Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise: Walkthrough Guide

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise
By: Yak & Co.

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with help, hints, tips, answers and solutions for the iOS, Android, PC and console game, Agent A, by Yak & Co. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Achievements | Review | Interview


Chapter 1, A Puzzle in Disguise:

1. Move the potted plant and pick up the gold key. Use it to unlock the panel to the left of the door. Press the buttons in this order to unlock the door.

2. Go inside. There’s a vase on the table that isn’t really a vase. Flick the top up to reveal a button. Press it and a picture frame will move, revealing a secret control panel.

3. Take the crank, then press the blue and red buttons until a square slot opens. Basically, just press a blue one, then the red one, blue then red, blue then red. The idea is to turn them all off.

4. Take a look at the plants on the wall. It’s a clue for later.

5. Continue into the living room. Ruby La Rouge is outside and she locks you in! You need to disable the alarm system. First, go up the stairs to the piano room and library. Knock over the lamp and then take the magnet from the bookshelf.

Achievement: Glissando Glide – To get this achievement, quickly run your fingers back and forth along the piano.

6. Go back downstairs and use the magnet to get the metal key out from the fish (shark) tank. You need to lead it to the tube that will suck it out, then open the panel. Open the filter box to find it in there and grab it.

7. Go up the stairs, past the hanging plants. Use the metal key in the lock and go through. Lots of options here.

8. Let’s first open the drawer here and get a yellow wedge piece (triangle).

9. Go through the right door to the bathroom. Open the mirror above the sink. Take the yellow wedge piece and notice the symbol on one of the bottles. It’s a clue. Also, find the switch and flick it to reveal a hidden safe room. Take the pink telescope.

10. Tap on the screens and Ruby will appear on all of them, telling you you’ll never catch her. Notice what’s on the screens. We’ll have to come back here later. But for now, flick the switch again to bring the regular bathroom back. Turn on the shower and notice that the steam makes a clock appear on the glass. The hands are pointed to 3 and 12, or 3:00. It’s a clue!

11. Leave the bathroom and go through the left door to Ruby’s study. Change the clock to 3:00 and take the diamond.

12. Go to the phonograph. Pick up the record next to it and place it on top. Then add the crank. Turn the crank until the gauge hits red, causing the screwdriver to fly out from the opening. Then pick up the screwdriver from the floor.

Achievement: Wuka Wuka – For this achievement, run your finger along the record on the gramophone for 10 seconds to scratch it.

13. Look at everything on the desk. There’s a note under the ship’s blueprints. The most important thing to notice here is the symbol to the left.

Achievement: STAR 69 – Turn on the phone in the study and then dial *69 to see who Ruby spoke to last.

14. Leave the study and go through the back door to the bedroom. Ignore the cat for now. Open the chest at the foot of the bed and insert the wedges you found so far. Also, notice the colored pattern in the painting on the wall.

15. Go up the stairs. Arrange the hanging plants like the ones you saw earlier. So it should go down, up, down, up. A telescope stand will rise up from a secret opening in the floor. Pick up the yellow wedge and place the telescope on the stand. We’re still missing the lens.

16. Pick up the yellow cube from behind the small plant on the table and get the wedge from under the seat cushion.

17. Leave this room. Feel free to place the new wedges in the bedroom. Then go back to the first room of the house. Place the yellow cube in the slot you opened earlier. Four more colored cubes will appear. Arrange them based on the painting from the bedroom: pink, white, orange, blue, yellow. Then take the wedge.

18. Go back to the living room. Use the screwdriver to open the panel on the alarm system. Then place the diamond in middle of the laser to disarm the alarm. Open the door and go through to the pool area and Chapter 2.

And that’s the end of Chapter 1. Click here to continue to Chapter 2, The Chase Continues.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Achievements | Review | Interview

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Can you please post a full walkthrough I can’t figure this out please

Vic Olson

The fusebox is driving me insane. Does it. Not reset? We need a skip button please


When I go up the stairs past the hanging plants, use the key to open the white diuble doors it brings me to the bedroom with the bed. I can’t figure out how to get into the bedroom and study. I’ve tapped literally everything. Help!


The bedroom is at the end of the hall of where the bathroom and office is


I just restarted the game, and now there is the hallway. That was weird.


thanks!!! see you in the next episode!!!


Where did you find the keycard?

Yolande Lafontaine

Thank you so much for this walkthrough. I was stuck as what to do with the hacking device and you saved me from so much frustration, once I had that clue I was able to finish this puzzle. However I don’t know where to scroll down to get the bonus.


Hi! Where is the broken keypad? I’ve looked everywhere for it! Lol.


Oh, nevermind. It’s in the living room. Sorry guys 🙂

Jennifer Hart

I loved this game. When is part 2 coming out?


Hi .just started this and got a fairly basic glitch already. I was dragging the key around the fish tank and the magnet went off screen behind the inventory. No way to get it back. Game over?
Thanks for any help


haha.just like me to find a bug. Anyway, thanks for your time. I restarted and was a bit more careful with the magnet this time.
Thanks for your help


Sheri arno

I am really stuck on the piano game. I have watched the walk through lots of times. Is there an easy way to get through it

Sheri arno

I am having a problem with the piano.Is there an easier way to complete the piano part of the game?


I can’t seem to find the wedge that’s behind the lounge chair by the pool…


I have problem with number slot machine. Ugh. Is there anyway to make it easier to tap the number?


My yellow cube doesn’t want to fit in the slot, it just says ‘It seems to belong there, but I need to open it somehow’ What do I need to open?


Nevermind it worked

Ana flores

What have you done to make it work? Mine doesn’t want to fit!! 🙁

Jaki I

I’m having the same problem with the yellow cube, what do I need to do?


How do you get rid of the flames I can’t seem to work it out⁉️?


Where is the cup⁉️?


And where is the plunger⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

Myrna Muñoz

I need the telescope lens. How can I move the cat ?


Thanks for all the terrific hints. I am 68 years old and only ever played Solitaire before this, so it’s all been quite an adventure! It is a really good game. One thing – I can’t for the life of me break the glass on the panel above the fireplace. Can you help me with this?


All of the puzzles made sense except for the line puzzle (in the tiles above the fireplace). Was there a clue that told us what the arrangement of the lines was supposed to be? Or were we supposed to just accidentally happen upon that combination?


How do you get the Catt to move




The crank on the gramophone won’t turn?? The record is on the gramophone

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