Storyteller: Devil Levels Walkthrough Guide

By: Netflix / Daniel Benmergui / Annapurna Interactive

Storyteller is a puzzle game from Daniel Benmergui in which you need to create stories using comic panels. It’s more fun to figure it out for yourself, but there are some tricky puzzles. The new Devilish update that allows you to use the Devil in some existing levels to find new stories is especially tricky. So if you get stuck, you can use this walkthrough guide. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

See my guide for the main game.

See my guide for finding all the stamps.


You can watch my video for all the Devil levels or continue below for individual solutions:

Chapter 1, Life and Death:

2. Heartbreak – Devil makes everyone miserable

Chapter 2, Broken Hearts:

4. Grief – spouses reject each other

Chapter 3, Apparitions:

3. Calamity – everyone dies sad

Chapter 4, The Cellar:

2. Tragedy – haunted for murder

Chapter 5, Beauty:

3. Duplicity – heartbroken frog

Chapter 6, The Manor:

4. Fingerprints – Butler gets shot

Chapter 8, Secrets:

3. Revenge – Duke shoots his wife

Chapter 9, Justice:

4. Misfortune – Queen murders husband

Chapter 10, Genesis:

2. Punishment – Adam dies twice

Chapter 13, Drama:

5. Godot – they all die

Chapter 14 (Final Chapter), Novels:

666. Last Straw – Knight Imprisons Queen

And that’s all of them! You should have completed all the levels now, so all that’s left is finding the stamps. See my stamps guide here.

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  1. stevie

    it says i’m 75% done with the game when i finished all of it

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah there’s some issues with the save system, at least on iOS. I’ve even had my progress wiped entirely a few times.

    2. Jussy

      Du musst die breifmarken noch sammeln dann sind es 100%

    3. Bee

      You have to get all of the stamps to get 100% I think

  2. Jussy

    Du musst die breifmarken noch sammeln dann sind es 100% hatte auch erst das problem

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