Agent A: Chapter 3, Ruby’s Trap: Walkthrough Guide

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise
By: Yak & Co.


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with help, hints, tips, answers and solutions for Chapter 3, Ruby’s Trap, of the iOS and Android game Agent A by Yak & Co. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 3, Ruby’s Trap:

1. Zoom in on the briefcase. It’s locked, but there’s a hidden button behind the handle. Press it to reveal a puzzle.


You can also watch my walkthrough video for the whole chapter here:

2. You need to slide the circle, square and triangle pieces into the correct slots. To do so, first get the two diamond pieces to the left so you can slide the circle to the right. Then, side the two diamonds over to where the circle started. You should now be able to get the circle over to its slot, then the triangle, and the square last. The briefcase unlocks and you can open it!





3. It turns out she strapped a bomb to a bridge and now you have to disarm it! Your new mission is to hit the kill switch. Start by picking up the pencil and looking under the corner of the note for a clue.


4. Open the right panel and flick the switch to open the left panel. Take the electronic chip and glowing object. Then place the electronic chip on the empty slot on the right side to hack the circuit board and get the power cell. While you’re there, also notice the clue.




5. Insert the power cell into one of the slots around the big red button. We still need three more, but this opens a small panel on the front of the pedestal.


6. You need to tap the blue buttons on the center piece to extend the arms one or two times to match the cutout that’s spinning around it.


7. Three new panels open. Let’s start with the one on the front. It’s basically a trial-and-error puzzle. You need to open each lock in the right order so they stay open. You can follow the image below if you need help. The panel will open and reveal some more buttons and locks that we can’t do anything with yet.


8. Look to the left side of the pedestal. There’s a crank handle jammed in the fan. Take it and a small door will open. Pick up the glowing object and all the little plugs from in there and off the floor. Also, make note of the clue.





9. Go to the holes on the right wall and place the little plugs in the holes in the same 7 pattern you saw on the paper with Ruby’s lipstick. It’s the right pattern, but nothing happens.


10. Zoom out and look at the security camera for the third of a set of clues, as well as a separate clue.



11. Go to the front of the pedestal and use the three clues to figure out which buttons on the keypad to press. The game will outline sections of it for you to make it easier.




12. Don’t pull the lever down yet. First, we’re going to look for Trevor the mouse. Find him in his little hole to the right. The next part needs to be done quickly or it won’t work. Tap him so he runs to the other hole. The second you see him pop out of that hole from a distance, pull the lever down. Now he should be in that hole, as both versions of the room share that hole. If he’s not there, change the room back and keep trying until you do it fast enough. It can be a bit tricky. Then tap him again and he’ll run to a hole in the wall across. Find it and get Trevor’s key.








13. Use Trevor’s key in the keyhole on the floor near the right mouse hole. There’s another puzzle like the one earlier, only this time it’s a bit trickier. Match the piece with arms to the cutout to reveal a little socket.



14. Place the crank handle in the socket and turn it until the whole disc glows green.



15. The camera will now automatically show you the lights on the wall, and the 7 pattern will light up, but backwards. That means we need to go back to the original room and place the little plugs in the opposite direction.


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Thanks for the great walkthrough! The most difficult puzzle for me was the last one with positioning the rays for the last piece of glass.


thats interesting coz i got the last piece from laying the brick on that block to keep sliding door open ; still fiddling with lazers and that pretty spots ! live this adventure



jenny rawlings


Lynn Brown

I’m having a hard time getting the laser receivers to become visible. What am I missing


The last code dont work…


That’s because the games have different codes you have to work them out


The second power cell didn’t open when I turned the crank


There is no lever

Narwhal Stone Needs Help

The backwards seven won’t work… halp pls?


For me either!! It keeps changing every time!! Did anyone else have a similar problem??


what do you mean? just drag and drop the pins


Haven’t had that problem… Maybe ensure you’ve done the right shape and used every pin?


SOS I’ve found all the clues but can’t get to the second power cell, is it because I didn’t respect a certain path? I did get the lights reordered, moved to the spy room, turned that crank the wheel got bluish, to then try to grab the power cell but the little trap won’t open, it’s been days I’m stuck going back and forth between the two rooms repeating this operation. In the meantime I’ve found other clues and a 3 cell but I need to get the 2 out! What am I doing wrong?


dont stop turning the crank……


I cant get the mouse to get the key when i have done what it said SOOOO many times


ensure the mouse is peeking out when you leave it.

Hai, Please Help!

I think it’s a great walkthrough, but not always clear. I’m driving myself mad trying to get the lasers in position, and I don’t even know if that’s what I’m SUPPOSED to do. Could you consider making a YouTube channel like this? I would watch it often. I don’t want to be negative, I’m just frustrated. If anybody could help with the lasers part, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Neil M Gallagher

I have the same number grid and so I did 14958 and it didnt work

Neil M Gallagher

I have exactly the same grid, the code is not 14958 I know that because I tried it, it’s getting annoying now as its impossible for me to progress



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