Reigns Her Majesty: Objectives (Royal Deeds) Walkthrough Guide

Reigns: Her Majesty
By: Devolver Digital


This a walkthrough guide to help you get all the royal deeds/objectives in Reigns: Her Majesty.

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The Maiden:

Rule at least 5 years.

The Matron:

Govern at least 20 years

The Elder:

Govern at least 40 years.

The Ancient:

Govern at least 60 years.

To get past year 41, apparently have the Pistol and use it on the king when he asks you if you’re happy. Or reach a high score as a widow. Basically, there’s some hoops to jump through that weren’t in the original game.

The Venerated:

Govern at least 80 years.

The Crone:

Govern at least 100 years.

The Deathless:

Govern at least 200 years.

The Graceful:

Perform the Coronation Ritual.

Once the ritual is taught to you, just choose those steps when asked. It goes one step forward, two steps back, clap your hands softly, then spray your perfume.


The Heathen:

Recruit the acolyte.

When your handmaid asks you to throw a coronation ball, agree. Then, tell her to have fun. Then the Acolyte will appear.


If you already have the Blank Spellbook from the All-Mother, give it to her. She’ll write in it and it will become the Red Spellbook. Now you can use it to talk to animals!

The Enlightened:

Become a patron of the arts.

When someone comes and tells you a sculptor is here to see you, let him in.

The Savant:

Investigate the locked tower.

When asked who will investigate the tower, make sure to answer, “I will!”

The doctor will be inside!

The Keen:

Unmask a traitor.

When the Comtesse asks you to borrow the Kong’s royal seal to get her brother out of the Church prison, comply. Then money will go missing. It turns out she’s the traitor! Hang her!



The Magi:

Talk to an animal.

When you see an animal, most likely the cat, drag the Red Spellbook from your inventory to talk to her. Ask her for help!

The Unholy:

Speak to the Lady of the Wood.

To do this, you must first get the Red Spellbook from Lys. Use it to talk to a cat, who will tell you to talk to a fox. You then need to change your sign to Cancer, talk to the fox again, and then follow him to the Lady of the Wood.

The Patron:

Meet the explorer.

When you’re told a handsome man claiming to be an explorer is here to see you, tell them to let him in.

The Sorceress:

Recruit the witch.

When the sister asks you to attend witchcraft trials, say “Fine!” The cardinal will have you ask your chef some questions. She happens to also look like a witch, but tell him she isn’t. Then you’ll recruit the witch!



The Mercantile:

Recruit the merchant.

This seems to be a random event. Just make sure to welcome her when she arrives.

The Mother:

Produce an heir.

The Fateful:

Upgrade your clock.

The Machinist:

Restore the mechanical owl.

You first need to recruit the mechanic. Then, say Yes when she offers to repair the mechanical owl.


The Advisor:

Joint the royal council.

The king will come and ask you to join the royal council as an advisor, so comply.

The Romantic:

Play matchmaker at court.

When your handmaid asks you to set her up with someone, agree to do so. She’ll be waiting behind the rose-colored door. When a man comes looking for her, make sure to tell him she’s behind the rose-colored door.

The Fateful:

Upgrade your clock.

Give the Strange Clock to the mechanic and she’ll upgrade it to the Destiny Clock.

The Amicable:

Host a neighboring kingdom.

The King of Northwest Isle is visiting with his mysterious wife. Greet her!


The Worldly:

Discover a new world.

Recruit the explorer. Then agree to find his expeditions. Tell him to explore to the North. He’ll come back with a barbarian prisoner. Tell him to send her in.

The Extravagant:

Own a royal riverboat.

If you talk to the Royal Cow in the zoo, you might learn that you can only get the riverboat during Sagittarius. So wait for that sign or use the maze and Destiny Clock to change your sign to Sagittarius and wait for the river boat cards to appear.


This is the Sagittarius sign:


The Merciful:

Examine the church prisoner.

The Vengeful:

Duel the assassin.

The Isle Queen has to first try to poison you. Then you’ll be able to use the pistol on her to initiate a duel. You don’t have to win to clear the objective, but if you want to win, step forward until you see something about the Fool. This is the point where you want to fire: “A youth at the beginning of the path.” It’s related to the tarot card. Now, you’ll be able to get the Partnership Monument, which prevents you from dying because your army is too weak.


The Pure:

Defeat your inner darkness.

Once you have the mirror and the pistol, use the pistol on the mirror to duel yourself. You need to step forward each time until you see this card. Then fire!


The Hearty:

Duel a pirate.

First you need to get the riverboat to meet the pirate. Then, use the pistol on her to duel with her. You need to solve her riddle, which is “Fire when you hear the name of the pirate’s greatest source of shame.” Keep stepping forward until you get to “O, all these labors and yet no glory to the name.”


The Saint:

Pass the sainthood test.

Make sure you have the chicken bone first. Then, you need to get the church to 100% and the cardinal will appear, wanting to test you for sainthood. Give him the chicken bone and you’ll pass sainthood and get the Saint’s Bone, a holy relic.



The Celestial:

Summon an eclipse.

You need to follow the sun in the maze until you see a moon monument. Then, use the Destiny Clock to create an eclipse! I made this video to help you out:

The Innocent:

Stand trial.

This one seems to be bugged at the moment, as I’ve stood on trial several times, was declared innocent, and never cleared the objective.

The Elder:

Govern at least 40 years.

The Widow:

Rule without the king.

You can either get the king killed in a hunting incident or upgrade the pistol to a Lethal Pistol and then use it on him.

The Builder:

Earn three architectural works.

The Indefatigable:

Have four affairs at once.

The easiest way to do this is to use perfume on your handmaid and just keep telling her you’re in love with different people.

The Millennial:

Pass the second millennium.

Play past the year 2000!

The Collector:

Upgrade all your items.

Upgrade the perfume, bone, clock, pistol, and spellbook to their final states.

The Secret:

Reveal the snake society

Once you’ve started seeing the snake men, you need to find out who they are. Have the doctor investigate and keep investigating until she has nothing more to offer. Then, you’ll have to choose between suspects. Make sure to select this guy below, the Chamberlain, and he’ll confess to everything.


New one were added!

The Faithless:

Escape with your lover.

The Conjurer:

Turn the frog into a princess. See how here.

The following are ones I haven’t seen yet:

The Empowered

The Fulfilled

This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Fancy

    How do I do the innocent (stand trial) one? I did the trial part multiple times, chose different answers, but nothing happens. They say I’m innocent and the game goes on without unlocking this objective.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Same. IΓÇÖve played through the game multiple times and have never been able to get that achievement. I think itΓÇÖs bugged.

      1. Iuvat

        When your at the first decision say IΓÇÖm innocent!

  2. Holly H

    I got “The Fulfilled” by dying happy after reigning for 49 years (most of them as the monarch, since I killed the King early)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I still havenΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t figured out what item to use on year 41 so I can continue. 🙁

      1. Holly H

        Just kill the king with the true pistol when he comes to ask you if you had a good life — if you do this at year 40 and things are fairly balanced you can keep going for a good while longer. You get The Ancient for governing for 60 years, the Venetrated for 80 years, and the Crone for 100 years. I haven’t finished that one yet but maybe the Deathless is even higher? That leaves The Empowered which I’m not sure about.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          ThatΓÇÖs really annoying. So if you hit 41 years before you got the Lethal Pistol, thereΓÇÖs nothing you can do?

          In my current game, I had all four factions perfectly balanced at 41, but I didnΓÇÖt have the pistol yet. That seems like a really big oversight.

          1. Holly H

            If you don’t have the lethal pistol, just die and keep going until you get it. Then play a game until you hit 41 (it’s not hard to do this if you know what the choices do) and kill the king. You can do it over and over once you get the lethal pistol, just don’t end the game with the crown book.

            No idea what “dying happy” means, that’s just what it said. So I’m not clear on the trigger conditions there, since sometimes I’ve died automatically after ~50 years while ruling solo, other times I’ve gone 60-90 years total.

            1. Freddie Alequin-Ramos

              I was able to do 118 years by killing the King early. The queen’s sign was Cancer.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Someone else said you can use the toy pistol and it will still work to get you past 41?

              Sadly, IΓÇÖve only reached 41 like 3 times and that wasnΓÇÖt enough for me to test things out.

          2. socentury

            When the king asked if I was happy I used an object on him – not sure what it was, but it wasn’t the lethal pistol – and it let me keep going. It also let me get above 40 a few more times before I got the pistol.

          3. Rose

            IΓÇÖm not sure why if itΓÇÖs intended, but show when he comes and asks if you had a good life, show him the duel pistol. HeΓÇÖll remark how cute it is and leave you alone.
            This also works if he comes when youΓÇÖve mucked up your stats. Show him the pistol and youΓÇÖll gain a few extra cards to sort things out. It only works once per death per game.

        2. Karen

          So im having trouble even triggering the event where i get the true pistol. I have had many heirs and even had the conversation with the pirate a few times. But when i use the pistol she dismisses it or wont give me the real pistol

        3. Aydan T

          I donΓÇÖt know how to get it but The Empowered is ΓÇ£YASSSS KWEEEEN! Learn to codeΓÇ¥

    2. AppUnwrapper

      What does ΓÇ£dying happyΓÇ¥ mean?

      1. yukiartsa

        i got it after killing the king before the 41 year mark (when you’d die together). i killed him at 39 years and ruled for a bit longer before i “died”. i did also say i’d have ten consorts, though, so idk if that made a difference or not.

    3. Katie

      To add to this, you get this after the scientist says you’ve had a good reign and you can close your eyes. When you swipe this card the queen will die and you’ll earn this achievement.

  3. Shaun Barr (Cyan)

    You get ‘The Deathless’ by ruling for 201 years exactly. (Being a 214 year old queen) just like being ‘The Eternal’ in Reigns.

  4. Lyndsey Fain Rhodes

    I haven’t gotten the empowered yet, but it’s a current objective and says “YASSSSS KWEEN! learn to code.”

    I’m thinking it’s related to using the tablet on someone maybe??

    1. Borax the Clean

      Something about the memory stick, then?

      1. kiiraz

        Someone has a clue for me i dont find how “learn to code”

  5. Azmi

    How on earth do I get the third monument?? I know how to get the second one if it gets teared down, forgot how to get the first one, and never came across a third!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Which two have you gotten? One the doctor builds, a Center of Philosophy, another the Explorer builds, the Hall of Wonders, and the third the Isle Queen builds, a Partnership Monument.

      1. Azmi

        Didn’t know the names to all of them. I got the Center of Philosophy, but the people tore it down because they thought it looked creepy. The Partnership Monument is easy, I just need to get into a duel with the assassin. Never got the Hall of Wonders before.

  6. ies

    When I questioned the witch, I told the cardinal she actually was a witch and now I don’t have her recruited. Can I do something about this? Can I still recruit her?

  7. Jacqueline Meldrum

    How do you get the doctor to investigate the snake men?

    1. Queen392

      I wish I knew as well. I’m approaching the year 3000 and there was never an option. I only ever get up to the point where the doctor concludes it’s not who he thought he was, I then get the option “they’re afraid” vs something else, the snakeman under investigation then explains he’s scared of women causing an eclipse, I have the options of “It’s true” and “that’s silly” — and that’s it. The doctor never mentions the snakemen again.

      I *have* successfully made them disappear entirely by letting the cardinal execute heretics in exchange for letting them join convents, but that’s not what the achievement requires.

      (Also, I’ve started several new games now and never got to open the time capsule. If anyone has any input on that, I’d appreciate it).

  8. Bella

    I’m pretty sure you get the fulfilled objective by saying you were happy when you were the king asks you.

    1. Santi

      You get it for dying alone of old age

  9. Lenna

    How to meet all the characters? I only meet 41 so far. CanΓÇÖt find the other 5.

  10. The f***ing Queen of Everything

    How i get the Explorer builds?

  11. Veljkokill

    i was year 44 i didnt use a shit exept for the cicken bon and the redspellbool.

  12. Carly Michael

    Had anyone figured out how to achieve the ΓÇ£forbiddenΓÇ¥ ???

    1. yukiartsa

      i don’t know for sure, but i would assume it would involve being with the vampire (using the perfume on him) and possibly biting everyone… it’s certainly difficult, considering just talking to him gives you a lot of decreases, but that would be my guess. i’m still trying it though, haha

  13. Ilya Rudnitskiy

    ThereΓÇÖs another way to become a widow. At one point, the king will say something with ΓÇ£Enguarde!ΓÇ¥ at the end. Agree, and the king will die of battle wounds. Then answer YES and you are a widow!

  14. yukiartsa

    the witch: turn the princess into a frog

    you can challenge the frog princess to a duel. you have to fire on the snake (there’s a line about “cleopatra in the asp of her dress”, that’s when you fire), and when you win, you can either have her work in the kitchens as a servant (giving you boosts in everything) or make her leave (decrease everything); making her leave will achieve “the witch”.

  15. yukiartsa

    i didn’t see “the magus” included (which is to change the vampire using the celestial spell book).

  16. Nezumi

    The fulfilled is to die of old age. Possibly have to be sole ruler as well? It… seems to just happen randomly after a time. You can bypass it if the kingΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s still alive by shooting him, but havenΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t found a way to stay alive if you get it after heΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s dead.

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