skills than I can equip in any battle, I don’t know if I’ve missed resistances or weaknesses. So if you do find any that I haven’t listed, please tell me.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Hey, do you remember where to get the Superior Vampiric Sword? I got it in my first game but can’t find it in my second.

          2. Emblemblem

            Sorry, just read your comment today – I don’t remember where exactly but as it was one of the last skills I got it was either in the House of Sage (I think it was there, drove back there cause forgot the B way and got a cool skill and the last thing I got I was glad about was S. vampiric Swrd … But I’m not 100% sure anymore), the Altar of Magic or the Ancient Mausoleum.

            If I’m mistaken about House of Sage, I’m going to keep thinking about it. Maybe it comes back to me.

          3. Emblemblem

            Sorry, just saw that I scribbled it down next to all the resistances/weaknesses … It’s obviously in the Devil Cave … Wow could have sworn sage … Memory’s a dog

          4. Emblemblem

            Cave of Devil is the mountain on the last continent – Sorry for the mix-up and the late answer. Hope it still helped. Please also see my msg below.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Thanks, I already figured it out a couple days ago. 😉
              I’m going to bed, but I’ll email you tomorrow for the boss info. (or you can find my email address on my contact page)

          5. Emblemblem

            Ok good night – Again sry for the belated reply, was a stressful week. Is it the gmail address I found on contact us? Wasn’t aware you’re the owner of the page (you’re always answering that fast tha I thought you’re just repsonsible for some guides)

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yep, that’s the email address. I’m the owner of the page and the one who makes all the guides. All one person! 🙂

          6. Emblemblem

            Hope ‘m correct, but in any way, awesome dedication to mobile gaming 😉

          7. Emblemblem

            Wow, that’s really remarkable. I already have visited your site every now and then for a few tips on other games and I always saw the AppUnwrapper username in the comments section when somebody asked a question. That’s why I thought the moniker is shared and used by everybody who writes a guide. Wouldn’t have come to my mind, only a single person could habe been responsible for all of these – I always thought I’m a total mobile gaming nut beyond recovery, but seems I found an even bigger one now 😉

            Kudos man, that’s real dedication!

            P. S.: Now I also know the skill I was so glad about in the House Of Sage – Not S. Vampiric Sword but Sacred Field – That’s what you get when you scribble all the boss and skill infos onto little orange Post-its, on top of that with a red pen 🙂 I’ll send you the resistances mail later when I have enough time to arrange them and decipher all of my scrawling 😉

            P. P. S.: Could you please delete my comment above (the one with the domment misspelling)? Like mentioned, my browser acted pretty weird yesterday and it was posted unfinished and accidentially premature. The finshed version is below anyways. Thanks in advance

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I get notifications on my phone when there are comments, and since I’m never far from my phone, I can almost always respond quickly. 😉

              I deleted the duplicate comment. 🙂

              I think I have all the skills now, but let me know if you notice any missing!

          8. Emblemblem

            Hi there,

            just sent you the infos (found a few new things not on your list yet) – Please also check your spam folder – When I made a test send from myself to myself it was tagged with “suspected spam” (!) – From my own mail, lol … Maybe because of the screenshots I added.

            Please let me know what you think (you got my mail) 🙂


            1. AppUnwrapper

              Just got the email. Thanks! Will update the guide and respond to your email as soon as I get the chance. 🙂

          9. Emblemblem

            Ok great, thanks for the swift reply – I sent you mine from a different E-Mail address than the first time (I only used the other address because my provider has a small file limit and the mail was too big for him with the few screenshots). Getting too much spam on the first address which sometimes leads to me overlooking legitimate messages. Just FYI, should my new address land in a spam folder (again). Gonna use that mail for contacting you from now on.

    3. Emblemblem

      Oh, and the end boss in the Power of Deity (3rd evil Soul Fragment after you acquired the Tier 6 Emblems) is definitely immune to ice. Unfortunately I forgot the rest.

      1. Emblemblem

        This boss also is one of the few, at whom the Confuse skill fully works. Gravity sword works too – At least partly. It deals dmg but he’s resistant to the skill itself (extending his turns)

    4. Auroem

      Hi all!
      IΓÇÖve finished the game but i donΓÇÖt find the secret shop ?!

  6. DooDee

    There’s also a trick to completely avoid battles that you can put in here. When you’re moving, if you set a “new” location at between every dot, then the game will get confused and have a 100% chance of not encountering a battle.

  7. Emblemblem

    Dammit my iOS browser goes bonkers at the moment. Keyboard dissapearing after every second word … Posting above wasn’t intentional (delete if possible).

    I’ve got every (Boss) resistance/weakness from start of last continent until sundoor till now – I can post them here in the comments section but as it would be a long post and you’d be adding them to your guide anyway – So why don’t you just send me a mail with your email address (I added mine when registering for this post) and I give you all the specifics?

  8. Diane Close

    There may be a bug with the Tier 6 Emblem acquisition process. I used Heist on the final boss at Poseidon’s Relic and a pile of stuff flew into the air, including a square that looked like an emblem, but as it got closer to my hero group, it turned into a thin rectangle and disappeared into thin air. Nothing in my inventory afterward, and no emblem won in battle. That sucks! There’s no way to get this afterward? That really sucks.

    1. Diane Close

      The developer responded in private email that as of the last update (1.04), you can reenter the Cave of the Conch and battle again, to get that particular R6 emblem, should you not get it from the Boss the first time. The other emblem still needs to be heisted from the Boss at Poseidon’s Relic, so if you don’t get it during that battle, or run into the situation I did (where it simply disappeared into thin air after being heisted), you’re out of luck.

  9. Ivonne


    Could you help me to figure out the path to take in the stage of Valley Labyrinth. I am stuck and can’t seem to find any walkthrough that mentions that stage.

    Thank you!

  10. Jin

    I dont know if this is true yet but gnomes you missed/didnt yet get a skill from yet will return in some random encounters.

  11. Haaris Mian

    Not many people post any sort of strategy guide for mobile games but yours is so detailed and has all the secrets I could want. Thank you so so much for putting the time to make this

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