Evergarden: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

By: Flippfly, LLC

Flippfly’s Evergarden is a relaxing endless merging puzzler. What sets it apart from others like it is the gorgeous graphics and soundtrack, unique mechanics, and lack of in-app purchases. The game doesn’t tell you much, though, so you’re left to figuring things out on your own. If you would rather have some help, though, you can use this walkthrough guide. I’ll be adding to it as I discover more secrets.

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Evergarden is an endless high score chaser. The main game has you merging flowers to upgrade them and complete shapes that the cat creature, Fen, asks for. Those give you extra flowers you can store in your inventory and place anywhere on the board.


When you build monoliths, they give you red triangles at the end of the game. Use these to complete patterns around the map and earn songs, which act as power-ups. Just drag up to three to your inventory. Sometimes you need green or yellow triangles, which can only be found around the map. You can’t earn them by playing the main game. At the moment, my favorites are Whirlwind, Abundance, and Omnitune.

Timeless Rain: Brings selected plants up to the next level.

Aquila’s Call: Calls Aquila to remove any unwanted pest on the board.

The Whirlwind: Uproots any plant from the board and moves it to the inventory.

The Abundance: Makes one space on the board continually produce seeds.

Lightning Reel: Upgrades any group plants of the same type.

The Sowing Song: Plants seeds in any open space on the board.

Ava’s Jig: Moves any item on the board to an adjacent space.

Omnitune: Creates a wildcard that can serve as any plant in a pattern. (This has limited uses but it can be moved around once placed! Very useful.)

The Map:

Look around the map for hidden triangles, roses, and even magnifying glasses. These are all useful.

High Score Tips:

To get a high score, you need to both last a long time, keep making Fen’s patterns, and make flowers that are worth a lot of points. Monoliths both give you extra turns, more moves, and a whole lot more.

– Match two big white flowers to make a monolith. You earn 2000 points for it and +3 turns.

– Use a monolith in a pattern Fen is asking for and it will act as a wild card and light up. You can only use it as a wild card once.

– Place three monoliths in a pyramid as shown below and light them up to activate a super monolith. You can make any size triangle you want.

– I’m still working out other shapes.

Triangle Puzzles:

First off, you need to gain access to the triangle puzzles. After you earn your first triangles, look for a slot near the tree at the bottom and place a red triangle there. It will turn into an arrow and now you can access other puzzles.

The first puzzle is easy, and you get one of the triangles there for free.

Here’s the next:

And make sure to grab this green triangle in the water on the next puzzle.

And here’s the next puzzle:

Here’s the next one:

Make sure to grab this green triangle by the next puzzle.

And the next puzzle. Make sure to grab the yellow triangle after.

The next pattern is on the tree.

Make sure to grab the glass rose after this one.

For the next level, you need to place a red triangle down to see the pattern.

Make sure to take the green triangle after solving this one.

The next puzzle has a hidden green triangle if you insert a red triangle on the tree.

And here’s the next puzzle:

Don’t forget the glass rose after this next one.

Also, don’t forget the green gem in the water.

For the next puzzle, place the rose in the hole. It will act like a prism, showing you the pattern. Don’t forget to take the magnifying glass after.

For the one up north, make sure to grab the green triangle behind the tree and place it on the tree to get a yellow triangle. You’ll need it for the next puzzle.

Don’t forget to grab the white rose after this puzzle.

There’s another yellow triangle here:

Further up, there’s a tree with a question mark on it. Place a yellow triangle in the slot to get a green triangle. Also, pick up the magnifying glass.

Don’t forget to take the yellow and green triangles after the next one.

Use the magnifying glass on this level to see the pattern.

Then use it to solve the mini puzzle that unlocks the main puzzle here.

And here’s the next puzzle:

Here’s the next one.

Make sure to place the rose down and pick up the yellow triangle.

For the next puzzle, you need to place a magnifying glass down and look through it to see the pattern.

Make sure to grab the two yellow triangles after this one.

On the next one, you need the rose to reveal the pattern.

And here’s the last puzzle. Then you can watch the ending.

And here’s the first daily:

You can also watch my 58,850 game:

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