Milkmaid of the Milky Way: Walkthrough Guide

46. Go back to the back room and crawl through the pipe again to the grate above the queen’s room. You’ll go there automatically this time, so don’t worry about remembering the directions. Use the oil can to shoot some of the sleepy water into the queen’s glass so she falls asleep. Then use the rope to grab her staff!



47. The queen will show up while you’re trying to figure out how to use the staff. You have the option to Wave, Point, or Strike. Try each of them. None will work, and the queen will take the staff back. Ruth will automatically run back to the tank room and the queen will catch up with her.


48. This is a tricky part. You have an option to Plead or Refuse. The queen will then lift Ruth up with her staff. Refuse will make Ruth go higher than Plead. So first, refuse. Quickly use the screwdriver to loosen the pipe.


49. You now have to put the seed in the cogs to get them stuck, tie the rope to it, and then tie the oil can to the rope. These should all be done after Pleading. If you need more time, just keep pleading until you finish.





50. The oil can will start hitting the pipe, making a sound like a cowbell. Lykke will run in to save the day, but the queen kills her in the process. 🙁 Take the staff.




51. Ruth will automatically drag Amrita to the Age Machine and force her to give all her years back to the people she stole them from. Now Ruth is the new queen! Talk to the aliens and inspect the queen’s remains. I’m not sure if it’s triggered by a specific action or just happens after a certain amount of time, but eventually the lights will flicker and you’ll find out the flame is overpowered. You need to get back on the hoversled!




52. Once on the hoversled, you need to fly closer to the ship and land on the back, near the engine. Then make your way back over to the spoon you used as a lever, and pull it out. Ruth may fall a few times before you can make it happen. Then watch the ending!



Congratulations! You completed the game! Hopefully there’ll be more of the same!


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  1. Robin

    I can’t get the drill to work again near the end! I’ve got the pipe down once and now it just says that it’s already loose. Help!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, the developer said that the game was bugged when I played it and it wasn’t supposed to be so easy. I have to catch up on my second playthrough, but he said you have to use the seed, rope, and oil gun in that puzzle.

      1. Nora

        Hi, also having same issue.. has anyone figured it out?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I updated my walkthrough. It should all be in there now. I’m about to make a new video walkthrough, though, if you still need help.

  2. Nats

    The mechanic dude keeps telling me not to touch the drill thingy, even after I gave him the drink.

    1. Bella

      You need to give him the bolt too

  3. Vanillamilk

    After reaching the floating rock I only got the unripe fruit. Not any 2nd item from up there! Where do you get the old fruit?!?

    1. camelCase

      There is no second item up there. The old fruit is in the offering bowl in the middle of the elevator room, South of the age machine room

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