Adventure Escape Allied Spies: Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Allied Spies
By: Haiku Games

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game, Adventure Escape: Allied Spies, by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 7:

You can watch my video for Chapter 7 here or continue on for my step-by-step guide:

1. You’re playing as Ed again and he’s in handcuffs! Answer their questions like so:

I’m an American citizen.
Ed Hamilton.
The Yorktown Protocol.
I’m on loan to British intelligence.
I demand to see my ambassador.






2. Pick up the pen and the confession. Hold the paper up to the list to see the numbers 6382.



3. Enter 6382 into the handcuffs to remove them.


4. Grab the stethoscope and read through the book on fighting techniques. Memorize it. It says:

Punch beats kick.
Kick beats elbow.
Elbow beats punch.
Stab beats anything except a dodge.
Block cancels anything except stab.
Dodge cancels anything.


5. Head out through the door. You need to fight the guards using what you learned. If you use a move, you can’t use it again, so choose wisely. This is the order I did it in:

First guy:

Second guy:

Third guy:




6. Go through the door to the right and answer his question:

I’m not talking till I see my wife.



7. You now have to play a game of Blockade with him. You need to completely surround the United Kingdom to form the blockade. The red dots are bases. Place ships on bases in water. Place planes and rockets on bases on land. The spy can go anywhere on land in the United Kingdom. There’s more than one solution, but once again the game only accepts one, so it might drive you a bit mad. This is what it should look like:


8. Now you have to answer more questions. I’m not sure it matters how you answer, but this is what I said:

You set up my wife at the consulate.
Why’d you betray us?
Who else is in on this?




9. The ambassador’s been drugged! Take the photo off him and look at it.



10. Change the statue’s stance so it matches the men in the photo. Then tap on the safe.


11. Use the stethoscope on the safe to crack it. It’ll vibrate at the right numbers. Turn it clockwise until you reach 30. Then release. Turn it counter-clockwise to 15. Release. And last, turn it clockwise to 80. Take the map and escape note from inside.




12. You’re in a cell! Tap on the mirror and take the cup, which will turn into a bloody cup.



13. Place the escape notes on the mirror. You can move it and rotate it to change the reflection.


14. If you rotate it like below and then move it inwards, you get what looks like four symbols upside-down — a heart, Eiffel Tower, Fleur-de-lis, and star.



15. Find those four symbols on the wall and connect them. Then, tap quickly at the loose bricks to remove them and talk to Leo.



16. Give Leo the pen and paper. He still needs ink, so fill up the bloody cup with rusty water to make crimson ink. Give it to Leo and then take Leo’s formula.



17. Now you have to answer more of Major Kressler’s questions. I’m not sure there’s any way to save Leo. This is how I answered the questions and he died, but I completed the chapter anyway.

My name? With papers, I could be anyone.
To the University of Chicago.
It’s all theoretical.
We picked up rumors. A place name. Nothing confirmed.





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  1. Jaggergal

    Can’t get past the fight sequence, screen keeps freezing!!!

    1. Shweta

      restart the level by clicking on settings button

  2. Amanda Wallace

    I can’t get the board game to finish. I’ve done it several times and restarted the level but it doesn’t seem to want to finish.

  3. Man

    In the puzzles you say there can only be one solution, I usually have a different solution. Like for this one, I had the biggest plane on the bottom (where your rocket is) and the rocket more near the center of the page.

  4. Adrienne Matlock

    I can’t get past the fight scene. After I beat up the guards it stays on just Ed, still with the opponents fight moves on the screen, but without any opponent on screen. I fought 3 guys. I can still tap handcuffs and stethoscope and such, but he doesnt go anywhere. Anyone else with this problem?

  5. Happy 2021!

    I think it doesn’t matter what your answers are. The first time, I answered all questions with silence. He didn’t kill me.

    1. Natalie

      How do you get to the safe? I have the maniquine in the correct position but the safe isn’t appearing.

      1. Danny

        I thought it was correct because the picture didn’t show her legs and ignored it, but even if I hadn’t the photo shows the men in 2 different stances. Needs legs together.

  6. Lauren Bradley

    I can’t complete the plane and ship puzzle?

    1. GamerJess

      Same, I even copied the solution and still it wonΓÇÖt complete.

    2. Seb

      I can’t get past the stethoscope. I doesn’t play any different sound for me or vibrate and the numbers that worked for you don’t seem to work for me. Playing on Android on the latest version of the app at time of this post.

      1. Diane

        Me too. Can’t skip it either

      2. M

        The vid shows you need to do the first number counter clockwise instead of clockwise and the second number clockwise instead of counter clockwise. The third number is clockwise😊 hope this helped.

  7. Mag

    Stuck on the guards….use the moves given and the screen stays on Ed with no one to fight or moves to make?

  8. Kiki

    You would make an horrible spy lmao. Answer all the questions with silence.

  9. Michelle

    So annoyed with this. I placed the planes and ships in the correct places but the game won’t accept it and move the f#@k on!!

    1. Lisa

      Make sure you stop the rocket from spinning.

      1. Rox

        And make sure all the grey outlines touch each other (keep pressing on the planes, even if they already are in the right position), including the one of the spy!

  10. Nettiebar

    Where did you find the numbers for the safe combination?

  11. Paula

    Use the stethoscope, you will hear the difference in the sound when you get to it. Clockwise, counter clockwise, clockwise

    1. Angel

      I can’t get the combination part

  12. sarah

    The safe combination doesn’t work. I’ve been stuck on this since yesterday morning.

    1. Leanne

      Mine was counterclockwise first, then clockwise and counter clockwise. The numbers are the same: 30, 15 then 80.

      I turned up the sound and turned down the music in the settings, and could hear the difference in clicks between the right number and wrong numbers

      1. Prima

        Yes mine was the same!….Counter First, then clockwise then counter clockwise last. I also adjusted my sound, this made it so much easier.

      2. Diane

        Ty this worked

  13. Lyndon

    In the cell i can not get the the symbols to circle, do i use the pen?

    1. Katrina

      I can’t get the symbols to circle either. Any tips for this? I have the symbols in the mirror but nothing happens when I tap the wall.

      1. the cat lady

        I had to de-select all the items first. When I tried circling while having either pen or anything else as a “chosen” item, it wouldn’t work

    2. Laura

      I had to exit game and come back to it. Worked perfectly when I did this.

      1. Beth

        Thank you I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. Exited the game and went right back in and it worked. Thanks

  14. Jana

    Ich kann die Symbole Herz ,Eiffelturm….nicht verbinden ,bitte um Tipps,danke

  15. Tif

    How did you figure out what the combo to the safe was? Nothing vibrated when I put in the right numbers (which you provided).

    1. Sunny

      Turn up the volume.

  16. Sunny

    Turn up the volume.

    1. Mel

      Tried that to. There is no change in tone or vibration for any of the numbers. I’ve been through all numbers and – nothing.

  17. Danny

    The walk through ends after Kessler’s questioning and I received the big achievement star fx but it just sits me in the cell and won’t advance me to the next chapter. What do I do?

  18. Donte Abraham

    The guards keep capturing me after I land on Ed…a guard lands on Ed also, even though I get there first

  19. sara

    only 30 vibrates or makes a sound for me.

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