Fran Bow: Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide

16. Now, try to go downstairs. The evil nurse comes up and asks why you’re not in your room. Say “You left it open!” and then “Are you sure?” She’ll now let you continue on your way. If you mess up, she’ll make you go back to your room and you’ll see the doctor in Phil’s room again. You’ll still be able to go downstairs, but it will take a bit longer.




17. Go downstairs and through the next door. There’s a guard here. If you take your pills, the writing on the wall says “Reach the key.” You can’t do so yet, so continue on to the next room.


18. Talk to the girl here if you’d like. Then go through the door to the right.


19. Here, there’s a boy watching TV. Talk to him and he asks you to change the channel to get Papervision working. Change it to channel 8 and then he’ll tell you you can have the paper that didn’t work. Pick it up from the floor. Also, grab the pink sash from the robe before you leave.



20. Leave the room and go through the left door. Here, pick up a cinnamon bun from the table. Talk to the nurse and the boy.



21. Go left. There’s a girl you can’t interact with, who’s heading right. We’ll follow her, but first try to take the cane leaning against the wall. The boy will tell you not to take his sword. Say “I didn’t know it was yours” and then “I bow to you.” Next, say “I want your cane” and “Yes, Your Highness.” The boy calls himself the King and the cane his sword and wants something for it in return. Offer him “Anything you need” and he’ll ask for a castle and a horse.


22. Remember that the bathroom window said “The King likes drawings?” So combine the crayon with the paper to get a drawing of a horse and castle. Give it to the boy and then take the cane.



23. Combine the sash, hook and can together. You now have a Grab-O-Matic 2000!



24. Go right, back to the room with the food. Annie sat down on the couch, so you can talk to her now. She’ll give you a sleeping pill that she calls a magic trick. Combine it with the cinnamon bun.


25. Go back to the guard and try to give him the cake with the sleeping pill crumbled on top. He’ll refuse it. (Note: If you try to use the Grab-O-Matic while he’s still there, he’ll take it from you.)


26. Go back to the room with food. The older nurse will be there, talking about how she can’t deliver the guard’s coffee to him. So pick up the coffee and give it to the guard. It’ll spill on him and he’ll leave. You can now take your grabber if he had it and use it to reach the key.




27. Use the key to unlock the office door to the right. Go through. Pick up the key from the left side of the room. Also, take the note from the bulletin board with the information on how to shut off the alarm.




28. Try to leave the room. Phil will come in and then lock you in. Take your pills and go through the opened air vent.



29. Keep crawling until you fall down into another room.


30. Take your pills to see writing on the wall that says “Lies in a box.” Remove the sheet from the box and open it to see different colored Duotine pills. Read the note. Something’s up!




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4 years ago

Will you be doing a walkthrough of Fran Bow Chapter 2? I hope so.

I’ve really enjoyed Chapter 1! And your walkthrough was a huge help!

Thank you for ALL the help you give us game-lovers. ?

4 years ago

Ok, understood. I’ve already gotten to chapter 3. I’ve greatly enjoyed them, although they definitely are different! In chapter 2, there’s not near as much “horror” seen when taking her pills, and in chapter 3, there’s none! I truly think you’d enjoy chapter 3.

4 years ago

I can’t get to page 3 of the walk-through. When I click the hyperlink for the next page, page 2 just reloads. What am I doing wrong? 🙂

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
4 years ago

No worries, just started Chapter 2 myself. Thanks for the great walkthroughs as always (your video helped me where I was stuck in chapter 1).

Reply to  Jennifer626
3 years ago

What is the pasword for the computer in chapter 1

1 month ago

i love fran bow