HoloVista: Walkthrough Guide and Passwords

By: Aconite

HoloVista is a narrative-based game that blends hidden object scenes with more riddle-like puzzles. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on either kind of puzzle. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Passwords & More:


Mesmer & Braid:

Password Locked:
Hint: Caged Bird
Password: PARROT

This is what each of the images should look like on the test:

Venus Bar:

Password Locked:
Hint: The ball above the goddess.
Password: DISCO

Apartment II:

Password Locked:
Hint: #41, no spaces (look at the idea board)
Password: LAROSA


Autohaus Foyer:

Password Locked:
Hint: The light in the mirror


Password Locked:
Hint: Woman behind glass
Password: MERMAID


Password Locked:
Hint: Who’s playing on the boom box?
Password: SELENA



Password Locked:
Hint: A word beneath a rose
Password: BEANS

Pool Room:

Password Locked:
Hint: I swear I saw them…
Password: CRABS

Art Room:

Password Locked:
Hint: The darkest color I could find in here
Password: VOID

Entertainment Room:

I’ve seen two different puzzles here when replaying the game:

Password Locked:
Hint: A “place” that was also in the foyer

Password Locked:
Hint: It shines between the parrot and the diver.
Password: MOON


Bedroom II:

Password Locked:
Hint: What’s reaching out from beneath the bed
Password: TENTACLE

Pool Room II:

I saw two different puzzles here.

Password Locked:
Hint: The date it happened
Password: 6/29

Password Locked:
Hint: She followed me here from the bedroom
Password: MERMAID


Password Locked:
Hint: It was just a picture in my apartment, but here it’s alive.
Password: PEACOCK


There are no passwords on Friday! But stay tuned for videos that show you where all the hidden objects are.

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