Milkmaid of the Milky Way: Walkthrough Guide

16. Climb up the wing and then go left. There’s some steam. Head down to the hole in the wall and insert the spoon. Use it as a lever. Pull down and the steam will turn off.






17. Place the butter on the hot plate to melt it into grease, then go back to the wing.


18. Head onto the body of the ship and use the grease on one of the metal panels. Then stand on it and you’ll fall through into the ship!




19. Head right. A figure will appear and Ruth will automatically run left. But then Queen Amrita appears! Talk to her. After, Ruth will automatically follow into another room. Keep following her to the biodome with the cows and milkbeasts.




20. Follow the queen to the cows and talk to her. She’ll lead you to the Age Machine. Either refuse or bargain. They’ll both end up with the Queen taking Ruth’s youth! She’ll wake up old and achey near a guy named Gopali.




21. Head left. Keep going left and pick up the bolt.



22. This next part needs to be done quickly or you’ll keep having to try again. Press the button near the bodies in beds. The guy you just met (Gopali) will come over to see what’s going on. Quickly, run back right and pick up the empty glass to the left. Swap it out with the glass full of liquid before he returns.




23. Head right to a woman sewing amid piles of textiles. Her name is Annisa. Talk to her and she explains she needs a lighter fabric so she can make a glowing cape for the queen. Notice the boy that pops his head up occasionally. Tap on him and he’ll be introduced as Halim, the last boy on the ship! He hides so the queen won’t steal his youth. Continue right.





24. Ignore the machine here for now. Go past it and down to the mechanic, Vis. Ask him what he’s repairing, it’s a hoversled! He’ll ask for a cold drink. Give him the drink you got upstairs. Also, give him the bolt you found. He’ll now allow you to borrow his electric screwdriver. Also, take a look at the blueprints.






25. Go back all the way to where you found the bolt. Use the screwdriver to remove the other bolts and you’ll get a strange ethereal material.


26. Before we can give Annisa the material, we need to turn it into thread. So go to the big orange machine and place the floaty material on the spinning wheel. Then use the power screwdriver to remove it.



27. Go back to Annisa and give her the thread. She’ll make a cape for the queen, but the queen will be displeased with it and take more of her years. Now you’ll have a cutscene where you won’t have any control. A man will run across and fix the broken elevator. And Ruth will convince Halim to give her some of his youth. Stand on the Age Machine to swap some youth with Halim. Then they’ll soon be back by the beds. Ruth is young again and Halim mourns over his mother.




28. Go right and pick up the sewing needle. You can also talk to Vis and ask him about the repairs and the oil can. He’ll tell you he needs a bonnet for his hoversled and that the oil can is for squeaks.


29. Go back all the way left. The elevator is working now, so take it up to the next level. Now is where the game really opens up, as you have several different areas you can visit.


30. First, take the piece of rotten fruit from the altar. Then go straight ahead to another room.


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  1. Robin

    I can’t get the drill to work again near the end! I’ve got the pipe down once and now it just says that it’s already loose. Help!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, the developer said that the game was bugged when I played it and it wasn’t supposed to be so easy. I have to catch up on my second playthrough, but he said you have to use the seed, rope, and oil gun in that puzzle.

      1. Nora

        Hi, also having same issue.. has anyone figured it out?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I updated my walkthrough. It should all be in there now. I’m about to make a new video walkthrough, though, if you still need help.

  2. Nats

    The mechanic dude keeps telling me not to touch the drill thingy, even after I gave him the drink.

    1. Bella

      You need to give him the bolt too

  3. Vanillamilk

    After reaching the floating rock I only got the unripe fruit. Not any 2nd item from up there! Where do you get the old fruit?!?

    1. camelCase

      There is no second item up there. The old fruit is in the offering bowl in the middle of the elevator room, South of the age machine room

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