Adventure Escape Allied Spies: Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Allied Spies
By: Haiku Games

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game, Adventure Escape: Allied Spies, by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 3:

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You can watch my video for Chapter 3 here or continue on for my step-by-step guide:

1. You’re playing as Ed again. The forest is burning! Pick up the pile of stones.

2. Use the rocks on the orange triangle by the truck’s wheel. You then need to aim a rock at each of the three triangles. You aim by stopping the X and Y axes when you want to throw. Just keep trying till you knock down all three.

3. Pick up the empty wine bottle. Pick up the hose.

4. Use a rock to open the gas tank. Place the bottle on the ground and use the hose to suck some gas into the bottle. Now you have a Molotov cocktail.

5. Head towards the farmhouse. Light the Molotov Cocktail with the fire surrounding it. Then, aim it at the tank like you did with the rocks before. You need to hit the back of the tank to destroy it.

6. Tap on the car (Citroen). Basically, just keep tapping until the bar fills up purple and the car is out of the way.

7. Now you have to push the stones on the left and right side in the right order. The sign says LA JEUNESSE PRIME. If you tap on it Duplix tells you it means “Youth goes first.” So you need to tap on the rocks in order from youngest vine to oldest vine that points at each. A young vine is light green and overlaps older vines. You can only choose seven stones. Once you get it, go through the open gate.

8. There’s someone trapped under there! Again, just tap quickly to fill up the purple bar.

9. Tap on the grenades. You now have to lift the grenades out of the way without touching the white barbed wire. It’s tricky!

10. Pick up the two pipes and then tap the dead guy again to get a roll of keys.

11. Tap on the door behind him. Then select the two keys that together fit in the lock. Then go through.

12. It’s a tunnel maze! Look at the sign.

13. Only enter rooms with names of French victories. The victories are on the left side of the sign. So go in this order:



14. Now you have two choices that aren’t on the sign at all. But there’s a bust of Napoleon and if you tap on it, Duplix tells you he lost at Waterloo. So choose Austerlitz instead.



15. Continue on through Marne to complete the maze!


16. Now the pipe room. Pick up the three pipes.


17. Place all the pipes in the right places to connect them all. Turn the handle to drain all the water. Then leave the room to go back to the dead guy.


18. Pick up the brass pipe and go back.


19. Place the brass pipe in the brass object to the right and pull it to the right like a lever. Some pipes will light up, looking like the numbers 6211.


20. Go back to the dead guy and enter the code 6211 to open the manhole cover. Go through.



21. Now you have to convince Pascal to stick around. Answer in this order:

We’ll be done by dawn.
The Nazi megaweapon is a problem for your family.
The plan is: Get to the consulate. Find the scientists.
Can’t we both be free?

Now he’ll agree to stay.





22. Now you need to convince Duplix. Answer like so:

I am not commanding! This is a…strategic alliance.
Explain the situation.
Yes. I break things, I blow things up.
I skipped my honeymoon to be here.
Please. Aidez-moi.

And then she’ll agree to help you.






23. Tap the wooden planks quickly until the purple bar fills up and they move aside. Then use the grenades to blow up the metal bars and complete the chapter.


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  1. Flemming

    The video of Hoe to move grenades doesnt work…
    Where to move them 2?

    1. Flemming

      Ahhh just lift to the upper edge

  2. Kelly

    There are 4 pipes and cannot connect

  3. Kirsten

    the version that they just rereleased has no keys!

    1. Lilly

      You have to make sure you tap on his arm band specifically! I just got it to pop up

  4. Sofie

    Try to click on his arm.

  5. Michael

    So was Marne just a guess, because it’s not explained and there’s not clue or hint on the game?

    1. A

      The other two are listed on the right side of the sign (those that lost)

  6. goose

    its so hard trying to get him to speak! i got him to speak once an now he wont talk anymore! i cant find an armband and his arm doesnt work!

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