Worse Than Death: Walkthrough Guide

Worse Than Death
By: Benjamin Rivers Inc.

Worse Than Death is a new horror point-and-click adventure game from Benjamin Rivers, the developer of Home. It mixes stealth sections with exploration, jump scares and puzzle solving. It can be tricky, especially with the threat of death. So if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.



The game starts off pretty easy. You can’t mess up. Just walk around, examine things, jump over obstacles, and interact with any people you meet. Head to the bar, talk to Flynn, etc.

Chapter 1, The Reunion:

1. Once you get to the reunion, examine everything on the first floor. Then head left and inside the gymnasium and talk to everyone you can.

2. Head left and through the door here to the hallway. Head left and into the chemistry lab.

3. Head left and right and examine everything. Notice the storage cabinet was left unlocked some iron oxide was taken. Leave the room.

4. Continue left and then up the stairs. It’s getting cold! Make your way to the right. Head through the door to home room.

5. Look around the room. Find your cracked desk.

6. Continue right….until you see Jack’s body! Examine it and pull the note up. It says: “You should have stopped when I told you.”But some letters are missing. Take the custodian keys.

7. Leave the room and head right. Go through the door. Holly will automatically use the custodian keys to unlock it.

8. Here’s where things get tricky (and scary!). There’s some ghostlike creature stalking this floor. Holly has a stamina meter that tells you when it’s safe to leave her hiding spot.

9. So here’s what you need to do. Let the ghost pass to the left, then watch carefully as he starts heading right. You want to leave your hiding spot when you see the stamina bar is a light pink. Don’t wait for it to get white because it will be too late. Then, you want to walk (not run!) to the right and tap the eye icon to hide inside the locker before the ghost sees you.

10. Then, wait for him to pass, let the stamina bar turn light pink again, and leave the locker and head right and through the door.

11. On the next floor, keep going right and then down the stairs. Head left to see that the gym is locked and everyone seems to be gone. Head right and go outside. Head to the car to complete Chapter 1.

Chapter 2, Things Begin to Unravel:


More coming soon!

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