Adventure Escape Mysteries – On Thin Ice: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – On Thin Ice
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, another Kate Gray mystery. Kate is back from her ordeal in Echo Bay, and just as she and Murphy head out on their first sushi date, disaster strikes; a trusted co-worker betrays the police station; a ransomware gang turns to murder; and a blizzard locks down the city. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in On Thin Ice. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. There was a ransomeware attack and Kate’s desk is sealed off by crime scene tape. First, grab the chip reader from the box.

2. Place the chip reader on the desk. The monitor changes, so look at it. We need five numbers. Look at the chip reader and notice the five numbers in bold — 63849. Then enter it on the PC.

3. Kate and Murphy head off. Murphy is meeting an informant named Hacksaw, but there was a shootout and he’s not answering his phone. Grab the wheel, nozzle and fuel. Then use them with the snowblower to get it working. Then use the snowblower to get rid of all the snow.

4. Pick up the metal numbers and then place them on the board to the right. Arrange them on the top to get 40827.

5. Now, tap on the door of the cabin to access a keypad. Enter 40827 to unlock the door and then head inside.

6. Move the mattress aside and the rug. Also, open the window to let light in. Grab the cloth curtains. Then open the cabinets to find a puzzle and grab the hacksaw. Then look at four points on the body. Open the phone case to see it’s empty. Look at all the tattoos and notice there’s a hidden compartment on one of his legs. Also, grab the symbol strip near his hand and look at it.

7. Use the hacksaw to cut open the loose floorboards and then pull out the safe.

8. Go outside and wet the cloth in the puddle. Go back inside and wipe the blood off the safe with the wet cloth. Now, look at the symbol strip again and count the number of times you see each of those symbols on his body.

Arrow = 9
Skull = 4
Heart = 1
Wave = 6

9. Enter 9416 into the locked safe and take the letter, triangles and lockpin gun from inside.

10. Use the lockpin gun to open the door to the right and see a flaming car outside.

11. We need to find Hacksaw’s evidence. Pull the tarp off the grill and grab the fire extinguisher and cleaning oil. Also, brush some snow aside to reveal a locked box. Use the cleaning oil to remove the rust. We’ll come back to it when we have a key. Then tap on the ice blocks to access a puzzle.

12. Let’s solve the Ice Stairway puzzle. You need to slide the ice blocks so the numbers end up in the right slots. You have a couple of extra blocks to work with, but it’s still tricky.

13. Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Then tap each of the dead bodies to get a crowbar and a wrench.

14. Use the crowbar to open the car door and take the phone cord.

15. Go back inside. Plug in the phone cord. Also, use the wrench to fix the wheelchair and then take the small key.

16. Go back outside to the burnt car and use the small key to unlock the locked box. Take the screwdriver and the triangles from inside.

17. Go back inside and use the screwdriver to open the compartment on the leg. Grab the dead phone.

18. Place the phone on the wireless charger. Kate and Murphy will talk while it charges and then pick it back up automatically.

19. The phone is locked with facial ID. Use it on Hacksaw’s face to unlock it.

20. Look a the phone. Read through all the text messages on it. Someone threatened Hacksaw. He also got a delivery and it’s in the mailbox out front.

21. Go back out to the front of the cabin and use the phone to unlock the mailbox. Take the triangles and the chart from it.

22. Now we have all the triangles. Go back inside and place them in the puzzle inside the cabinets. Let’s solve the Triangulate puzzle. Tap the highlighted triangles to guide the electrical dot to the yellow triangle at the far right. Every time the electrical dot moves, the triangle it lands on rotates clockwise. Then take the photo.

23. Place the letter, chart and photo on the wall to open a secret safe and get the hard drive with Hacksaw’s evidence. Then watch the end of the chapter.

And that’s the end of Chapter 1! Click here to continue to Chapter 2 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Jennifer

    Let me know when you figure out fight sequence. I think I am missing something

    1. Furby

      I was stuck too; the hint you get for five stars says that doing nothing is a clever move whenever Sticks is doing something defensive. Hope that helps!

      Ended up using 3 moves on first round, 2 on second and just the one on the last round.

      1. Jennifer

        Finally figured it out. Thanks

        1. Erica

          Why is it if she gets one hit it’s game over. And she has 3 stabs.

          1. Erica

            Figured it out

      2. Steve

        Noon is lunchtime, 12 o’clock

        1. Steve

          Cancel wrong spot

      3. Mahee

        it does! thanks 🙂

    2. Anonyy

      On first round:
      1 = dodge
      2 = block
      3 = elbow

      On second round:
      1 = stab
      2 = empty
      3 = punch

      On third round:
      1 = empty
      2 = kick
      3 = empty

      Now this is hoping that Sticks has the same moves for all players. Hope this helps!

    3. Anony-mouse!

      On first round:
      1 = dodge
      2 = block
      3 = elbow

      On second round:
      1 = stab
      2 = empty
      3 = punch

      On third round:
      1 = empty
      2 = kick
      3 = empty

      Now this is hoping that Sticks has the same moves for all players. Hope this helps!

  2. DJW13

    I love the Haiku games but doubt that I would manage to finish any of them without your walkthroughs. There always seems to be at least one puzzle I can’t work out or which is beyond my gaming skills. Even when you show how to solve something I do wonder how you managed to reach the successful solution!

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Alicia Lorge

    Appunwrapper has some of the top walkthrough guides that rank high due to content appeal, accuracy, ease of use, and entertaining guide creators.

  4. Kiri

    You don’t have to put moves in every spot.

  5. Kiri

    Oops, my reply was meant for the person asking about the fight at the end but I forgot to say what I meant.
    For the fight at the end you don’t have to put moves in every spot. Hopefully that’s enough to get you through it!

  6. Catbeth

    I’m really stuck on the 3rd chapter, I’ve figured that blackjack = 21, dimebag = 10, I think nooner = 01 or 00 but the code doesn’t seem to work???

    1. Nataša


    2. Steve

      00 is midnight , you need Noon as lunchtime, 12 o’clock.

    3. Terra

      It’s 12

    4. Julia

      Nooner is 12

    5. Flori

      Noon is 12

    6. Hannah

      It’s just 12 😊 so 21 10 12 is answer x

    7. Anon

      Noon is 12

    8. Catbeth

      Thanks I was reading it as no-oner rather than noon-er

  7. Anonyy

    I need help on chapter 4 with distracting blue backpack guy!

    1. Lucie

      Me too, where are there numbers to use for the generator?

      1. Anonyy

        I used stars for the hint, its 7-4-7-2. I got it from the circular lock, numbers in the V shape

        1. Anonny

          Sorry, 7-4-2-7*

  8. Nataša

    Nooner Is 12

  9. Terra

    Remember the ring puzzle? The code is on the “V”

  10. Dani

    Code for the locker in the jail is 40242
    The Picture on the wall says
    One Visitor per prisoner!
    1. All your HANDS must be visible = 4
    2. NO ITEMS may be exchanged = 0
    3. Both your SHIRTS must be fully buttoned = 2
    4. Wear SHOES on each foot = 4
    5. Your MOUTHS must not touch = 2

  11. Lora

    Can someone please help me with the locker combination in chapter three when dan is in Jail? I can’t figure it out

  12. Tara

    I need help on chapter 4, can’t even get through the gate, and I know it’s probably super simple!

    1. Lucie

      Look at the posters with numbers, bulletjoles tell you the order.

    2. Chris

      I’m stuck here as well!
      I have 5 posters total, 1 with a bullet hole & # 99 (bh) and 1 with 2 bh and # 12.

      1. Sue

        I’m stuck here as well.
        Tried lots of combination 99 12 12. Etc

        1. Aline

          99 12 24…is the combo..

  13. Coco

    I found the answers on YouTube, the gate in chapter 4 opens by checking the signs with the bullet holes only so the code is 991224! Hope that helps!

  14. Chantal

    Super easy…Finished in an hour..Also, short! Four chapters…I wait and I wait..for haiku games..and I get this?..
    I hope this was just a short little puzzle to keep us entertained for a minute…More please..I’ve played each haiku games at least twice…months apart of course…looking forward to your next one..😁👍

  15. Anony-mouse!

    For those who need help on the fight against sticks on chapter 4:
    On first round:
    1 = dodge
    2 = block
    3 = elbow

    On second round:
    1 = stab
    2 = empty
    3 = punch

    On third round:
    1 = empty
    2 = kick
    3 = empty

    Now this is hoping that Sticks has the same moves for all players. Hope this helps!

    1. AstroBoy78

      Thank you.
      That was a short chapter adventure

  16. Summer

    Where can I find the game. It doesnt show on the adventure escape main page and doesnt show in the play store. I would really love to play this game

    1. Aline

      You find it in the game manager they have…AE adventure mystery

  17. Laurel

    How is no one commenting on the “teriyaki salmon sushi”? XD Teriyaki is cooked, and salmon sushi is (typically) not. In all my many years ordering sushi, I’ve never seen teriyaki salmon sushi, lol. Just sayin’.
    Anyway, fun game! I didn’t actually end up needing a walkthrough this time (mainly bc this wasn’t the hardest difficulty level, and I’ve played all of their other games and am more used to it), but it’s always heartening to know it’s there. And it definitely took me many tries to get the “distraction” puzzle at the end and especially the fight sequence! I’m so glad we have unlimited attempts!!

  18. Tanya

    Teriyaki is a sauce. It can be put on anything, cooked or not. Also…some sushi is raw, some is cooked..

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