The Secret of Chimera Labs: Walkthrough Guide

46. Go back to the robotics room and insert the red disc onto the giant spider. Then, rotate the five discs so the white lines match up. The panel will open up. Take the round power supply from it.



47. Insert the cube into the droid head. Plug the purple Ethernet cable into it. Insert the round power supply into the chest cavity and attach the black cable. Close the lids and the android will turn on, telling you its name is ADIMM. ADIMM will unlock the door on the third floor for you, but then its circuits will fry.



48. Go up to the third floor and open the door in front of you. Go in to the genetics lab. Look at the paper coming out of the printer. Then look at the PC.



49. Pick up the syringe and turn on the PC to see a puzzle. Place the glass tube in the machine. Then, solve the puzzle and press the button on the lower left of the screen to fill the tube with a blue liquid. Take it.





50. Open the door to the right and go through. Zoom in on the desk and pick up the piece of flat curved stone and the coffee pot.


51. Make sure to open the back door so you have another way to get in.

52. Go back to the management office. Place the 6-button device by the locked door. To solve this, you need to use the three tone sequences we found and decipher them using the Morse Code book. So the telephone tones translate to 1XK. The one from the elevator is 2OC. The one from the van is 3QP. So enter that into the keypad: 1XK, 2OC, 3QP. Press ENTER to unlock the door.






53. Go through the door to the study. Zoom in on the desk and pick up the hammer and awl. Also grab the book “Contact” by Carl Sagan. Look at the diagram and pick up the tool lying on it. Use the sample jar and tweezers to pick up the nail clippings. Also, open the briefcase and get the slide with green slime on it. And last, look at the blackboard.




54. Notice the painting on the back wall. It matches the Rorschach ink blot from the copier. There’s a safe behind it. If you look at the ink blot sheet in your journal, it says “decent capsule” under it — I think it was supposed to say “descent.” Find the Cupid Flight Chronology in your journal and look at step 5, the descent. It says it was on December 31st. That’s 12/31. So enter 1231 into the safe and turn the handle to unlock it. Take the vial of pink liquid.






55. Go back to the botany lab with the scary plants and put the blue and pink liquids with the microscope and the slide under the microscope. Also add the syringe to the machine. Look at the slide. Touching the purple microbe makes the big green microbe move from left to right. This puzzle is a little confusing. Tap the three microbes at the top. They’ll land on the left side. Place the yellow and blue ones on the big green one, then tap the purple one to bring them to the right. Take them off, then go back and do the same for the red one. The syringe should now have green slime in it when you take it back.




56. Use the syringe on the green living net on the back wall and it will change colors.



57. Match the colors to the clues from your journal and then go through the door.



58. Take the glowing green sphere from the mouth of the biggest plant.


59. Go to the sink. Take the flat curved stone and open the fridge to get a bottle of red liquid. Open the cabinet to get the book “The Gods Themselves” by Isaac Asimov. Also, fill the beaker with water from the sink.





60. Go back to the rocketry room. Use the screwdriver to remove the panel on the satellite, then use the forceps to remove the orb with spirals on it.



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25 thoughts on “The Secret of Chimera Labs: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Mike

    Hi. Thanks for all the walkthroughs. I can’t go past number six in this one. Is it not complete yet or do I need to do something different to get the rest of the walkthrough.

      1. Steve

        Good luck with the walkthrough! This game is waaay too complicated for me. I’m looking forward to some more solutions.

    1. Corey

      I’m having a problem with part #78 on this page. I looked at the Chimeradyne clue and put in the correct symbols and colors but no anomaly appears.

      1. Suzy G

        I’m having the same problem. I just emailed Aircamp. Did you ever figure out how to get the anomaly to show up so you could move on?

  2. Niran Lo

    That Spider circut is not working. I did exact color n code match. Is Spider need other thing to make it work? M stuck here
    Plz help me.

  3. kosinalajos

    step 34.
    This wrote, and the combination does not open the door
    “PAL connection estabilished. Awaiting authentication.”

    Can you help me?

  4. Nikki

    Okay… I have been following this walkthrough for the whole game. I can’t pass the end with the colors with the symbols….. his or hers walkthrough picture doesn’t match the same colors as the game . I’ve tried everything and the amonly hasn’t been in the middle of the spinning circle at all the times I have done the same thing as the walkthrough said. And I have done everything in the game .

  5. Podbud

    I believe I’ve done the Bunsen burner experiment too soon. I don’t have a test tube with purple fluid in my inventory anymore – to add to the Pyrex flask with the water and strange lump of metal. I’ve gone back to the machine from whenst the purple liquid came but I can’t move any levers and obviously, the test tube isn’t there.

    I’m all the way to the ( almost ) end…maybe.

    Have I messed up big? Big oops…


  6. Janine

    Please help !!!
    I really really need to know how to do the chemical combinations in the microscope in the lab I’ve put all three bottles into the spots and the purple one into the place where it goes and flipped the switches and can’t figure out the rest of it it gives the answer of – pink , green , red , …… But I just can’t get the combo right


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